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Technolust Christmas List!


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Just wondering what kind of things the lovely Hak5 community wants/is getting/is planning to get for Christmas. ;)

I'm thinking about a new 16gb cruzer, as I lost my 4gb one at school :angry: nothing incriminating/illegal/questionable on that one though so I'm good (all the *good* stuff is on my 8gb. Including BT3 and Ophcrack ;) )

maybe a 360 too cuz, believe it or not, even a modded original xbox gets old lol

I'm gonna get new RAM for my laptop too!! I only got half a gig now :( But I'll soon be upgrading to 2 :P

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Im looking into getting a 1tb hard drive for some much needed space(i.e about 70mb left on the one i have now)and also thinking of a desktop(kinda cheap so i can have it running all day(d/l's,hak5,podcast,ssh,tvshow capturing ....good stuff that my laptop cant handle) and of course tv capture card(anyone know of good deals). Hopefuly i have some money to get family some good stuff.

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Am getting new PC ^_^ Specs:

Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-MA770-DS3

CPU: AMD Phenom X4 @ 2.3ghz

RAM: 2 x 2GB DDR2 @ 1066mhz

HDD: 1TB WD Black

GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD 3780 w/ 512MB

All the parts should arrive by the 9th :3 So excited, especially for the 1TB because now I don't have to delete anything anymore to make room for new stuff. Still debating if I'm going to put Linux or Windows on it since BSD has crap support for 3D acceleration on ATI cards.

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i'd like my fonera to turn up from the UK....i bought one on ebay and i think i got screwed over :(

The fonera+ is available from dabs.com - don't know if they ship to Australia if they don't give me a shout and I'll see if I can get hold of one that I can post out to you - don't know what the postage is going to be though :blink:

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I hope santa brings me a dslr camera :)

Oh, I guess you didn't hear, due the the economic crisis, Santa had to lay off 90% of his elf force and is forced to give out mass produced lead covered dollar store toys from china.

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already got a chocolate3.

basically a few people were asking what to get me and they are going to get me something no matter what i say so i came up with a list of just games and those that want to get me something can pick from it. thats basically it. heres the list copied from the email

Chrono Trigger DS


this is a remake of a super nintendo game from a long time ago. its hailed as one of the greatest gaming collaborations in history and i have to agree. this is the same game with extra stuff they couldnt fit in the original.

Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core for the PSP.


This game expands on the story of the game final fantasy 7 which is by far my most favorite game of all time. i wished for an extension to the story of that game for years after i beat the original. this one is the spinoff game im most interested in of the ones they made

Playstation Network Card


this is another thing for the psp. sony gave the psp its own little online store i can access with my psp. on that store they have games that i can only get from that store and games that they sell in stores that i can just download. theres a 50 and 20 dollar version. with the 20 dollar version i will probably get 2 games and have a little left over. with the 50 i will probably get 3 or so and have enough left over to buy another game or 2 later. if you feel like this would be too much like getting me a gift card then get this as well


that is the memory stick for the psp. thats the 2 gig version but theres also a 4 gig and 1 gig version. now depending on which games i pick i can download as little as 1 or as much as 5 to the 2 gig card. and of course its double that for the 4 gig and half that for the 1 gig. i have the 1 gig but its mostly full anyway with demos.

Animal Crossing City Folk with wii speak


this is a game for my wii. in this game i take on the role of someone who just moved away from home. i do things such as finding a job, furnishing and paying for my house, talking to neighbors and more. i played the first game on the gamecube and fell in love because its a game i could play with friends. this one has online play so friends over the internet can come visit my virtual town and with wii speak we can talk to each other. this game is all about communication.

Wii Points


wii points are to the wii as playstation network cards are to the psp. the wii has games from past nintendo and sega systems that i can purchase and download or i can buy the games made just for the wii shop. how many games i can get with this 2000 wii point card($20) depends on what kind i get. i can get up to 10 regular nintendo games or i can get 2 nintendo 64 games.

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia for the ds


this game is one of the latest in the castlevania series. and its one of the 2 dimensional ones which are the ones i like. all of the 2d ones are pretty good and provide months of gameplay.

God of War: Chains of Olympus


i played the ps2 version of this both the first and second one. both were good and ive played the demo of this one. its good from the demo so i assume it would be fun.

The World Ends With You for the DS


i havent played this game and its a new series. but the game was made by my favorite gaming company and over the years they havent made a single game i dont like so i have faith that this would be a good game. i saw it a while back and wanted to try it. the guys that make this game make final fantasy 7 crisis core

Bleach: Dark Souls for the DS


bleach is a tv show that i download weekly. a group of fans of the show started recording it when it aired in japan and started releasing it with english subtitles and for over a year now ive downloaded every episode the day they released it. its a great show and its what this game is based on

as of right now those are the only games currently on the market lol :) as far as things besides games go the only thing i can think of is a couple of book series i have been reading called the chronicles of the necromancer. the third book comes out in january http://www.booksamillion.com/product/97818...d=4246419744664

theres another book series ive read a bit of so far but i havent gotten the books yet. the first in the series is this http://www.booksamillion.com/product/97803...d=4246419744664

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Oh, I guess you didn't hear, due the the economic crisis, Santa had to lay off 90% of his elf force and is forced to give out mass produced lead covered dollar store toys from china.

Well that last 10% of elves better make me a 100% Rebel XSi or I'll be a good 110% unhappy this year :)

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