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  1. well.. something like this "...................................."
  2. Well, I'm not that new but I never really did one of these when I joined. So why not do it now. Favorite game: Counterstrike (1.6 is better, but I've been playing a lot of source lately.) Favorite OS: Sadly enough XP Pro, Still wanna be able to use Steam and not sure of all the stuff I'd have to do to make it run on Linux. Favorite console: ...Does PC count? Nationality: American Accent: Semi-southern accent... Sex: Male Age: 17 Race: Caucasian Status: Happily Dating Someone Build: Heh,... slightly heavy. Religion: Atheism Favorite band: Megadeth Favorite book: Don't read much, but I like CyberNation by Tom Clancy Favorite author: I suppose that'd leave it being Clancy then... Favorite movie: Underword (both of them) Favorite TV Show: I don't watch TV... Everything I watch is online Favorite actor: ...No clue. Favorite actress: I don't do the whole celebrity thing. Favorite Pinup: My girlfriend. Favorite Comedian: Dane Cook Other hobbies: Gaming, Music, Beginner in web design, Spending time with my gf, Working on anything electronic, Anime, Headshots. Car: Nope. Occupation: Student, currently on a bit of a break from an internship with a local internet company (did some work in their web design department)
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