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  1. Anyone using google +? Would be cool to get a hak5 circle going. I can send invites if anyone wants one, add me and I'll circle back. http://gplus.to/fivealive
  2. 5ive

    Black Ops

    I'll update that the FPS of 91 was due to the built in max fps amount of 85, why it went to 91 instead of 85 is beyond me. I removed the cap and it would spike well over 200 but it was all over the board, I read somewhere that 125 is a magic number for one reason or another so I set it to that and it stays steady at 125FPS on low and also normal settings. I have not tried maxing out the settings.
  3. Better go get my tinfoil hat huh
  4. what the heck, it dbl posted when I edited.
  5. From a single account with comcast - I know I topped because Comcast called and told me I did for several months straight and thats when I upgraded to the Business line. If it was obvious pirating and not TLS/SSL FTP transfers they prob would have just cut me off. 250GB is a lot I agree but I have over 15TB of x264 movies alone - I was downloading every single BR/HDDVD (this was back when they were both in play) that was released that had a 5+ IMDB score. I amounted like 1200 rips, some was before the business line and some was after + other content as well but the Movies is what was really adding up. Now days I am much more selective... *edit - my numbers are off, those were just going from my head. The real x264 total is 990 movies and they take up 5.29 TB - My roommate constantly rips netflix/BB blurays and thats where the other 10TB and 200+ movies are. Either way I can assure you that 250GB in one month is very doable. Comcast would not have come up with the number if people were not going over it.
  6. Digip, I never upload a thing, strictly leeching - and have easily topped those numbers. I would leech from various topsites just about every x264 movie release, x264 tv shows that were good, x360, wii, pc games, you name it - I never touched half of it - but when you build a 20TB WHS you naturally want to try and fill that sucker up. The topsites are all euro/asia these days and its been years since one was in NA but even so I can still get a solid 300-600KB from them and I would always dual thread and use like 4 sites at a time.
  7. You can get a real unlimited line from comcast business - even at a residential address - however it costs quite a bit more. I used to do this, I was paying like 200 a month for a 50/10 business line and it had no b/w limits. It is well known that the residential side of comcast is not really unlimited. I have since dropped the business line and switched to two connections, a comcast line and a qwest DSL line. The qwest line has no b/w limit either so I use that for all my downloads - its much better for me this way as well because now I can leech the crap out of stuff without interfering with my online gaming.
  8. 5ive

    Black Ops

    There was definitely a patch that happened mid week and yes steam auto patched it when you started the game. It is a rather demanding game, even more demanding then BC2 and that game seemed crazy demanding when it first came out. My guess is that the people who are still getting a lot of lag have older machines that don't stack up. It is running very smooth right now.
  9. never trust a clicking hdd...
  10. 5ive

    Black Ops

    It was really bad for me on release day however it has improved a lot for me since. The past couple days it has been running very smooth. I have a pretty decent rig and run on all low settings with a res of 1920x1200. I get a steady 90FPS and it rarely drops below 80. I am pretty sure this game only utilizes dx9 so that should not be a factor. I could prob run with higher settings but imho high graphics settings are overrated - I run all games at low for max frames and the smoothest game play. This is what I'm working with:
  11. I have a ton of old pwnage screen shots but out of lazyness I will just go with some cod4 freezetag shots since I was uploading most of my good scores to xfire at the time. This one is the most absurd: I play clean - I have played a ton of comp and have gone threw all sorts of scrutiny and been baned hundreds of times by server admins with a "suspicion" - but at the end of the day I always check out with PB/Valve/etc and have plenty of wins at LANs to back up the online play. The cod4 freezetag faze was a short lived time in my life after I was done playing DFX2 waiting for MW2 to come out. It was about a month or so, not long but long enough to learn the in's/outs and be able to crush everyone else who played the mod. I am currently crushing BC2. I have played several games in competition for Legacy eSports off and on for the past 5 years and still hang out with those guys on comms when I pub. Unfortunately the only SS's I have from BC2 on xfire are from matches - some of them are good scores vs some very good teams, but to random ppl who don't know the scene they wouldn't look as impressive as these freeztage SS's. I do have a video somewhere of a 60+ kill streak I did in a BC2 pub, that I have been meaning to edit and post online from but I never get around to it. Anyway, here is the whole dir of cod4 freezetag ss's I uploaded during that period http://www.xfire.com/profile/silwall/screenshots/cod4/ Somewhere I have a bunch of really crazy SS's from Nova games - I used to maintain a 5+ KD in Joint Ops, one of only 2 players in the world to do that with over 24hrs of playtime. Going over 100 kills with under 10 deaths was a regular thing for me in that game. The 5 k/d is actually what inspired me to start using the handle 5. My old handle is wall, and I use both through out the web in various combinations or by themselves. I bought MOH but not so impressed by it and will stick farting around in BC2 pubs for now. Cod Blackops, if good, might get me back into competition, we will see.
  12. Is the job suppose to pay your way for the 3 months or do you have that covered and are just looking for relevant experience?
  13. Does this theme even function? Is the hak5 crew suppose to be icons? I use ADW and I have no idea what I'm looking at here.
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