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  1. ok so i have 3 psp's with shatered screens...yes i can replace them...but i dont want to or have the money todo so so i was thinking...is there a way to wire a composite cable or any kind of video cable to maybe a specific part of the psp's mobo and get video that way....if its possible i would love to do it as i would use it more for PSP Deving XD then for games -mouse
  2. if (they were) && (i had > $0) { id buy em along with some stickers ;); }
  3. well if i understand you correctly you wanna do a port scan to check and see if a port is open or not? if thats the case then just doing that will "raise some bells" i belive using raw sockets and sending SYN_ACK packets may be a safe way as many of you might now it works as follow...iirc send the SYN victim returns with ACK send SYN again i belive its called a 3-way handshake...maybe this can be done in a easy fashion...idk
  4. id get a docking station and just attatch it to that..if someone asks say "oh that well its deffinlty not a router lol it..helps increase my wireless...oh you want one...well its a linksys WRT54G"
  5. type net users /UserName/ * if that dosent work create a new account net user lol /add then net groups Administartors lol /add
  6. well i must admit i kinda jumped at the last problem the code does work by defualt my code just displays the version number major.minor (build no) my output was: Version is 5.1 (2600) Press any key to continue . . . i can make switch based on what os ver is detected as for 32/64 bit i belive Windows API has a function for that aslo yes it needs to be compiled...if i can get this working i will upload it to my site(NOT RS) is it faster then batch? LOL...you bet your sweet ass it is and its also faster the vb/vbs but if Steve8x or someone else swooped in and coded it in asm...you would see an extreme speed increase but heh im just a C++ programmer im just having a small problem understanding whats the purpose of the reason needing this program tho :)
  7. hmm this sounds kinda serous..did you try changing your desktop background? try changing your resolution heh if all else fails create a new user account and migrate stuffz to that one pebkac...heh i perfer the classic ID10T ERROR!
  8. m0u53

    What can i do...

    the only problem with useing a backed up activiation file *.dbl or something is that it is set to your hardware specificly meaning if you change anything like a hdd it will be invalid personally i use WPA cracks..because god knows my parents have over the years spent around 2k on windows cd's...its bs that you cant reactivate windows with the same key twice...i mean they relise how unstable shit is...</rant>
  9. m0u53

    Awesome FREE FPS

    well the problem with maple story is...its a freaking resource hog it lags you no matter how badass your rig is...it was poorly coded and ..its 2d...cmon
  10. i created alot of console programs in C++ before i dove into GUI and know i know quite alot about it..basicly find out what you wanna do at the end... and take small steps first i learned about WinMain then the WindowsProcedure then the WNDCLASSEX then button controls edit controls etc..etc
  11. alright how about this ...a program that monitors TCP/UDP on a specific port ..idk i guess like a Windows Port Watcher it can be simple like when a port is being accessed tell from where i encourage C++ but if you can manage it anything else..go for it
  12. m0u53

    Awesome FREE FPS

    ...the hit boxxing on this game is made of pure fail the game overall is not something fun to play
  13. #include &lt;windows.h&gt; #include &lt;stdio.h&gt; void main() { DWORD dwVersion = 0; DWORD dwMajorVersion = 0; DWORD dwMinorVersion = 0; DWORD dwBuild = 0; dwVersion = GetVersion(); // Get the Windows version. dwMajorVersion = (DWORD)(LOBYTE(LOWORD(dwVersion))); dwMinorVersion = (DWORD)(HIBYTE(LOWORD(dwVersion))); // Get the build number. if (dwVersion &lt; 0x80000000) dwBuild = (DWORD)(HIWORD(dwVersion)); printf("Version is %d.%d (%d)\n", dwMajorVersion, dwMinorVersion, dwBuild); } and i could modify it as follows if win98 run stuff from win98 folder if winxp run stuff from winxp folder etc..etc..
  14. there is a way to find the Windows Version in C++ if that will help?
  15. the point of chrome has nothting todo with the ui its all about the rendering engine they have really done an awesome job im using it now and it renders shit firefox had troble with its fast and very memmory eficanint i mean they have set the new standard for web browsing technology and dosent the system kinda remind you of unix/linux or am i wrong about that?
  16. hey i dont know if this has been mentioned but how about a program that will verify if the malicous program is detectable like it loads a list that it downloads from the internet and it feeds the program into kaspersprays online verifer if its undetectable then download to the victims pc if not go on to the next program just an idea
  17. learn C then advance to C++ and then learn some asm and download ollydbg and activly disasmmble your code it helped me learn quite a bit plus its cool to modify the .exe at machine level :P as for a free compiler i would recomend MiniGW(bassicly DevC++) and as an IDE Code::blocks nightly builds ftw as for asm i belive tasm and tlink are still win
  18. ti-basic C++ 6502 asm(nes) ;) next would be z80 although its kinda tricky(speaking of the ti 83+) ;)
  19. well from my point of view any girl on any show is a to an interest to me and probly others i did like ali and every other girl on the show girls+technology = a freaking WIN situation as for snubs...i dont know her she looks pretty and shes contributing who cares if she is or isnt stuck up the point is generally to appreaicate what someone is doing and snakey...you apear to be a lamer..try and fix yourself buddy else you will probly get banned when someone critisizes you just ignore it by responding like an id10t you are basicly feeding the fire when you could just shake it off in other news...anyone try out google chrome yet? im using it..flipping awesome Google Chrome the way it handles things is going to be a new standard im so stoked to be using it ;) ...btw i havent posted in freaking years how goes t3h communities?
  20. nah i know how to do it in vb6 infact its probly the easiest way to do anything would be to use vb6 but ill check out planet source code i wanted to do this in C++ so i wouldnt have to worry about extra dlls and other stuff but i was also thinking that i could make a html parser right? to parse the html or page given and render it to a window although i think that would take alot longer any suggestions?
  21. ok pplz i have searched everywhere and been through google too many times to even count my question?... How do you make a simple Webbrowser For Windows using the Win32 api if its possible is it like a control or something any help would be helpful
  22. dude ive been trying to get a newer/better computer for a very very long time and as for that command you guys wanted me to run i decided to instal Ark -linux but my Konsole will not run it crashes also this problem i keep having it is literly starting to really really piss me off my damn moniter will sometimes just shutoff randomly and no matter what it wont turn on so i have to unplug it and plug it back in its just AHHHH ya kno i was looking at slackware since my dads freind gave me a giant slackware guide book thingy lol any other suggestions would be nice as well
  23. i have a AMD Anthlon proccesor 256 ram Radion 9200 Pro 34.8gig hdd cd-burner dvd-player my motherboard is unknown
  24. idk just everything is just slower then when i had xp i run firefox and it takes a good 2 min to start up and everything just lags and alot of the times i lag like after i post this firefox will lag my mouse will freeze and will unfreeze in about a minute i really liked knoppix even for a liveCD it went faster then ubuntu i sure i configured everything and uninstalled Beryl
  25. another method i failed to metion was an ftp acount i got a cheap one only a gig but still its perfect for storing my "stash"
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