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  1. Thanks for all the help! It's working great. Now I'm having problems with strings... I was going to do all the string manipulation inside the lf2.exe, but I figured since I'm already using a dll it'd probably be better to do it there. Sadly c++ doesn't play nice with strings like java ( or c#). In java I could probably do : { GetWindowTextA(hModName, ModName, 260); *(BYTE*)0x459F78 = 0x00; String Load = "\\mods\" + ModName "\\cfg.txt"; ShowWindow(hwnd, SW_HIDE); } Now I've been trying to do th
  2. I got it to work using my method ! My code is probably crap, but yeah... I tried to get the window to close after you press okay... Sadly it didn't work for me. Heres the download (includes the compiled dll and the modified exe needed to make it work): http://www.mediafire.com/?wx0mw1rxdsz And here is the source code (which is probably terrible) : #include <windows.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <commctrl.h> #pragma comment(lib, "comctl32.lib") //ModLF2 DLL v1.2 //Written By Steve8x void MainThread(); void MouseClickHandler(); void Relocat
  3. I think I found a way to get this to work. 00446438 393D 80754500 CMP DWORD PTR DS:[457580],EDI \\ check if mouse is clicked 0044643E ^0F85 C018FEFF JNZ mod_load.00427D04 \\ if not clicked then just skip all this code 00446444 391D 60D04400 CMP DWORD PTR DS:[44D060],EBX \\ I'm guessing another check if mouse is clicked 0044644A ^0F85 B418FEFF JNZ mod_load.00427D04 \\ if not clicked this skip all this code 00446450 53 PUSH EBX \\ sound stuff 00446451 B9 10564500 MOV ECX,mod_load.00455610 \\ sound stuff 00446456 E8 D5B5FBFF CALL mo
  4. Hi steve8x. I have already added the option to the menu with a bit of exe hacking (sorry if I haven't made that clear before). Heres the exe you can see it for your self. http://www.mediafire.com/?oeejw9tdjqz (Nothing actually happens when you press Load Mod, didn't have the time to code that bit yet but it is easy enough) My poorly written code starts at 00446334. I'm quite proficient in dissembling/debugging/cracking (what ever you feel like calling it). I've never used the LoadLibaryA api though, but I kind of get how it works. Everything is starting to look good now, the only probl
  5. Thanks Steve8x , your solution is awesome for somethings. However, thats not what I'm looking for. Your solution is kind of temporary, while I'm looking for something more permanent. (actual game running) I have added another option to the menu, so all people have to do is push it and volia... Your method would require them to run another program, inject the dll etc etc (less user friendly). So, the only way I can think of properly doing it, would be to make a dll(with an export) and when the user pressed Load Mod, the exe calls that function etc etc. So if you could do it with a
  6. Summary : I need to create a dll with a function(maybe the term is export?) called something like GetModName , when called it will create a dialog box something like this: basically a text box and an okay button ( maybe a Cancel button). This is the tutorial I followed to create a dll : http://edais.mvps.org/Tutorials/CDLL/index.html I have been searching and trying for ages, but I just cannot figure out a way to make that dialog box in a dll and make it appear. I reckon if I get that working, the rest of the code should be easy enough. Really long story about what I'm trying to acc
  7. Does it crash in safe-mode? If it crashes in safe-mode that means your explorer.exe(or some random DLL it relies on) is probably infected with some PE virus. If it doesn't then it's probably safe to assume its one of the start up applications/some service that runs on start up or the router(not really sure how the router fits in, but I thought it is worth mentioning). Edit: PS: A cheap "bandage" fix, could be downloading an alternative desktop shell(not sure thats the correct terminology) for example http://bb4win.sourceforge.net/bblean/ and using that :p.
  8. Basically they charge people to join and believe in their religion, and they are blamed for people dying and such. You should Google "Truth of scientology" or something similar if you are actually interested. You'll find more information over there.
  9. I'd just like to say that password protected rar's also don't get detected by anti viruses, I'd consider using rar's since they are more widely used but it's up to you.
  10. Well it's impossible to decompile the program into the original source code. OllyDbg dissembles it into ASM code and then you can "hack" it. I don't really have much experience with asm but if you NOP the jump on line 00401387 it will accept any password. If you look up two lines from that address you can see a call being made to strcmp under that a TEST EAX EAX which I can only assume is comparing the user string with the password string and then the line which you are noping is a JNZ which in the case means jump if they aren't equal(JNZ actually stands for jump if not zero). Hopefully my eng
  11. Don't worry you learn something new everyday :).
  12. Well of course, it copies over the send.bat which contains you email address, if it didn't how would it know where to send the emails to ?
  13. In the non u3 version in the auto run file it should say go.cmd and not go.bat :P, there might be more mistakes looking through everything now :).
  14. Impossible, or alteast I can't recreate the effect. This is exactly what I did: 1. Got my old computer and installed windows on it 2. Logged into pandora 3. Formatted drive ( I DIDN'T ZERO IT) 4. Reinstalled windows and connected to the internet( I got a dynamic ip so it always changes) 5. Went to padora and volia I had to log in... Maybe I didn't do it like you or something but I say it's fairly close to impossible :P.
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