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  1. Hello everyone! So far everyone has been using USBdumper in order to take files from USB keys inserted on to your system, its good its cool gets the job done 70% satisfaction guarantee (specially with small data transfers <1gig) but what happends to the deleted information?. I read a post with someone adressing this vulnerability that currently its under-exploited but its potential are far more evil. Lets say your teacher comes to class... she never gives the presentations out to the students... so you do some social work into getting her to use your computer while she uses her USB key run USBdumper before she starts and you will end up with the content of it excluding the recently deleted files lets say your next mid term. You wasted a good opportunity to recover most of that "erased" information. Now the same scenario but using ie: cdimage to dump the USB key as a disc image not only you have the physically viewable files but now you have a chance to use recovery tools on that image to extract the "deleted" content. I hope this wasnt just science fiction i read in a post... but since i haven't found a topic regarding this i thought it would be nice to make one for deeper research or to get it on the database of not possible :D PS: My knowledge of computers is from newbie to novice i would say so i don't have so much information to back up my statements but i would like some reply to see where this stands (i think i still got some batch, VB6 topics somewhere in my head that i can use to implement this hypothesis)
  2. When did hak5 turn into a new IRC ??? :? #1 - This is the same crap everyone hated from IRC... someone is majoring in computer science or what ever its called for the US and suddenly they think every person living and using a computer must know exactly the same amount of information about computers as them. In reality IT DOES NOT HAPPEN THAT WAY. #2 - Sparda cough me on a real fucked up time... and i truly he was a class 1 dick to me... If you didnt noticed... so yeah i flipped. And i am still 100% firm on my answer to him. Sure over the internet... well thats where it happened. And guys like him were i live get fcked instantly for being dicks like that.... you think because you know more of a certain subject you can talk down to people? or make fools of them? well ... surprise surprise its not gonna work every single time. #3 - fck google. Google gives shit answers every single time unless you speed HOOURS "Learning the ways of google". Everyone flames with that yet not even hak5 crew has done a decent episode dedicated in "showing the ways of google" so you can just lay that topic a rest. #4- Rootkits, when i was more into computers... even a retard could make a rootkit. The problem was distributing it to as many people as possible (TY IRC for that) and in most cases you could use any hex editor to check out every single file you had for that kit and look for IRC channelsserversemail addresespasswords ...etc. So... at that time we used a decent firewall + hex editor (wich you can find that kind of info in plain text). #5 - LEARN HOW TO READ. Stop skipping lines and going straight to the last post. The problem was never portforwarding and if at this point you are still talking about that then you are as newbie as me on this subject... as for DMZ i didnt find it on my router config... so what? sue me. As for my problem fuck it. Ill work it out my self without having to deal with pricks like you sparda (the offer still stands). And as for the rest of you... keep up the good-IRC flame war on newbs... and you will end up loosing more people per day. If you dont know the fcken answer and you cant explain it on a 3-4 line paragraph you are as ignorant as the person asking for a favor. My advice if you dont know dont post. This "google-it" crap makes no scense. But hey, what ever its your life. im out.
  3. Sparda, If this would be "RL" and you were right in my face. I assure you, you would be left without the 8 front teeth of your slithery mouth. Once that was done, i would not leave ... i would make sure you wont be recognizable anymore. And if this would of happened in my house-con, i would of filled you up with gasoline and put a match on you. I am dead serious. PS: If you do want to confirm this is not bs, ill give you my phone number so we can have a more intuitive dialog and hopefully a nice-old meeting. Sucks to pick the wrong dude at the wrong time... huh?
  4. mehh script kiddies whats the worst it could happened? last time when i had all my ports opened i received a free rootkit from some newb across the net... of course Norton picked it up right away so i ended up with my new free rootkit + the email and password he was using to store the passwords... and yes i did go on that email but i only got a battle net account for diablo & SC. Any who, i think with a decent firewall + avast ill be able to manage my self... But i couldn't find this "DMZ" settings anywhere and this restriction im getting over my own box is just not what i want at this point in my life. If anyone would want to take a closer look into my router settings ill gladly add em to my msn. PS: Let em try hack me... ill have fun chasing them down and getting my rusted techniques back in shape. Sorry for the delay but i had my last final exam yesterday and i was tiiirrreddd :S but now i hope we can get this matter solved.
  5. DMZ? dude all i want is: "Every port from 1-65555 sent straight to my computer and not my modem" The portforward website is broken for my model i pick my brandmodelseries and the guide images dont correspond to what i see... in other words they series they say its mines (536) isnt.
  6. and nope my ports are all closed
  7. Hardware details ---------------------- Thomson Speedtouch 536 (ADSL modem) HELP! ME!!! I know ive ignored this subject for too long and its been on my mind ever since i changed from 56k --> ADSL. Now i got decent speeds (55kbps down15kbps up) yeh yeh my upload sux big time... Anywhooo... this is the problem: Verizon does not support us in anyway shape or form in what "opening ports" subject has to offer... all they say when you call them is go to www.portforward.com and open up "1" port at a time :evil: I dont want to open 1 port i want them all open i want to manage my internet conection incoming and outgoing signals with my firewall not my modem... I mean why should it? i really dont need or want that feature (what ever it is) All i want is the ability to sit down my computer download anything from the internet lets say zSNES+Killer Instinct and tell a friend "Dude!!! im sooo gonna kick your ass in KI here is my IPport come to me" Is it too much to ask for? ~Thx in advance for your help it would really mean alot to me if i can put this topic finally to a rest. PS: Verizon had some VPPT tunneling or something like that that would open all the ports for me without me doing lots of work but they shut this feature down.
  8. mkay i got Xvid working and i used virtual dub so its good 8) Check out the out come http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vm6a7Jh2vZY
  9. DivX & WMM = broken When i use DivX (within the coverter or using virtualdub) it says that the "source image format is not acceptable" :evil: And when i try WMM (windows movie maker) it says something wrong as if dont have enought HD space when i actually have more than enough. :shock: Google doesnt show up anything worth mentioning... So is there an open source progie like WMM or a video compressor that will allow me to take this source video (cam studio .avi) and make it small enough so i can upload it to you tube :roll: I do have the WMM project saved up incase there is a program that will finish what WMM and DivX couldnt do... PS: Thx in advance so far the reply on this forum is flawless. ^_^ 8) :( :(
  10. I need an application that will start "X" program each time someone plugs in an USB drive into my laptop... Ex: Someone plugs his USB... and i want clamwin antivirus to execute and scan that drive. I have to do it like this cause my laptop has virtually no ram to spare and this is the only way i can think of to keep my computer virus free 8)
  11. Yep, Partition Magic is the way to go... I will olso recommend you get your hands on a boot cd either "Roadstarter" or "Hiren's" either of those... But know this Roadstarter is 2x as big as hirens but it includes hirens boot cd 8) aswell as DSL and a WinPXE. So if u want to really fix your problem (ur HDD) i sugjest you download "roadstarter bootcd" wich u can easily find in google.
  12. For those who were curious about this nifty little hack 8) This website details the design and construction Wave Bubble: a self-tuning, wide-bandwidth portable RF jammer. The device is lightweight and small for easy camoflauging: it is the size of a pack of cigarettes. An internal lithium-ion battery provides up to 2 hours of jamming (two bands, such as cell) or 4 hours (single band, such as cordless phone, GPS, WiFi, bluetooth, etc). The battery is rechargeable via a mini-USB connector or 4mm DC jack (a common size). Alternately, 3 AAA batteries may also be used. Output power is .1W (high bands) and .3W (low bands). Effective range is approximately 20' radius with well-tuned antennas. Less so with the internal antennas or poorly matched antennas. Self-tuning is provided via dual PLL, therefore, no spectrum analyzer is necessary to build this jammer and a single Wave Bubble can jam many different frequency bands - unlike any other design currently available! To reconfigure the RF bands, simply plug it into the USB port of your PC and type in the new frequencies when prompted. Multiple frequency ranges can be programmed in, each time the device is power cycled it will advance to the next program in memory. Wardrivers newest best friend :twisted: ahh for those who dont read much, on that website you can find full schematics for this DYS (do it your self)
  13. ermm, DRM, its been on WMP for a long time. That doesnt mean u cant use something else (ie: winamp). Allthough i wouldnt trade my windows media center for winamp 8) PS: I havent had any problems with my windows vista...
  14. Seams like this post will be dead long before wess gets to see it
  15. Okay first off i didnt make this hack. It will allow you to use your wireless optical mouse just as you would use the Nintendo wii but with allot more interaction with it! this would be something we could surely use! Picture this next episode You show us how to make this controller but a bit better, and the show after that maybe we can do it live with a nice unrealtournament match? (1v1) idk 8) im just too excited about this right now... im currently making this hack my self. ~hope u all like this
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