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  1. Ya I just got the exact spam message too, just report it and one of the admins will likely ban him.
  2. Ya i'm actually fixing a friends computer now. Had a nasty virus, that and god knows what else. I asked if there was anything important they wanted (pics,doc etc.) Said no so i looked into removing it and i couldn't really get anywhere. Thussss a nice clean reinstall of Xp, it never fails. One thing that i couldn't wrap my mind around is that of course once your done installing you usual have to install drivers...so got the correct NIC driver and restart. Computer still doesn't recognize it. After many hours of frustration i figured out that if its a computer where the power supply has a green light (hp pacilion a1228x) then a simple restart will not do. You must completely unplug the psu. After that,everything is a go! On to the 24726792562852 updates! sorry for the long post, just wondering if anyone has every had that issue.
  3. I followed all the steps and at first I had some problem with certain things not installing, plus my laptop can do some weird things at times. Anyway this app looks awesome and congrats on the work you've done. My problem is when i try to run the windows grooveshark gui i get this error Could not start vital component Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Documents and Settings\Ryan\Desktop\distrobution\distrobution\Grooveshark GUI.py", line 451, in <module> g.sessionData() NameError: name 'g' is not defined I'm not much of a programmer but any thoughts on what I could be doing wrong would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to future releases! P.s I dual boot Xp and ubuntu so maybe i'll give it a try in ubuntu.
  4. I have had an account with them for awhile (bought some cool stuff off them too). I'm pretty sure its well know in the electronics area. Like there latest update said, they just moved to a bigger server the 25th so they can deal with the loads. They also have IRC so don't worry about telling people about it lol. I'm probably just going to do the same as you and hope i get in. I have a feeling they will be able to hold out for a little bit, hopefully things don't break..... I'm not 100% sure but i think i saw something else on their site where you can guess how long they will be able to keep their servers up and the winner with the correct time gets $200 worth of free stuff :P
  5. Yup, i saw this a week or so ago and it's legit!! I started making a cart but it automatically deletes itself after a while. I will be home on the 7th so i'm defiantly going to see if i can get a couple things for future projects!! Even though sparkfun has upgraded there servers, i doubt they are going to be able to support some many reguest on the 7th (or only for an hour or so). Granted I'm no IT expert but all i know is a lot of people are gearing up for this day. Any one have any tips for getting your stuff ordered or is it just go as fast as possible haha.. Hope some of the Hak5 community gets some goodies!
  6. Didn't really ask for anything but i got a couple of gift cards and Garmin 18 GPS... now i can hook up my laptop with 12v power inverter and have a kick ass gps which can do everything else a 200 dollar gps for about 60-70 bucks...hope everyone had a great Christmas!! Happy Hacking!
  7. Nice work it looks great. I'm not sure exactly what you want to use this for but as my understanding it is well... just an extra pc fan. Just my advice but you could also cut off an old female molex connector from some unused pc power supply and then wire your switch in series. This way you could have the fan plugged into your computer and the switch mounted elsewhere. Now there's no need for the 9v battery and the fan will run at its designed 12v speed. Good luck!!
  8. I thought of this awhile back but it does seem like a hard task. Like barry said, the computer will only run until the ups dies, if you could get an outlet then that would be awesome and most of your problems are solved. Then again when did you hear of schools putting electrical outlets in lockers. I can't really think of anything that would make this project work besides the above, maybe someone else can. Good Luck!
  9. hey guys, great episode btw. Now i just started on all this and have my 8gb cruzer formatted FAT32, when i go to run Grub installer (choose hd6 as that is what my usb comes up as and click install) i get the following message. grubinst: write: Bad file descriptor Now i now its stupid to get stuck on this step, im pretty sure i can do everything else but i have no clue where to go from this problem, thanks
  10. You can easily get a dc-ac inverter from online or radio shack. I have a 350 watt inverter but a laptop charger is only about 90 watts. So all you have to do is configure a solar panel array to give you 12v and then plug the laptop charger into the inverter. The only problem you might have is to get a good solar panel. you can buy one or build your own depending on your needs/money. good luck
  11. Sounds like a good idea. Now if i'm not mistaken radar detectors are illegal in Virgina but where i live they arn't. So maybe get a old radar detector + usb gps dongle + laptop/netbook = Radar twittering machine. I haven't worked much on self twittering machine but i defiantly think its worth looking into.
  12. Congrats on the soldering. I myself have been into electronics all my life but only soldering for a couple of years. Like CraigHB said if you breath in some fumes, as i usually do accidentally when soldering you won't right there and then die. I usually just put in a window fan to suck out the fumes but i recently saw a picture that someone posted here of a little computer fan mod to use for Blowing the fumes away. Its a REALLY good idea and so i did the same and it works great. The Weller soldering stations are very good and i highly recommend them to anyone wanting to get into soldering. Keep up the great work and it would be nice to know if anyone else has made some projects/mods...i'll post some of mine if i feel there good enough.
  13. I currently have all Hak5 episodes on Adrive. Just message me with your email and I can send you the links.
  14. Then i guess your best bet is to carry 1-4 car batteries (running them in parallel), depending on how long you want to play. Yes you could run it off just one car battery but i dont know how long that would last seeing as car batteries arn't really "deep cycle" batteries either. Also the solar panel would help but as to how much i also dont know.
  15. Sounds like a cool idea...i think everything would work great, just the power supply would be a problem. You could get a small dc-dc power inverter, i have one rated for about 400w. So all of that would work of course if you wanted to carry around a car battery. Zimmer had the right idea, i think thats the only way to go. You could also use the 12v solar panel to maybe keep the batteries charged. As i dont own a 360, look at the power supply and see what it says for Volts most likely 120 Vac input then look at Amps=blah blah use Ohms law. V*I=P so just multiple the two and then you will know what kind of inverter "rating" you need, 350-400w should be plenty....hope everything works out
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