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  1. holy fucking Christ man Im sorry for ever putting this on the net... like fuck man give me a break i didn't know
  2. My friend had a program on his usb that popped a black box up like cmd, He was sitting beside me on a different comp and somehow connected to it and typed through it, he totally messed with me. :) does anyone have any clue to how he did it ?
  3. If I was you I would write a program Hacksaw, or modify it so that it does different things, hell you could get the IP if ya wanted and have your software tag the computer track the IP and Boom there ya go. There is a whole varety of things that you could use, or misuse for that matter ! have fun !
  4. which i futher want to add how to enable it and group polocies if you have no administrative powers like Acess 5 denied ! messages. How do you bypass these sort of things yeas you said if it was so r4estricted just run your home comp, but i know that I wanted to find a way through the walls !
  5. kk got it working, but i have one last question does Hacksaw require autorun to work, what if .ini and .inf are blocked what would one do, is it still a possible threat
  6. decent, what about net user and group policies
  7. i just theed the script so i can write my own batch file to the directory
  8. if i do that then the viruses are lauched are they not ?
  9. At many schools there are various blocked or access denied messages to the average file wonderer. The Group policies is blasted and cmd commands are blasted to. Some sort of web blocker which is probably the most common encounter. All these problems must have a solution lets get Started !
  10. I can't create a hacksaw, I run the launch pad... but the files go.bat and send.bat are picked up by virus scan and deleted when I attempt to extract or copy them to the root directory. I try to edit the files withing the .zip the only options are open delete copy and cut. Can someone help me figure out how to get around this safely.
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