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  1. a good C++/C ide would be Code::blocks ;) also Transmission is a good torrent client
  2. just learn how things work most people say "oh im a n00b i dont know shit about this or that" but really they should say is "oh im a n00b cuz i choose to be a n00b" anyone can do anything as long as they try just jump on win2k8 server and just explore it mess with it break it if you have to learn everything you can take notes(mental) and just get a feel for it untill the point where you know everything there is too know...and yes ubuntu is pita distro(pain in the ass)
  3. well my father has been downloading shit from way back in 2002 and we still dont have any warnings or notices i made him use peer gaurdian and he uses encrytion its mostly movies and roms/emualtors as for spore...its obvius why you were caught ea is starting to work more on the security of thier games more and more i belive dead-space also has very high DRM software
  4. the problem with such a distro would be decided what goes into it and ofcourse maintaning it the only thing i could see it would be useful for would be the usb hacksaw or hackblade maybe the warsow game hak5 wallpapers o/c but then again we could just take a distro like slax and add all that into a module..now couldnt we? i mean yes its a good idea ...but shit we dont have very much to create a distro..but we can add onto a existing a distro...!
  5. m0u53


    i mean a hak5 specific server
  6. m0u53


    so does someone have a dedicated server up if so ip?
  7. MouseTech.org Mirror Status:Uploaded PocketKnife_v0880.zip Mirrored off my site!!! yea heres a mirror for you guys to use no wait times no passwords no fucking bullshit :)
  8. i would think if your going to fly...high then falling distance it better be built by someone whos had years of experince just to be safe you dont something like "oops forgot to install the landing gear" when your about 400ft in the air id hire an avation engeener to oversee the project
  9. yea its pretty simple ..hell ask your IT guy he might look at you funny but i asked him about how the surf control mobile filter worked adn he told me everything the ports the blacklist urls the server ip address i was like holy shit i dont wanna get in trouble but dont stop im gonna fucking come lol
  10. ah..thats what you mean sorry about that snakey ^^
  11. yea im sorryabout that ive run into something very familier and then the guy was like 'HAHAHA you stupid noobs i gots all your monies and now im gonna go buy me some games later suckers' but yea what part of texas man? i live in spring,texas i dont have any money so i couldnt really help but who knows i just got hired at krogers you should try working somewhere if your not already but just tell the landlord or whoever "im getting a job give me another week and ill pay you something" try and work out a payment plan ofcourse you should sell your laptop or something just so you can live there and then buy it back if your rent people arnt assholes you should be able to work something out they cant just throw you into the street if anything else tell em you dont have anywheer to go and yea being homeless is not a good thing..your self respect will drop and everything about your inner being will become shit as the stuff your gonna have to eat
  12. holy crap this thread is awesome
  13. how the hell is that like x-fire ...do you even know what xfire is?
  14. no your not doing anything wrong infact i still wonder at times what the fuck should i create what should i destroy..it keeps me up at night anyways i would suggest something fun..some of my very first projects had to deal with FindWindow and SetParent and i made all kinds of wierd programs that totoally fucked up the windows explorer(not permently) i had lots of fun and learned how windows works from the inside out if your talking about linux then try and recreate common programs like cat ...i tried to recreate all of its functallity...it was a failure But i still kept going after that i try and make notepad clones and simple windows programs calc.exe notepad.exe as easy as these programs sound...heh they take some skills so just be create and just think about what you could create and just..GO FOR IT
  15. not to be a complete asshole...but how do we know its not a scam? or just some little kid trying to get some money so he can play counter-strike or something
  16. laptop(acer travelmate 2480) DS PSP(hacked up) laptop charger DS charger psp charger 10ft ethernet cable ti-18 calc(loaded with some asm coded programs) notepad pocket size notepad pens/pencils/markers sometimes spam provisions(atleast 3) flash drive S-video cable joypad "gamemon Universal USB convert(converts gamecube,xbox,playstation1 and 2 to usb) mp3 player head phones CD case(holds 86 cd's currently only up to 19) and i bring this shit everywhere with me..ive never been to a con or anything cool like that >.<
  17. oh wow damn i really havent done dll's in forever i totally forgot dllmain returns a value...wow dude thanks a million
  18. hey guys idk if this the right place to put this..but i used to use DevC++ and had it portible...but im using vs 2k8 ...do you think its possible to make it portiable? cuz that shit would be leet yo(erwin) but yea my thumbdrive has these apps: puTTy MousePad(my program) FlvPlayer bsod screensaver WinSCP i dont use batch files cuz i hate them ill just make a program that does the same thing :)
  19. EARTHBOUND Half life Zero Online Combat Arms(...meh w/e)
  20. as far as im concerned this will happen everywhere and when it does..the un-knoledgable will parish and the geeks and nerd WILL RISE AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD...yea but no serously they wont do that if they try adn filter everything bw adn speed willdrop and customers will drop i personally only use utorrent when i really need something *cough*Windhoes*cough* but other then that like others have said..encrytion is win but its slow...but shit arnt torrents and other downloads already slow? ...for me they are so its no biggie for me
  21. depends on the phone and how are you gonna get the app onto the phone lookup Libpcap or something like ive never done phone deving..if i had one i assure you id be ass-deep in that shiz
  22. i was kinda thinking what moonlit was thinking but serously my school HAD something called "surf Control mobile filter" freaking smart little program and the only ports that were open were 80 and 8008 i got around it by installing ubuntu and using a freinds account to create a http tunnel...it was no easy at all the wifi was wpa -tsk
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