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  1. I used to have a live cd that would delete the windows pw, I have 2 pc's that the user needs there pw deleted or recovered, can anyone recommend a good app to accomplish this, I have tried Orphcrack allready.
  2. Hello all, I wanted to know the best way to create a live cd from my current windows w/ apps and settings, what is the best way to go about this? Also, how to keep all my settings on start the same? I remember a program called deepcrypt or something like that so it boots the same each time, please help! :-) Ubuntu gives me too many errors and had to reformat it too many times for turning the pc off the wrong way, plus I need to use dreamweaver and photoshop.. Thank you
  3. I was wondering your thoughts on the best methods to secure a Windows pc? Such as what the best free Anti virus software is, Firewall, Adware/Malware software. Is a firewall nessessary or does it improve security? Also configuration settings that should be put in place to prevent being hacked, catching virii, ect.. I know using a virtual machine is good but will slow down performance, using firefox with no script, setting file settings to see hidden files, unchecking all the remote assistance settings, selecting the browser to not accept 3rd party cookies and to delete temp internet files when the browser closes, simple things like that.. what do you think about deep freeze? thanks
  4. Thanks for all of the advice.. I still have not found a company that has some kind of usb dongle ot plugin with 4g, prepaid sounds perfect
  5. Hello all, I am going to probuly rent an RV and travel through a bunch of states for vacation. Any ideas on how to get internet access the whole time even while on the road driving? I know there are free wifi spots to stop at, but would like to have internet access at all times or the majority of the time while on the road. Any ideas? I heard of 4G technology which uses I think a cell phone company for the internet access but think you have to sign a cellphone contract and do not think it is unlimited data, or have to buy an I-pad, Samsung galaxy or something like that. Any way to use a regular netbook or laptop to do the same thing? I've found free wifi while driving but then you lose the signal quickly because by the time I can connect, Im out of range again from that signal, guess I could park the RV for an hour or so to do what I have to do on the net but would like a continous connection while traveling so I can sit back while someone else is driving and go online. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks
  6. If you were going to plan to rent a RV and drive across the country, what would you consider the essential war driving things would be needed? Of course a laptop or net book or something, lots of caffine & pizza rolls, alfa wifi adapter, copy of BT5? ideas? Maybe also a special antenna to get longer reach? I am planning a trip and need some ideas, thanks
  7. I appriciate both of the information, the more the better. I have been fiddling with Armitage also, thanks.
  8. wtf is that thing in the picture lol it looks like a cat5 cable taped to a cardboard box.. oh.. its a bolo. I like the coffee maker pasta idea, did the grilled cheese sandwich with an iron, if you are hungry enough you will find a way.
  9. LOL, I am sure that is nothing new ;) theres probuly a lot more things going on also. If your not doing anything illegal then you have nothing to worry about.
  10. hulu.com is good. I tried the premium version of hulu for free for one month and it was awesome (even though they have some short commercials which I would not expect to pay for with a paid subscription), if you want to keep the premium version it is I think 8$ a month, they are great for TV shows. For movies check out Netflix online streaming.
  11. Nice share, thanks. I had a paperback subscription to Hakin9 but then they changed it to digital, I still get the digital magazine for free, maybe I am grandfathered in. I dont really like reading .pdf's or digital books, I prefer paperback books & magazines, they dont run out of batterys, easy to carry around with you, you can drop and throw them around, I dont get a glare while trying to read it in the sun, tons of reasons..
  12. omfg that pwns.. lol
  13. It was in a local paper in FL that was talking about internet entrepreneurs, said an estimate on what he makes each month from this site sales and they spelled it wrong. They put Hack5, instead of Hak5.. congrats Darren on your success! :) hint..(TBT)
  14. 555

    I.t. Careers

    It sounds like you are more interested in Network administration, then there are certifications that you will probuly need to get like A+, Net+, Cisco, ect.. a I.T job that is in high demand is for Computer security, which would go good with being a Network administrator this why you know how to secure your network better. If you practice breaking into your own network then you will understand better how other people will try to break into your network. A couple programming languages would probuly be good to learn, its a never ending learning process. :) hope that helps.
  15. Jason, Thanks that looks like exactly what I am looking for. :)
  16. Autoit is for Windows, I am talking about a script, code or something for Ubuntu *nix. No need for a winzip tutorial lol
  17. You win lol, dont think I can find a PC worse off then that one haha wow.. looks like mold is growing in there.
  18. Ok, this goes with my previous question about "How to destroy Ubuntu the best" or just torture the end user.. how can I make it where say someone presses say the "J" key on the keyboard then the output will produce a "K" .. lol just one key on the keyboard that will piss the end user off. Any ideas on how to do that on a Ubuntu system or does anyone have a good script, code or link? thanks
  19. LOL @ installing DOS.. I seen a Hak5 episode about Illumination software for people who cant code (embaressed) I do web code. Do you think that would do the job to slow a Ubuntu computer down really, really, slow? and make it very uncomfortable for the user? I am up for ideas.. maybe like when you press a certain key on the keyboard it outputs a different key.. could a program like that be made with Illumination software?
  20. Instead of making it completely inoperateable, any ideas to just torture the user so the computer is super slow or makes it very painful to use the pc? lol Edit:: I have good reason for this question :-) I promise.
  21. I know how to destroy a Windows system, but what is the best way to destroy a Ubuntu system? Delete the kernel file? What is the best file to delete so it does not work anymore? or so the system is so f**ked it makes you angry to use the pc? maybe make it slow.. or whatever to inconvience the pc user and make it uncomfortable as possible.. script so it reboots every 10 minutes? How do I cause the most chaos possible on a Ubuntu system to torture the end user?
  22. Thanks, I did what you guys said and it worked! hallelujah!! I love my Hak5 fam.
  23. Thanks Mr. Protocol, How do I find out what the IP is for the second router to change the settings on it? I have a old Belkin router and a newer one which I beleive is a Linksys (I think), think I will use the Belkin till it burns out since it is only going to be used as a switch/hub/whatever..
  24. Hey all, I was wondering how do I setup a second router.. like say there is the main cable modem in another room that links to all the rooms, then in my room I have another router so that way I can be on the computer and Xbox live at the same time.. I know to access the login for the main modem the IP is but how about how to access the second router that would be in my room so I have a switch so I can use my Xbox and be on the computer at the same time? What kind of settings should I use? NAT? Any info is appreiciated, thanks. btw:: this would be all wired connections, no wireless.
  25. Yes! That is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!!! :)
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