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  1. well i just decided to completly switch to linux but so i installed ubuntu...and well its slow my computer cant really handle it does anyone know of a linux distro that is idea for the novice linux user like something that will help me learn linux and not a liveCD i had knoppix it was cool but its only on live any suggestions would be nice thanks
  2. m0u53

    Accessing C:\

    Google Explorer2 or ExplorerX2 or sometihng like that if noting else tell your techer you accedently saved a file in the c drive and watch what they do to get to c then say oh wait its on the desktop *laugh and act retarted* it worked for me i got my teachers password witch was thisisthepass also try installing a keylogger incase he/she types to fast *cough*if i was to cough this long i might die rofl my waffles ZOMFG SPAM SPAM SPAM*/cough*
  3. hehe cool i made a MouseRecorder first program Records mouse movements Second one plays them back i havenever tried it in games so imagine it should work fine ill upload it and give to you pplz Here ya go this however is in the uber leet C++ w00t you can use the code idc just dont recompile it as it was and say you made it www.m0u53.com/hole/MacroMouse.zip
  4. m0u53


    yea i d like to know how to setup a SSH server on a windows box i dont want to switch to linux because im too lazy so i downloaded FreeSSH and i set it up and set a user name and password and i just cant login it says Incorrect information BTW i use putty to connect to myself and i use Tunnelier to use at my school my freinds use it to play WoW via our laptops but they wont tell me how im usally really really good with this kind of stuff but im just fustrated so a step by step guide would be helpful ...AND I ALRADY USED GOOGLE AND FOUND NOTTA
  5. i though the autorun would kill the screensaver maybe make a program that moves the mouse i know you can do it with autoit
  6. well im sure there is some way to do this the screensaver is a program right? well make your payload Taskkill /IM <scrnsvr name.exe> that should do the trick i guess i could try it lol
  7. find out what the drive letter is for the cd-partiion then make a batch file that detect whether its plus 1 letter or minus 1 letter Ex program finds:cd == E then program finds either F or D and it find the valid one and >> to your path or try creating a file on the flash called zz.dat or somthing then run the find command using all drive letters then the one that finds it is your drive get it?
  8. when one suggests linux you have to kind of think..do they really use it or are they jumping on the bandwagon? anyways i run a site m0u53.com i can uplaod the cd there as an iso or i can do megaupload i have xp sp1 no slipstream no hack pure geninune shinny and pretty cd and ill even give the authentic cd-key away to ya :)
  9. that assumes he has a U3 drive i would use a folder locking program and see if it will work on the files if that dosent work theres always the atrrib Command although i dont think it will say somthing like "nice try" or anything but it should stop the user from "modifying" your files or thier locations
  10. where is the logic in this topic...if it even exists
  11. i know for sure if you can pull up command prompt you can edit files..right so what if one was to have xp/linux/98 on a cd and before a reboot change the boot.ini file to boot off of the cd or flash drive? also the autoexec.bat couldnt this be tampered with and dosent this run programs or commands before the xp gui screen? if so that could be tampered with as well i have a dell laptop issued by our school the 1st semester everyone used net user administrator * to change the admin password and gain "root" then near the end of the 1st semester EVERYONE had halo on thier laptops...this pissed off the admins greatly they took up everyones laptops and put Novell ZenWorks Desktop Management 7 on them and now if a program isnt launched though Novell then it terminates no mater what it is even import programs like updates are denied and then most recently they fux0r1ng took our entire taskbar...and there is only one way out of it Taskkill /IM <proccesname> [long story i know but its true sadly] <--brand new school this fast lil miracle is the only way anyone can run anything so what i would do is first create a Bat file @echo off tasklist &gt;&gt;Tasks.txt then looking through the tasks try and point out some key tasks like lets say you find "norton" or something(although i doubt ANY school admin would be retarded enough to run such a evil bl00dsux1ng program) best bet is to google it if it becomes obvous that this program isnt required kill it as soon as possable then create a bat file contaning @echo off TaskKill /IM nortan.exe if you keep adding to the file then you can make a nice lil bat file that will make you invisable or well sorta this is good for remote managemnt and other programs they use to moniter your activites and also when you kill these tasks be sure they are really "dead" by running tasklist again as some programs with fight you tooth and nail to the death or so to speak!
  12. thanks for the share although i dont like or use IRC i can "hack" and program without it without any problems although i like to occasionally peek in a random channel and see whats up and such anyways thanks :)
  13. lol guys i think our best bet is to stick with vbs although with machines older then xp and i also think xp if durring install or any other time the user has unistalled windows scripting host then this script files wont do anything i think he should just try vb6 or C++ or just a simple reg file i can probly pull up something in C++ thats command line an example: myprog C:/whatever/picy.jpg 5 5 being the time to take effect or something maybe using a SetTimer function but if i made this or someone else did then you could still make a batch file with this in it to still make the program work just gotta put the program in C:/windows or somthing idk ill work on it also i belive there is a WinApi function to change the background similar to ShutDownEx or ShutDown
  14. thanks dude ive heard of the bartPE program but didnt know if it worked also great thinking about the wiki i dont think i would have thought of that
  15. m0u53

    Broken USB

    hmm idk you might want to google some usb pin layouts and maybe get some breadboards and a solder and see what happens lol
  16. hey everyone i was working on a hack but i need some help im trying to run Xp on my lil 2gig U3 flash drive but i want it as small as possable does anyone know of a site or a list that shows everyfile that XP needs to boot into the gui and thats all no extras not even the media player or the webbrowser just the explorer gui thanks in advance
  17. yea there is a few stuff you can do with it you could... make it into a bootable device make it into a portable virus try using teh amish technique you could also turn it into a nice lil ForceShut down use google.com HP Format tool HP boot tool mkbt.exe some linux iso/img viruses batch files ...just use your imagination
  18. man i eat burritos chips candy paper(if im bored) ice cream coke chicken mac and chese but if im really on a role in my programming i bust out with the scooby doo sandwitches hell yea dudes that stuff will keep you fueled for a long long time
  19. m0u53


    lol thanks for all your replies i decided to drop IIS and apache cuz it was lagging me up and you can stream porn with lag :) and my hostin company 1and1.com decided to switch my root back and forth about 5 times untill i called then and told then to STOP it was bettween / and ws456697user897 and so i just made a .htacces file to always direct to my forums or index.php so m0u53.com is back online :) if anyone cares
  20. m0u53


    i do belive that this is due to you having a limited acount thus locking lssas and csrss and can sometimes cause the RPC to be terminated i have the same problem at my school we have laptops running Novell Zenworks 6.0 and theyre ARE no exploits at all so we got it pretty rough did you try safe mode or maybe try a linux live cd that usally solves all my problems unless you got a admin pass on bios and its not set to boot from CD
  21. yes thankgod your migratting to SMF thats what i HAD on my site untill i fubar it lol and guys you cant really break SMF or atleast i cant i tryed :)
  22. m0u53


    hey hak5 dudes and dudettes im running a IIS server off my current pc and in the wwwroot folder i created a folder named dl and stuffed it full of stuff i want the users to be able to access and view all the files in the dir but when i change to that dir Http:ipdl it says not allowed to view so what do i do? also i overwrote the index.php with index.html on my website m0u53.com and now i get the 404 error even when fixed the files back to normal so again what do i do? my area of expertese is usally C++ and the Win32 API some html,CSS,php,a smidge of asp so yea any help would be awesome ps....i googleed and googled and googled and all i got was HOST YOUR SITE NOW!!!!111
  23. Google HFS me and my buds transfer porn almost everyday via hfs
  24. dude thats not really a good way to do that even my mother could figure that out and she thinks i turn off my pc when i turn off the moniter
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