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  1. There's lots of good points all the way around. At this point, the issue has been shelved for now, and I'm not even worrying about it. I've got other things to focus on rather than worry about this issue. Granted, I know it's still an issue, but it's off my plate for now..
  2. Former smoker. Usually Marlboro Mediums, Reds, or Lights. Been over two years now since I quit, and don't regret it, although I still very much get the urge. I primarily replaced that addiction with running though..
  3. Based on what I'm reading, you're looking at external DNS servers that are probably out of your control, and therefore don't have the records you need. As others have said, make sure the DNS server service is running, and configured properly for AD. Assuming the server is both your DC and your DNS, you might need to change your DNS settings on your NIC to point to itself (for example, if DC/DNS server has IP of, you need to make sure your DNS settings point to the same IP as well). HTH.
  4. Glad to hear you're doing better Darren!
  5. Going slightly OT: My only gripe with the Mini 9 was the damn keyboard. I loved mine, but the keys were too small for my talons. If they would have made the keyboard go from edge-to-edge, it probably would have been a lot more bearable.
  6. The Mini 10 and 10v are NOT the same. The Mini 10 does indeed have soldered on RAM that can't be upgraded. AFAIK, Dell isn't offering the 2 GB daughterboard for sale yet. The Mini 10v can be upgraded, and it does require the removal of the motherboard. It's not terribly difficult if you have patience. It can take 2 GB, as I have it in mine. It shipped with 1 GB of PC6400, so I stuck with that when I upgraded to 2 GB. The big thing is differentiating whether or not it's a 10 vs 10v. Easiest way? Do you have a VGA connection? If so, you have a 10v.
  7. Just as a small update, I haven't done anything on this yet. There have been some other issues inside the company that have crept up, and this is become a lower priority issue. And I'm completely cool with it at this point. I've been trying to stay out of any mess involving this particular individual for a while, and although I'm stuck in some, this is one I can thankfully stay out of for now. Probably end up revisiting it after the first of the year..
  8. LOL.. Thanks for the feedback gang.. I appreciate it it. The one sticky part about the whole ordeal, which is why I'm not doing anything at this point until the lawyers have been spoken to, is that it directly deal with a senior HR manager. I'm not sure they're going to want to go to the point of subpoena's and stuff, so it may already be dead. Might work out if that's the case, cause I think there might be another nail in the coffin of this HR person anyway based on something that happened yesterday. Unfortunately, I've heard since before the beginning of the year that they were going to get rid of this person, and it still hasn't happened.
  9. Yeah, it'd be a company machine that they are accessing it from. I'm waiting to hear back from the request of the lawyers before I even think of doing anything on the issue. But, it's good to know what my options are.
  10. I figure this is a good a place as any. The client that I'm contracted to has an employee they suspect of using personal email to discuss company business, divulging information that they shouldn't be. Based on the monitoring of their company email, we have reason to believe that this is indeed the case (and actually affects more than one employee, but at different locations, and we're only specifically concerned with this one employee at the moment). We know that the employee is using their ISP email via the web interface. IIRC, it's also encrypted via SSL. However, it's been requested of me if there is any way to do this. I'm imagining that this is a legal gray area, so I'm already telling them to talk to the company attorneys. But, at the same time, I am wondering if it is indeed possible, and what's the best/easiest way to do it. I'm looking for no cost at this point, as they don't want to invest any money into anything if the attorneys do give the go ahead (budget issues is the excuse, but I know that's partially true). Spectre Pro was my first thought, since they do use that web interface on company provided equipment, but again, there's the no cost issue.
  11. I have to admit, that's funny as hell.. Probably explains why my wife just makes her own waffles then freezes them..
  12. I personally own a Mini 10v, and I love it. When I bought it, the prime purpose was for hackintoshing it (dual boot w/ Win7), for a while I was triple booting it (OS X, Win7, UNR), and now I'm back to dual booting it, but just Windows 7 and Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.04. It's a bitch to upgrade the RAM on it though since you have to pull out the entire motherboard. Conversely, with the Mini 10, its soldered on, so at least with the 10v it's replaceable.
  13. ACTA is scary shit. Not the least bit surprising, given the course the US government has been taking.
  14. Looking forward to it, but I'm going to wait a few days.. Looking forward to putting it on both my laptop and my netbook..
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