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Right so I was made redundant in August from working for a company in Europe, GOA Games part of France Telecom. Despite recording record profits they let go of over 60% of their staff in their Dublin office.

So I've a mortgage and a wife, not a good mix. Go on the dole (social welfare, job seekers, whatever you wish to call it). Great. €200 a week is enough to keep food on the table and pay the bills, just about. But not pay the mortgage. Thankfully there is mortgage relief to help out those in need. Brilliant I think. I've been working for 8 years full time, I've paid all my taxes so surely I will get a hand. My mortgage is €800 a month. They will give me €96 a month.

They give the scum of the earth free homes, cars etc in this country. Those who have never worked a day in their life, not due to some actual reason, but just because their parents never have, and their parents etc. This whole culture of sponge gets everything on a plate. But when someone who has worked, who scraped and saved to buy a home needs an actual hand....nothing.

Suffice to say I am now bloody upset and depressed over this.

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I had to hit the job market in May looking for a new job. I sent out literally dozens of applications finally giving up any criteria I had for a job in hopes of finding ANYTHING. I was lucky enough to find a stable (albeit dreadful) job in Corporate America.

Rkiver, I wish you luck in finding a new job before things get too bad for you.

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Hate to be harsh, but bitching on a forum isn't going to do you any good.

Sounds like you need to be spending all of your time hustling, I'm sure there's a job out there for you, just might not be the job you want.

Actually bitching on a forum does do me good. It's a release valve. I used to always bottle stuff up. Wasn't fun when I finally went snap years ago. As for being harsh, no you weren't as harsh as I've had flung at me before on other forums, so don't worry about it.

And I am spending hours each morning looking for jobs, I'm not sitting on my ass doing nothing. Slight problem, Ireland's job market is next to nothing unless you've finnish or danish for some odd reason. I speak neither. Checking out sales support, customer services, technical support etc etc etc. Absolutely no positive responses as of yet.

I do appreciate the words of support mind you. It helps, not sure how or why, but it does make me feel better.

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Hey mate...i know how you feel...i went through the same thing 2 years ago.

My wife was expecting our third and i got made redundant.

We decided to sell our house and move in with my parents until i could find work.

That was a hard 2 years, buddy...my family lost its identity and i battled depression.

My marriage went through some stressful times, but we're still together and stronger than ever.

I evaluated my skillset and lowered my sights a little and scored a job in HR, (i was working in IT for a large telco doing adsl network stuff for wholesale and retail)...then i took a job that paid better as a service tech working on boilers and chemical water treatment for cooling towers etc.

With that I managed to earn enough for our family to get a new house and now things are finally getting back to "normal"

My point is this:

Never doubt yourself or your abilities or what you capable of achieving and give yourself some time to get back on your feet....thinking that everything will be back to normal in a few weeks or months can be self defeating...sets some realistic goals and take your time.

This shit is a setback and nothing more, life goes on and you can't change what's happened, but realise that acceptance of this fact will take time.

Your family is your support network. Keep your family together and talk to your wife about everything you're going through....and more importantly listen to what she has to say and what she's going through.

Set your sights a little lower when job seeking. By all means apply for jobs within your skillset and your salary expectation, but you need to be willing to take jobs that pay a little less. Take a step back and assess the skills you have and how they'd apply to jobs outside the fields your used to.

You may need to work more than one job to make ends meet. Remember though that these are building blocks for your self esteem. Working and having some cash coming in is good for you and your family, even if it is a struggle.

When times are tough, invest in yourself and your development, take a course...look at uni for example. (part time of course)

Have a professional look at your cv/resume and make sure that it's the best it can be. Print them out and dress for success and walk the beat and approach employers in your local area. Submit letters of expressions of interest to the HR departments of companies that aren't recruiting right now. Companies sometime don't advertise positions but recruit through their own employees "knowing someone"....it can't hurt getting their attention.

It's going to be a tough road...stay positive...have some fun with your family...keep fit as this all helps.

I hope some of these things help you man, i really do, as i can really identify with what your're going thru.

Last of all, if you're finding yourself bottling a lot of this shit up, getting stressed, can't sleep or whatever...y'know what i mean...talk to someone...a professional even your local GP.

Never be afraid to speak up...being a bloke and the main bread winner in your family and having this shit happen to you, can really knock you about....get yourself right in the head first or you'll be no use to anybody.

Peace man,,,good luck.

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Cheers Mnemonic, the kind words and support are appreciated, and seeing someone else has gone through it and come out the other side makes me feel less shit about it.

I applied to Game today for sales assistant and store manager. Either would do as it'd be a lot more money then the dole gets me.

And I stopped bottling up years ago, hence ranting on forums. :P It helps a lot.

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I read in an article then James Bond: Everything or nothing will have a bullet time mode like Max Payne . I just hope its false. Personnally I really dont want a bullet time mode in EON, James Bond games dont have to do like others games. Almost every new video games have this bullet time, I dont want to play as Bond and thinking: Its the same thing than Max Payne. Because a third person game with a bullet time, I dont know what you think, but its very similar to Max Payne. My opinion is: please NO bullet time in EON.

wow. you lost me here..

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hi Rkiver

i hope that things will soon start to pick up for you

i all so no what its like abit to be looking for a job at this time now adays as i am my self starting to look for 1 after a 6 year brakedown from life but now im starting to feal like my old self and lookin for work my self witch is hard as hell when you bin out the game for 6 years so it time for my self to go back to uni to get upto date on all the new stuff out there in the computer world

man is it me or is there startin to be to many people in the computer world now that dont no the dif from a rj45 from there rj11 but yet have a job workin in the computer world as network admins lol

well what i have bin thinking about is for the next job or 2 i try for is to sit out side and see what i can get into and then tell them about the holes in there network to try and get a job at the most i wast a day or 2 tryin to get in there systems or end up in jail for the night witch i dont think will be that bad as i dont have the cash to go out drinking atm

dam y could i not have this think about computers be about the way the body works coz i'd have a job for like workin in the hospital

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Yeah, same thing over here in FL we have a average unemployment rate of 10.5%, and in my county it is probuly 12 to 15%, and that is not even including all the unemployed people of working age who did not qualify for unemployment. So the REAL unemployment rate is probuly like 25% or so.. you will be lucky to find a job at a fast food place, or any type of full time work.. My whole department at work was laid off, and I was fortunate enough to qualify for unemployment (the first time in my life i have ever end applied for it) I had to move back with my parents because I could not afford my apartment anymore, and just said fu*k it!.. im going back to college.. i just pray that they do that 13 week extention soon, that they passed on 9/22/09, because i need to get a tooth removed and some fillings, I cant wait for some kind of public health or dental to be available in the states. ..

Just remember when things get tough, the tough keep going.. I am sure that you can find some under the table pay jobs, like building a website for a local small business or repairing pcs, ect.. I think things will change for the better within the next couple of years, and in 2 years from now then I should have my 4 year degree in Computer science and get an awesome job.

Another good idea my old roommate did not to loose his condo since he also lost his job was he rented it out to someone. So he moved in with his grandmother but still owns the condo and has the payments being made but the person renting it.

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It's f-ed up out there right now. I read that there is an estimated 15 million unemployed ppl in the states and and an estimated 2.5 million job openings. The employers are having a hay day with the situation. Those who are still working are most likely getting pushed harder then ever before. The employers know that they have their employees by the balls right now. My roommate is working 10 hour days 5 days a week and can't even take days off because there is no one else to do his job when he's gone. He plays along and bends over for them because he knows that if he gets canned his company can put out an add and get hundreds of applications in just a couple days - and a lot of them would be from over qualified people. Meanwhile he would be sitting out there with everyone else competing for scraps.

My decision to become self employed was by far the best I ever made. Whatever doubts I had in the past have been erased by this current job climate. I honestly havn't even noticed a slump in business, people are still using computers for everything and they still need help with them. Everything has been more or less the same for me, but for many of my 9-5 friends, their worlds are being turned upside down right now.

All you IT guys looking for network admin jobs have the wrong idea. Go into business for yourself, the market is as big as ever. A lot of these companies that laid off their IT departments still have huge IT needs, they are just being outsourced - and most of the companies that are getting the big outsourced contracts are simply middle men who go out and hire independent contractors to do the actual work. I am seeing more of these projects then ever and they seem easier then ever to land.

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I should have my 4 year degree in Computer science and get an awesome job.


That degree might help, but it's not going to land you anything on it's own - and I hope your not paying out of pocket for this degree because it's going to be VERY hard to make the money back on your investment. This is not 1963, a 4 year degree is a much more expensive empty shell of what it once was - and this is amplified the most in the IT field... If your parents are paying the tuition then by all means go for it, but if you have to pay it yourself or take out huge loans, it would be very hard to justify. You could get similar millage out of the higher end certs for a fraction of the investment.

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Indeed. Experience counts for a hell of a lot more then a degree that is outdated.

Also for renting out my home, not going to happen. Now if it was just me then maybe, but it's not. It's my wife and myself. Also we couldn't rent it out for the cost of what would be needed to cover the mortgage.

I'm still trying to find ways around to keep us in house and home, we've got some breathing room (about another 5-10 months if the money holds out), but the job market is pathetic at the moment. That being said I have applied for a local computer game store job, it'd be something that'd cover the mortgage and the bills just about. Fingers crossed.

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That degree might help, but it's not going to land you anything on it's own - and I hope your not paying out of pocket for this degree because it's going to be VERY hard to make the money back on your investment. This is not 1963, a 4 year degree is a much more expensive empty shell of what it once was - and this is amplified the most in the IT field... If your parents are paying the tuition then by all means go for it, but if you have to pay it yourself or take out huge loans, it would be very hard to justify. You could get similar millage out of the higher end certs for a fraction of the investment.

I defintely agree with you about starting your own business, even if it is only fixing one computer a day for 50$ a pc, that is still the same amount of money alot of these low level jobs will pay.. the GameStop by my house pays minimum wage (I tried to get a job there), so 7$/hr x 8 hours a day = 56$ then after taxes you will be making the same for working more hours. I just built a site for a local business owner for 1500$ took a month to build.. then now he likes it so much he has another buddy that owns a business that wants one.. best thing is it is all under the table money, so if you dont get regular work you also still get government help $ :)

As for college, I think it will help and it is also free because I am poor, so they have grants and stuff set up as long as you maintain a C average in school.. I plan on also getting certs

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