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  1. Tribes 2 was (and is) one of my favorite games, ever. Not all the silly mods, just the core mechanics :). If I had the money, I would deff buy out the licensing to tribes 2 and make a REAL tribes 3 game (not that crappy one they released.)
  2. Not sure, but traditional logic states that you'll need 3 interfaces for this setup - 1 internal to reach the server, 1 external for your vpn, and 1 for passive monitoring. When you're monitoring, you cant also be transmitting, so that eliminates your ability to use one interface for two purposes. The smarter people here will correct me I'm sure :).
  3. Just one note to add with VaKo's very technical and correct assessment, using a honeypot machine to 'detain' a hacker is actually illegal in the US. Not sure if this falls under entrapment, but there were a number of laws that you have to learn for Security+, that being one of them. Also, did you know you can't use log files in court unless you check them regularly? IE, if you back up and check your logs ever Monday, you can use them in court, if you only grab them after the attack, the evidence is counted as hearsay. Anyway, your best bet is to use the machine to identify hackers, gather information, then lock them out.
  4. Seconded (or thirded?) for logmein. While their free product skimps on features, I believe the security is the same as the pay version. You don't need rescue, you just need to preload logmein onto their machines. One longer then usual phone call, then you can get in there much faster in the future :).
  5. Would have to agree with the two above, Barry and Cerberus. Call up MS and tell them what's happened, if you've registered your copy they should be able to help you out, perhaps even with a digital download (they've done this for my company before.) Not sure the legality, but I always copy our office products to our NAS, just in case something like this happens. Also, OpenOffice is a wonderful product, I use it on both my personal machines and both my work laptop and desktop. Plays well with MS Office, and its free! That's an additional $100-$200 that you get to spend on your machine instead of on office.
  6. Haven't played it yet, but I've heard mostly good things. It's like a multiplayer fallout 3, which is a very very good thing.
  7. Love the sound the anvil makes as it hits the ground, lol.
  8. So if you were to use this in monitor mode, you'd probably be OK since you're not transmitting? Or more to the point, it might not make sense at all to own this if you're only going to use monitor mode, since a 500mW will listen just as well as a 1000mW, right? I don't think people have anything to worry about using this, I just recently got through with a cisco aironet 1300 installation, amongst other things I learned that 1) there are radio signals everywhere, and 2) the people who actually own and know how to use a spectrum analyzer are few and far in between, it's unlikely that you'll be caught.
  9. You can get some powerful machines from dell... If you've used them for servers, you know that you can get reasonably priced machines that are more then capable of running as the PDC on a mid sized deployment. They also have alienware, which is not anything I've looked into recently, but in my mind has always been notoriously overpriced. I've never owned one, so the quality may reflect in the price. One question I have for people who build their own machines claiming it's cheaper... do you include your own time in that estimate? How much do you charge for yourself? I built a machine a few months ago, and from boxes to OS it took probably 5-6 hours. I did this when I was off the clock, but that additional $150-$180 "cost difference" of not having someone else put it together for me could be the deciding factor, especially if I have the opportunity to work or study instead.
  10. I'm not sure if it can handle a 250 computer deployment, but I've used Symantec Endpoint Protection, fairly easy roll out and I really like the management console.
  11. Hate to be harsh, but bitching on a forum isn't going to do you any good. Sounds like you need to be spending all of your time hustling, I'm sure there's a job out there for you, just might not be the job you want.
  12. All might be lost, to the best of my knowledge not even traditional DHCP can change program settings besides the DHCP options. Layer 3 < Layer 7.
  13. Well, I think they might want to let them keep using gmail, as that's the only website I know that backlogs IP's publicly. If they keep that open, no use changing any other passwords as once you have someones email accounts you don't really need passwords. But seriously, the only thing to do here is to light these four houses on fire. Explain that one house contains a stolen laptop, inform everyone that hell will cease to rain down upon them when the laptop is returned. Simple really. Actually, I really like the idea of blocking the MAC from the router, if its open you should be able to do that no problem, a lot of ssid's I've seen announce what they are, netgear or linksys. This should be helpful: http://www.phenoelit-us.org/dpl/dpl.html. Anything you do at this point would be illegal strictly from the viewpoint that the police have instructed you to do nothing, any action would be vigilantism. Did she keep up with windows updates? Not sure what you could install, but if all hope is lost maybe the best thing to do is corrupt the OS, make the laptop useless to the thugs in question. Best of luck!! -B
  14. Aren't botnets sort of commonplace? I have a hard time believing that there are still security people that don't know what one is, and what the capabilities are.
  15. Yep, same thing happened to me with one of my user accounts, had 1 encrypted account and my windows install blew up. In the words of the famous poet slipknot, all hope is gone.
  16. Do you have more then one episode with a morse code trivia question? Plus, "last episode" = 604.
  17. My band played with Six Feet Under, which has the same singer as Cannibal Corpse :).
  18. So, bottom line you're looking to be able to DHCP, but based on MAC address be able to load settings specific to that machine?
  19. Maybe so... I feel like we've had this conversation a few times before. Bottom line seems to be unless you're getting rid of the viruses for the fun of doing it, just reformat and restore your important files from backup (you are backing up, right?)
  20. if you're using for your subnet, these would be two different networks, would work tho. I don't think its possible to use one card for two connections, best bet would be to use two cards (or your onboard and a express card if you have built in wifi on a laptop,) and dual home the machine. Also, not sure how friendly windows would be with associating with two separate AP's. Or you could just put everything on the same network... or used a wired network and a wifi network :).
  21. I have a site where we have hooked up a wireless network on two buildings about 100 yards apart using yagi antennas, and we're getting about 30mbps on average throughput. We'll, this would be fine for their VOIP phones alone, as VOIP calls only take up 30-40kbps each, but they also have data running through the lines too. They insist that it's not THAT much data, however, their phones keep losing connection with the system at the main office. My question: Does anyone know of a tool or technique that I can use to monitor how much bandwidth is being used by what IP's? I suspect that their pc's are saving large files to the server on the other side of the wireless connection, hogging the line and DoSing the phones. I installed QoS on the wireless AP's, however they don't have QoS anywhere else on the network, so it's not doing us a whole lot of good right now. Any suggestions would be massively appreciated. Thanks, -Brian
  22. Is everyone also familiar with iTunes U? Lots of downloadable lectures there as well :).
  23. I just read some research on WPA cracking, they optimized the method so you can get through WPA tkip in 1 minute. To the best of my knowledge, WPA and AES and WPA 2 are not yet cracked, has anyone read anything on that?
  24. Nope, can't be done, they probably do not want your personal machines on the network. Why not just transfer the files you need to your personal laptop?
  25. Doubt anyone would have a problem with this... the same reason why people can't go after lophtcrack or backtrack. You get caught breaking the law, you get in trouble, not the people who you bought the tools from. Gun shops don't get charged with murder (most of the time) :).
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