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  1. lol these are all good ideas but i think my technique is the BEST :) Create a New Folder Fill the folder full of your porn,passes,phone numbers,hacking tools,you get the point? rename the file to one of these: - 'funny sound.{0003000D-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}' - 'Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D} - 'aX0023sys.{ECD4FC4F-521C-11D0-B792-00A0C90312E1}' - 'internet explorer.{FBF23B42-E3F0-101B-8488-00AA003E56F8}' - 'keys.{BD84B380-8CA2-1069-AB1D-08000948F534}' - 'Dial-Up networking.{992CFFA0-F557-101A-88EC-00DD010CCC48}' anything after the . example: not porn or hidden file i swer.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D} this will turnthe folder into a control panel and when clicked will open control panel your entire system will think its control panel meaning it wont say 600mb it wont say any mb but how do i change this back omg wtf do i do open it with zip and dobule click the folder and remove the contents and theyer you go File Protection 101 ---------------------------------------- orignaly writeen by satan666 in 1996 on the preakers BBS
  2. This Theroy has me all in a bind as well my idea is to create a partion on the drive and use some disk tool and fool it via hacking the program into making the drive a CDFS partion if im successful in that then i would need to make it think its also rewritable else it would be a waste of time and one time deal any ideas on this would be wonderful
  3. m0u53

    telnet stuff

    wow yea see thats what not to do to not apear as a nub lol telnet is fun just google it dude if your aginst google for some odd reason www.alltheweb.com www.altavista.com www.ask.com the internet is for porn but its also for looking up stuff to :) http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=TelNet+Commands http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=TelNet+FREE+SHELLS the list goes on and on and on and ...off?
  4. basic was the first thing i learned then it was vbs then html,js,vb6,C++ and im now here a pretty good C++ Win32 programmer :) so start with the small usless stuff and work your way up and who knows where you will end up :)
  5. mine works great although i havent tried turning it into a "hacksaw" with a "payload" yet but yea mine works great :)
  6. m0u53


    why do you care do you have passes to porn sites or something unless you let him on your pc or if you dont have any protection like me then nothing bad is going to happen and this whole delima on the hacksaw i know its badass and stuff but you act like he is still trying to fuck you over(exscuse my french) but i dont see why you would worry really i mean if you change your passwords atleast once a month then your good to go take note:i never change my passes and i have no protection AT ALL
  7. Did you try copying a buch of stuff on it and then yanking it out this sometimes corrputs the flash drive and other times just corrupts the data if you got lucky and it asks you to format it do it then try and resinall the U3 back onto it by going to the manufactures website and look under downlaods(not u3.com) and if that works then congrads but if your flash drive gets "bricked" like my non u3 one then run linux and format it through there thats what i am going todo and see if i cant get 128mb worth of pron back LOL
  8. my handle was from "the Matrix" the lil programmer who made the lady in the red dress he sorta looks like me and we kinda think alot after a while it became cute and girls loved yelling it at me so i decided to stick with it using mouse i decided to use 1337 and it became m0u53 so thats what i put on everything even my site m0u53.com its just what im called my real name is jonathan landry tho although now hearing this would be kinda awkward
  9. why would you want a hacker website thanks kinda lame what you want is a site that everyone can goto not just hackers cuz if you think about it if im a hacker and i goto this new site im going to want to hack it so just start off with somthing that expresses yourself your passion your carrer you know what i mean? also freewebs.com is pretty good i know everones like ewww but hey its a start right? thats what i used first,you should to also use webtrackers and google adsence and google pageranks also subscribe to google analytics its a great free service
  10. i use Nothing and so far i think it works really good :)
  11. hey guys im so stuck on this project i really wanna see this work so i was looking around and installed Partion Magic and that was a waste of time so i went digging through the files and the cabs and i found a small prorgam that lets you edit the sectors of the selected drive its here if you want it Http://www.m0u53.com/box/PTEDIT32.EXE tell me if ive struck somthing?
  12. copy explorer.exe from C:/WINNT/windows paste to a folder other than C:/WINNT/windows rename to explorer.scr right click>install goto display>screensaver>explorer.scr restart have fun also an idea would be to download pwdump and make a .bat file to dump the passes to the C:/ dir cuz thats what will popup so you can use the passowrd at that time and login to the admin and unlock your acount i have done this at my school countless times i went into the regiesty and set it to run every 1 seconds and well yea i have a 2 hour class so do the math :) XD -m0u53
  13. hello everyone my name jonathan landry im 17 a student at Whencshe High school my handle is mouse or m0u53 im not going to sit here and brag about how 1337 my h4x0r sk1llz are cuz i cant hack ive never hacked anything in my life other than using OTHER PEOPLES PROGRAMS witch i really dont consider hacking instead im a grey hat C++ programmer i like messing with windows in wierd ways im white and really nerdy even though i goto a technology school most the time people dont understand what im talking about Me:"so i got todo is find the HWND value of the tray witch is Shell_traynd" freind: "umm yea you do that or whatever" Me:"lol you nub" so yea i hope you guys will understand me if not maybe ill try visual speech lol id like to say i really like the hak5 show its really cool wish you guys could make more faster lol i have a site incase you guys wanna drop by and see what im all about its a forum jsut so you know www.m0u53.com
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