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  1. the switch was just not working with the dlink N router i have, no idea what was the problem but it was a pain. and the switch is a dlink dss-16+. well i 'm going to try the Smoothwall and IPCOP and see what happens from there.
  2. just pm your emails to my and i'll send you the invites.
  3. well i had signed up for the beta a long time ago but when i first tryed to set it up on a computer of mine it was nit up to spec so i ts really just a waste on me so i thought i would invet a few people and as them to review it for my site if possible.
  4. i have two boxee invites left. anyone want them
  5. I just a noob geek that has enough knowledge to be dangerous, but not 1337. I was look at my network setup. To my horror i maxed out all the Ethernet ports on my router is full and I'm too cheep to by wifi card for my computers. i used a switch i have but its doesn't work well when i run it after my router. So i was looking a old pc as a firewall and use the switch to get most of my computer running but i need the wifi to so put the router after. But that is no fun, so i was thing if i could trun a pc in to a tcp/ip sever/ router and use the switch to as a way to share the like to the gateway(the srever/ router). Now i have no idea from there where to go from there. I am all for trying something new and learn new stuff too. But I have to keep it dirt cheep and have blocking feture cause i have younger siblings that are a little out there. All ideas are welcome to!
  6. that is the greatest car ever. i need to get one.
  7. SO anyone can join. we are still small but we are working on getting more cool thing like: tut, links, general help. stuff like that.
  8. A few of my friends and myself are working on a project to start an all Canada tech forum. At the moment the URL is http://pc-canada.motion-forum.net/index.htm. if you want to check it out and help us beta it that would be great.
  9. As a student in a high school that has a lot of student that hack. i suggest to listen to Deveant and moonlit. It exactly what i had to do at my school after a student hacked the the school board main frame.
  10. Thanks for the ideas. I look in to upgrading and it can only take two p2 processors and a GB of what looks to be DDR ram. and is not hot swap capable. It has windows NT4.5 already installed, but I'm thinking of using Solaris x86. if that doesn't work I'm gonna go with a Unix OS.
  11. I'm looking at this as a learning experience. I'm not planing on using it for anything major. And the rest of them might be used as spare part. And i paid like 5 dollars for the three of them, so I'll make it up at the scrap or on eBay selling the spare parts.
  12. Well, MMz had the right idea. the specs to one of the severs are: P2 450MHz 256MB of ram 3 x 4.5 GB SCSI HDD with CD, tape, and floppy Any suggestion on an os
  13. This is the low down. i have three old severs but i don't know what i could do with them so I'm looking for suggestions. oh and dose anyone know where i can get large capacity SCSI drives for cheap...like dirt cheap
  14. I'm Look around if anyone nows of a Open source print sever/ nas os. FreeNAS doesn't support the print sever idea? If not I'm still gonna try to find one on Google. Or source forge.
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