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  1. Have you attempted a "helloworld" script to even know if your BB is set up to GermanNoobs point??? That is the first step...
  2. I only suggested that you SCP information off because it sounds like it has hanged randomly and we want to make sure we can get the file before that happens, granted it might happen when you scp it off.. changing the date can be done by: date -s "2 OCT 2006 18:00:00" Reading dmesg or the log file is for the most part easy, if you need help understanding something as you are looking google is your friend :) as most of it is documented. But let us know what the last couple of lines are for the set date... or if you don't set the date look at the last couple of lines in /var/log/messages right before the lines with all of the [0.000000]
  3. dmesg is something that you will need to ssh into the bunny to see... however, if its failing and you cant get into it, you might need to look at the logs located at /var/logs/messages. What I would do to see what is causing the bunny to fail is change the date to today, or something different than what its booted with, to identify different boots. Let if fail boot it back up scp the file off before it fails and read in notepad ++ or other text editor. Lots of steps but should point to what might be causing the issue.
  4. Does it happen seconds minutes after you plug it in? Does it happen under load? What are you running when it happens? Need more info to help
  5. Are you testing with something that is known in the text file you are using? if not echo the word into the end of the file... echo "blah" >> example.txt Sometimes I found it best to set the format that I am using rather than let John guess.
  6. On switch 2 remove STORAGE, save , and follow the instructions here http://wiki.bashbunny.com/#!./index.md#Sharing_an_Internet_Connection_with_the_Bash_Bunny_from_Windows to remote into it.
  7. Did you test the items I suggested above and read the article (4armed)? Both should allow you to see what is going on, mind you Wireshark captures will tell you if you are responding to queries or if you are still requesting and getting "normal responses." You can also see if all is working well by navigating to http://wpad this test should work as well.
  8. I should have included this post in my previous as it sounds like you might be having the same issue...
  9. If the BB is running properly it will flash blue in switch position 3, not sure if you are asking about after the reinstall process though, that I do not know...never done it. if you can ssh into the device mount the file system, I'm assuming you are saying Windows is saying that its read only. mount -o sync /dev/nandf /root/udisk Do ls -la /root/udisk does it also show that it is read only? ... Just in case you need help reading the output... https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/File_permissions_and_attributes Based on my device all files/folders(excluding "..") should have at least the following attributes, -rwxr-xr-x
  10. For me the BB shows as "USB Serial Device", in Win10. If you remove the BB do those COM ports disappear?
  11. To run manually, just copy and paste the code in install.sh.. before you do this mount the drive (described earlier). This should show what the issue is. if you get a red light from your if statements, run the code that is inside of the if to see why its not working as intended. IE if the if is if [ blah ] ;then LED red else LED green fi run blah and see what the output is. My guess is that you will see missing files in the first if statement, My output shows as such when running the find command: /root/udisk/payloads/library/tools_installer/tools_to_install if you moved all things to the switch it should list your switches file path /root/udisk/payloads/switch1/tools_installer/tools_to_install
  12. Include SERIAL in your attack mode, ssh into the bunny and run the following to monitor temps: while [ true ]; do echo "Zone 0: "`cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp` echo "Zone 1: "`cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone1/temp` printf "\n" sleep 10s done This will allow you to see if it is an actual overheating issue or if its another issue... Darren posted the following about the temp because many have reported warm/hot devices.
  13. And if that doesn't work, it has been described in this forum that you can always install the tools manually. Its best to attempt to figure out why something is failing as you will then understand how the device and code works to better use it in the future. Please go back to the first page and attempt some of the talked about practices that worked for others... or you can wait for the updates.
  14. @Rub1xCub3 example hashes https://hashcat.net/wiki/doku.php?id=example_hashes, what the hash is https://hashcat.net/forum/thread-2939.html,,, I would google some more around to gain more knowledge. Then test with a known password that you have in a password list to test with John the Ripper or hashCat.
  15. If you look at the default payload.txt in the two switches they have STORAGE listed as the ATTACKMODE as well as the Ethernet adapters for win/linuxosx. To test just remove STORAGE from the test payloads :) If you look there has been communication as to why the Ethernet is not working as intended for what sounds like most users... at this time.
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