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  1. 1000mW is a little extreme and the downfall :( while you will be able to see more wifi AP then you were before, you wont be able to transmit any data across it it needs to be close to a 1:1 ratio for data to transmit properly a 1000mW router with a 1000mW and some amplifers added you would be able to connect from a far distance
  2. http://spoon.net/Browsers/ Works awesome in windows. Itsbasically a vmware for browsers, stilling waiting for them to email me back Doesnt work in any flavor of nix for the time being and is buggy in wine TEH CLOUD FTW
  3. the ezine scene seems to be dead but if you want to read the "history books" so to speak check out 2600, phrack, zf0, blacklisted411, h0no, cDc, ~el8 theres a bunch of others too that i cant think of atm
  4. am currently looking for a new theme http://www.gypsyspacemuffin.com/viewtopic....id=10078#p10078 << sech!!
  5. a handful from http://www.getmon.com/
  6. +1 for getting those errors was able to access X-wrt just fine browsed all the tabs checked the logs all working atm, imma just contuine with the guide and see if get any errors down the road oh well if i break it
  7. http://linuxlock.blogspot.com/2008/12/linu...-kids-back.html the list can go on FOSS and all its major supporters, the human gnome project, the countless schools, businesses that use linux some people were just never meant to use a computer
  8. a big case of jenkem ^_^ a nice couple of usb drives
  9. Turn NetworkManager off with: chkconfig NetworkManager off but you'll need network on with: chkconfig network on
  10. black glass http://customize.org/rainmeter/skins/48761
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