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  1. i imagine theyre will still be a need for the moded micro-sd card NDS carts but i really wanna know how the firmware will differ..if any...id really like them to implement an upgrading system like the psp does ..so we can crack those as we did on the psp and i hope for the love of god the freaking wifi attena is built correctly..because the lite's attena sucks balls however the original ds had a superb antenna also like i said more memmory is must for homebrew use or just anything really adn thier is two cameras from what i understand..the one on the inside is i think 0.3 and the on the outside is like 4.0 or something either way a camera is a camera it will still function if they added phone functionality to it it would be right under the iphone...maybe idk but if many you will recall the gameboy color..had a camera attachment and that was cool as shit with games like warioware touch and others the camera should add another level of extreme gameplay to the ds i hope to god they dont fuck this up
  2. HOLY CRAP Steve8x your my new idol i have a small question tho..what if i wanted to load a dialogbox from resources i have the following...but it dosent show my dialog upon injection....im injecting it into explorer just as a test #include <windows.h> #define IDD_DIALOG1 101 bool _stdcall CALLBACK DialogProc(HWND dia,UINT uMsg,WPARAM wParam,LPARAM lParam) { switch(uMsg) { default: DefDlgProc(dia,uMsg,wParam,lParam); break; } return 0; } void _stdcall ShowDialog() { LoadLibrary(L"commct32.lib"); DialogBox(NULL,MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDD_DIALOG1),HWND_DESKTOP,(DLGPROC)DialogProc); } void WINAPI DllMain(HINSTANCE hInstance, DWORD dwReason, LPVOID lpReserved) { if (dwReason == DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH) { ShowDialog(); } } and my .def file LIBRARY "ExportDLL" EXPORTS ShowDialog @1 DialogProc @2 and i have a resource called IDD_DIALOG1 in a rct file
  3. its ironic its actually the complete oppisite lol
  4. so yea every iptv show i watch everyone alywas mentions "check the shownotes" well last night for some odd reason i dreamed about the word being said over and over and over again i woke up and all i could think was shownotes shownotes ... and yea the damn word is stuck in my head just thought id share my wierdness lol SHOWNOTES
  5. well ive never done that..but see what you have todo is put the dialog Procedure in the dll and the templete adn then im guessing Create a function to put everything together something like this extren _C_ dialogProc extern _C_ ShowDialog Function sextern _C_ Dialog Templete im not sure if you can use resources with dll's ..seems logical enough but idk but yea you want somethnig like above i posted a way to load a function from the dll in the wiki a really really long time ago perhaps it will of use to you
  6. couldnt you barrow a freinds laptop run wireshark on it and capture everything that way also does the gun and pack unit have a brand or some sort of serial number on it?
  7. hmm good point im begin working on my project then XD
  8. ive been kind of intersted in Using "raw" sockets as theyre called so i went googleing and many people are saying its not possible to capture or send packets in "raw" mode and others say it is ive run across some sites that provide source and others that say you should use..Winpcap now i havent tried Winpcap yet but i dont think my card is supported its a Atheros so not sure my question is this...is it possible on SP2 or SP3?
  9. m0u53


    yea its not possible ..unless someone found a way..iirc there was a problem putting the psp into monitor mode..or was it prosecutes mode...same with the ds no packet injection unless like i said someone figured something out ive got 4 psp's ..all of got thier screen broke...im looking for some sort of way to get video from the psp...or something
  10. it means it cant find the file verify that it exists where it says it exists
  11. im not a bleach fan...cuz i never actually sat down and watched it...but i did like the first 5 eps maybe ill watch these what site are you guys watching them from?
  12. thats awsome great find...yet another myspace exploit !!!yame!!!
  13. m0u53

    USB Claymore

    indeed feed our interets here i mean you basicly said Heres a Skeleton key for a specific program and...dont even tell us the program aka ya left us hanging holmes lol
  14. ...not really thats only if you get caught as much as im dedicatated to this...my flash drive got stolen about a month ago and my dad dosent let me use his anymore..since i somehow bricked his old one lol
  15. well what you could do is format the drive to ext3 that way..if someone does steal it...they probly wont be able to use it as far as prevention...keychain with a bell on it like a jingle bell or somehthing works with my moms purse...although her millions of keys are the built in bell lol trust me you can here that thing halfway down the street lol
  16. m0u53

    defacing is lame

    i can understand why it happens but the case most of the time is usally some kid litterly hangs out with a bunch of real hackers then he learns how they did it and then he just exploits the page and defaces thinking hes badass in reality this is really really freaking retarted ive seen sites that have been hacked...and the admin never even knew it how? we simply logged all the usernames and password in his form validation script ..i think he still dosent even relise it lol
  17. download NSIS then learn howto use it you can create a package that extracts everything to a temp folder on the drive...then when closed it deletes the temp data there is a hammachi project that does this ..i think its called burk or something it does the same thing its pretty nice and i have made many portable apps includeing quake2 ...hehe
  18. it may be possible that shes just lying to you..i mean she is female..and i dont mean that in a sexist way perhaps she just feels its best you dont know whatever it is shes doing...futile?
  19. to get all user account just do net users >> allusers.txt
  20. right click your project click properties click the C/C++ then click Code Generagation then find Runtime Library choose Multithreaded this will make it not dependent on dlls and will make it very portable i hope this is what you meant
  21. creating ettercap filters are good using WPE-PRO is another good way i belive wireshark does allow you to change them...with a plugin..not sure
  22. the main problem with the DS was memmory you could run linux on it..but shit it was limited like crazzy hopefully we get atleast 256mb of ram or something i belive the DS/DS lite only have like 2mb or something you could barly even get the Elinks port working this new dsi looks like a step up from kicking the psp in the ass would i get one...hell yes i would hopefully it uses a diffrent processor other then ARM7 and ARM5 iirc it had two! now since it has a SD-card slot im pretty sure someone is gonna use a lib-ttf exploit and make it possible for everyone to run homebrew....im actually really excited about this...who knows what little exploits and fun stuff this little thing will store..i see the main use for vouyer tho.."omg are you peeping on me?" "NOOO im playing with my pikachu" lol
  23. ...if you had this problem durring instalation...then its probly a problem that conflicts with the defualt settings..what kind of monitor do you have? is a LCD/CRT?
  24. hmm darn...ive seen someone do it with a gba although i relise the deffrences ...perhaps someone will try it...im willing to just to waste one of em heh! anyways thanks for the reply
  25. if anything multithread your program maybe putting the file read/write/ into functions and use CreateThread() ..umm idk how that works in .NET but ..yea use threads/fibers
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