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  1. if you have gotten it to actually work could you post your grub.cfg
  2. do you know what the image specifications have to be? like legth and width and color count?
  3. i just did it and yes it works perfectly menuentry "Dos 6" { linux /memdisk initrd /Dos6.22.img } however any tips on getting the menucolors working or maybe the background image?
  4. so with grub4dos i could map my floppy image(dos6.22.img) and chainload it...however in grub2 this gives an invalid system disk error meaning it chainloads to the floppy but then fails my grub.cfg is : menuentry "Dos 6" { loopback lo (hd0)/Dos6.22.img chainloader (lo)+1 } also set splashimage = /b79t3ud2pf2w9nwt6.xpm.gz set menu_color_normal = green/black set menu_color_highlight = red/black set timeout = 60 this code has no effect at all..am i doing it wrong? or is this not supported yet? any and all help would be awesome note: im editing the grub.cfg file located in /dev/sdb/boot/grub/grub.cfg it was my understanding this was what the new grub config used instead of menu.lst
  5. if in linux BE SURE YOUR ROOT i cant tell you how many times i tryed to find /flashdrive.txt and it would always give error 15 after about 3 hrs of googling i tryed an apt-get install and it told me i wasnt root /facepalm
  6. hmm Aug 4th and the box is ??? this sounds really epic maybe it should have some kind of gps on it so the originator knows where it is...given the person getting it dosent take the gps lol
  7. honestly..this is pointless just take slax and make some modules put em on a cd/usb done! its the easiest way its how backtrack does everything ...ill start on something but really all ill post is a module no point in posting the entire image
  8. try viewing all extentions for all files i create a menu.list file on my dads vista machine and it failed so i brought it over to linux and noticed is said menu.lst.txt so be sure your setup isnt the same because that will not work ^^
  9. there was a way to turn the drive into a CDFS by using a hex editor and opening the device and changing the first couple of lines i forgot exactly what todo but it worked in linux only
  10. if you post the the errors (yes fucking all of them) we may be able to help also when your in ANY kinda programming board and you say ohshit negro i gotz me an error YOU MUST TELL US WHAT ERROR..we are not physcic YOU MUST ALSO SPECIFY WHAT COMPILER YOU ARE USING,aswell as your pc setup ram and such cant compile something like quake4 on a old 386 lol
  11. holy shit guy stop watching hamlet that was quite the epic speech a reverse-sililique
  12. that dosent help because you then did it in windows we were searching for an linux only solution..atleast i think thats what we were doing also i noticed when grub4dos boots it takes almost 4 seconds more then just plain grub and the interface looks alot uglier...kinda sucks normal grub dosent work as good as grub4dos i was thinking of trying the beta grub2 becuase the functionaility is almost double what normal grub is however i dont wanna fuck up my current setup lol
  13. well start with a socket that connects to said computer making this a service or a deamon would probly be best basicly have it constanty check for a connection and when the connection != NULL or INVALID then start a timer when the timer == 24hrs or something WinExec a python script or something similar...the concept is really simple and i dont think ive ever heard of such an idea Good Work
  14. whats the error why are you using 6.0 are you sure its supposed to not compile in *nix
  15. cmospwd is a great tool i got on my multiboot via DOS6 it works half the time depending on the pc
  16. also OP: Timeout : 0 Try (hd0,0): EXT2: Try (hd0,1): EXT2: ....... this means its trying to find the mbr which requires FAT32 and you have EXT2 you might wanna fix it and see what happens i finally got a windows box..my dads vista machine...followed the tutorial like normal another way wasto follow the tutorial on this site: and install syslinux and using that boot grub4dos http://diddy.boot-land.net/grub4dos/files/install_linux.htm
  17. that dosent work at all ...all i get is stage 1.5 failed error 15
  18. ah alright was kinda lost in the steps *crosses fingers*
  19. alright after that grub fails im missing the point to putting the g4d bootsector on the usb like what am i supposed todo next
  20. ive never used dd to be honest how would i use it?
  21. hmm ill look into it...using something like what darren did title Kon-Boot-test map --mem /FD0-konboot-v1.1-2in1.img (fd0) map --hook chainloader (fd0)+1 map (hd1) (hd0) map --hook rootnoverify (fd0) however i cant find an entry for --hook in the gnu dox so idk wtf is does
  22. well acording to many forum posts doing something like find --set-root --ignore-floppies /boot/isolinux/isolinux.bin chainloader --force /boot/isolinux/isolinux.bin should load you into isolinux and you can also do the oppsite..if you chose syslinux as your bootloader to get into grub KERNEL /boot/grub/grub.exe however im not sure if this is only for the windows version of grub..should work with the *nix version aswell i also noticed that in the episode(newest) darren uses Pe2Usb which basicly make the mbr search for ntldr and grub4dos which im guessing acts as the ntldr or the gldr doing the exact opppisite should yeild the same results however all is needed is grub and the imgs ive also noticed that it is possible to boot direct ISO's however the problem remains that changes are not persistant and you must extract the initrd from the said iso i was thinking that maybe if we could boot into a program that would open the said iso and extract the img files required and place them somewhere on the disk...then CHAINLOAD into grub or something(maybe back to grub) so we could load it..just theroy
  23. well ive managed to get imgs working through a manual grub install i think its alot better to do it manually im going to work on isos..just got home from work ^^ ill keep everyone updated im sure i can boot almost anything given syslinux lil MEMDISK and ISODISK ^^ the real problem would be persistance
  24. the reason this fails is because: this was taken from the GoCoding Page...idk if there is a *nix equivelint...hopefully there is because i no longer own anything windowz...except my xbox EDIT: just tried it with wine...dosent pickup the drives..was afraid of that..im not really sure what else to try..maybe a grub tutorial will work :/
  25. m0u53


    i have all phats tho..i dont like the slim..as they are alot more difficult to hack also i was wondering if we could cover some psp programming? i know theres a dev-kit under linux for it...but i havent messed with it maybe a tutorial on setting it up or just compiling a "hello World" program would be cool
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