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  1. Ya I thought Rails was for web development, but I wasn't sure. Any way, I plan on learning some ruby basics soon and then eventually I will try to do some conversion. Thanks for the help and the quick reply.
  2. So I can run the script on my pc and use the iptable config he had in the video and it should work? Also I have a quick question is there a difference between ruby and ruby on rails, or are they the same thing? I ask this because I would not mind learning ruby so I can convert this python script to ruby. Thanks.
  3. I recently saw a video put out by John Strand about SSL strip. SSL strip is a python script that alows you to tell a https website to cancel that https connection and send it as http instead. This attack was set up using a few programs sslstrip.py, iptables, and arpspoof. Is there a way that I could use ssl strip with my Fon as the MITM instead of Arpspoof? Then I can sniff all traffic in clear text with wireshark. Here is a link to the video: http://vimeo.com/3970303
  4. On the FON Blog it says "It will reach the USA, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan in May." Word for word. http://blog.fon.com/en/archive/2009/04/ Which is right? The FON WIKI or The FON Blog.
  5. You for got to add http://www.fonerahacks.com/index.php/Tutor...SB-Adapter.html To your link list. It's a good Tutorial!
  6. So, Jasager works just fine on the fonera 2.0? If so are you able to save logs and modules to a usb stick? If the answer to these questions are yes, then I am going to wait untill the fon 2.0 final comes out to buy a fon to install Jasager on. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello, I recently finished watching the latest episode of Hak5. It was a pretty interesting episode. Now, I realized that Mubix mentioned that you could possibly save your logs from your Fon to an off site box. If I wanted to could I save my Fon modules and logs to an Apache box off site at my house? If so, how? Then another question came to mind. I also looked into the whole module thing with Jasager. This was a great idea to add modules. My thought was to take one of the scripts Jay Beale created for The Middler, to change the HTTPS login to HTTP when sent, to Jasager. Then save the logs of these passwords to my Apache box off site along with logs from other modules such as nmap and nessus scans. Then have the logs be named by the name of the persons PC [bob Smith.txt]. Also I looked at the module page on the jasager home page but I could not find what language the module had to be written in. Cheers, Xakep
  8. Does any body know if the intel 3954 abg wifi card will work with hamster and ferret? I tried using this tool with that wifi card and I can't find any cookies on firefox except for ones from MY LAPTOP? I am testing with 2 laptops and I can't seem to get it to work.
  9. Xakep


    Let me ask you a few questions. 1.] What do you mean by Flash? 2.] Do yo mean your firmware? 3.] If you do then do you have a custom firmware? 4.] If you do then do you mean alter the coustom firmware flash0? 5.] If this is true then I think you can but make suure you KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING! If you have any questions about this topic be more specific please, and I will be GLAD to help you!
  10. It may not be that hard, but its one of the most elaborate and most fun hacks to play! The creator did a FANTASTIC JOB making it.
  11. Xakep


    ---------------------- T00L 0F THE W33K ---------------------- November 26 2008 Hey everyone and welcome to a VERY SPECIAL EDITION of T00L 0F THE W33K. I decided to make a second post on T00L 0F THE W33K after watching this weeks episode of HAK.5. So with that said this weeks SECOND T00L 0F THE W33K is.......... SNES9xTYL This is a SNES emulator for psp. You can use it to test out your SMW hacks on your PSP. Lets install it! ---------------- Installation ---------------- 1.] Download it http://dl.qj.net/Snes9xTYL-for-PSP-Slim-PS...14561/catid/135 2.] Extract the .zip place the snes9xTYL folder inside the 3.x folder in your GAME folder 3.] Place your roms in the ROMS folder and your save states will be saved to the SAVES folder. 4.] Run SNES9x Read the read me push O and then tell SNES9x where your roms are. Also Note that since this app is made by someone who is Japanese X is O so when you select something use the O button! 5.] Play your ROMS! You can also add game genie codes to your games! HAVE FUN WITH YOU SNES GAMES!
  12. If you guys want a REAL CHALANGE go to http://www.smwcentral.net/ This website is dedicated to smw hacks and mods. On SMW CENTRAL you can go to Featured Hacks and click on Brutal Mario. Download this and it will be in a IPS patch format. You will need a program to apply this patch to a clean version of SMW. This tool is located under tools and its called Lunar IPS. Download this and run the app and tell it where your patch is located and then tell it where your CLEAN rom is. Then it will be patched! You can now play the hardest version of SMW EVER and it has custom bosses from other games like megaman, kirby, and final fantasy. This tool is also useful for trading smw hacks without any law enforcement problems. This is why when you download a hack it is in IPS form because if its not its ILLEGAL! You can also find other apps and goodies for your future smw hacks like apps to create custom music! Also I will be doing a special T00L 0F THE WEEK under my PSP HACKS section of the HACKS AND MODS section of the fourms about emulators for snes on PSP! So check that out and I hope this post helps someone who wants to add a little somthing to thier SMW HACK! And if your brave enough check out BRUTAL MARIO. You can watch youtube videos of people playing this hack too.
  13. Xakep


    --------------------- T00L 0F THE W33K ---------------------- November 25 2008 This weeks tool of the week is......... PSP Adhoc File Transfer v0.7 This tool is useful if you have a friend who has custom firmware but does not have irshell. This tool is used to transfer your selected files from your psp to some one elses psp who has the program or does not have it. Lets install it! --------------- Installation --------------- 1.] Download it. http://dl.qj.net/PSP-Adhoc-File-Transfer-v...16650/catid/189 2.] Unzip the file and place the AdhocFileTransfer folder to your GAME folder of your psp. 3.] Run it! ------------- Features ------------- 1.] You can organize your psp files on the go. 2.] You can sen files like mp3s or games or ir codes or whatever to a friend. 3.] Your friend does not have to have this app to be send or receive files. ------------------ No App mode ------------------ Ok so you and your friend just finished watching the newest episode of Hak.5 on your psp and your friend wants a copy of it. Well if you have this app and your friend has a psp with custom firmware you can send the video to him. All you have to do is run adhoc file transfer. when it loads click triangle and click Send A.F.T(GameSharing). Then tell your friend to go to game sharing and he will download the file and will start running adhoc file transfer on his psp but it will not be installed on his memory stick. Then send him your files!
  14. Hey does anyone no a command I can add to my SB script to replace your victim's background with a pick that you want in my case it is a GIF pic of pc with a pirate flag and it says pwned all over it when it runs switchblade. I used this pick when I airpwn on my wireless! And then I was also wandering how to get it to replace the background only when hacksaw is used. Thanks in advance! [Xakep]
  15. Xakep


    ---------------------- T00L 0F THE W33K ---------------------- November 15 2008 Hey everyone and welcome to this week's T00L 0F THE W33K! I have been looking around for some great tools for psp to let you make your custom psp experience even better than before. So this weeks tool is............ iR Shell v4.7 Now iR shell has been around since 1.50 and it is a great all around tool. You can organise folders send folders to others with iRshell using ADHOC, turn of TVs [phat PSP ONLY!], and tons more. The reason I picked this tool is because it is so great and nifty to have on your memory card. Also make sure you have 5.00 M33-3 before you run this. Now lets install this app. -------------- Installation -------------- 1.]Upgrade to 5.00M33-3 [You can use the M33 Network Update for this or download the files to upgrade manually] 2.]Download IT! http://dl.qj.net/iR-Shell-v4.7-PSP-Homebre...24759/catid/151 3.]Extract it [You should have 3 folders and 2 txts] 4.]Copy the IRSHELL folder to the root of your memory stick 5.]Copy the PSP folder to the root of your memory stick 6.]And if you want iRshell to boot when you turn on you PSP copy the seplugins folder to your root. Load up iRshell and then HAVE FUN! ---------- EXTRA! ---------- This extra is for PSP phat ONLY. Have you ever wanted to turn on or change the channel of a local resturant's tv because they have your most hated show EVER ON? Or have you ever lost your remote for your tv? Well if you have a Phat PSP and you have a copy of iRshell you can do just that. I will post a link eventualy to a coppy of all of my 2000 and some codes but for now here is a link to download some codes now! http://dl.qj.net/Pronto-Codes-(2000+-infra...14757/catid/151 -------------- Installation -------------- 1.]Download and extract the .zip 2.]Copy your codes to the folder in your IRSHELL folder called IRCODES! 3.]Start up iRshell and go to the remote section on the dashboard and view your IRcodez 4.]Then it will tell you how which buttons to press for each action! AND THERE YOU GO! If you have any other questions on this app post it on this thread an also look in the readme included in the zip folder! Stay tuned for next week's.........T00L 0F THE W33K
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