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  1. Ty VaKo I didn't think about botnets at all. I was thinking more on the older meaning of a hacker. Just after doin harm or stealing info and leaveing a back door for there next return. Thanks for the list cons about this P.s sorry for the lack of full stops and capital letters. But i never did under stand how to use commas in the right way. So im goin to be reading how to use them from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commas :D I failed at school does it show :P
  2. can i ask y ? just that i'd prefer that a hacker wasted his or her time on some fake systems that dont mean a thing that on the real network of systems this way when you get in and spot that some 1 has got in but was fooled by the VM systems for the night so that you no you have a problem but they didnt get to the real stuff that would give you the OMG WTF and so on from your bosses that would happen if your real systems got hacked is it the cost of buyin new hardware ? the cost in time to install it all and set it up ? or just that its one more thing you need to keep an eye on like the firewall IDS and so on logs ?
  3. hi all i've bin thinking about Virtualization and can you set up a Virtualization server to run some fake servers and user systems so that if a hacker gets past your firewall he comes across this Virtualization of your fake systems and network befor your real network and servers and user computers to keep them safer from the hacker for the night till you get to the office
  4. ya it use to make me lol at this all the time they give you no cash to make or keep the network and systems safe but they want it as safe as a bank and if anything goes worng or some 1 gets in you get feked over even tho you told them what you need to make it safer for them i tihnk its time to scare them even more and show them a interceptor on a fon and show them that they dont need to be sitting right out side the work place no more
  5. hi Rkiver i hope that things will soon start to pick up for you i all so no what its like abit to be looking for a job at this time now adays as i am my self starting to look for 1 after a 6 year brakedown from life but now im starting to feal like my old self and lookin for work my self witch is hard as hell when you bin out the game for 6 years so it time for my self to go back to uni to get upto date on all the new stuff out there in the computer world man is it me or is there startin to be to many people in the computer world now that dont no the dif from a rj45 from there rj11 but yet have a job workin in the computer world as network admins lol well what i have bin thinking about is for the next job or 2 i try for is to sit out side and see what i can get into and then tell them about the holes in there network to try and get a job at the most i wast a day or 2 tryin to get in there systems or end up in jail for the night witch i dont think will be that bad as i dont have the cash to go out drinking atm dam y could i not have this think about computers be about the way the body works coz i'd have a job for like workin in the hospital
  6. i see abit of a problem with this Set #7 (Privacy): c) Remove all entries of yourself from google - 1 pnt Set #3 (Literature): e) Get the Article Published - 4 pnt Set #7 (Privacy): a) Create a Autobiographical website with completely false info - 1 pnt Set #8 (Movies): c) Publish your own hacker story on the web - 1 pnt d) Make a Hacker Tutorial Video - 2 pnt e) Get 150+ Uniq Views of your Tutorial Video - 4 pnt Set #7 (Privacy): b) Use a magnetic reader to investigate the cards in your wallet - 3 pnt hmm. . ppl might not want to do that and give you there info but apart from that it looks good fun
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