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  1. Are you testing with something that is known in the text file you are using? if not echo the word into the end of the file... echo "blah" >> example.txt Sometimes I found it best to set the format that I am using rather than let John guess.
  2. Did you test the items I suggested above and read the article (4armed)? Both should allow you to see what is going on, mind you Wireshark captures will tell you if you are responding to queries or if you are still requesting and getting "normal responses." You can also see if all is working well by navigating to http://wpad this test should work as well.
  3. To run manually, just copy and paste the code in install.sh.. before you do this mount the drive (described earlier). This should show what the issue is. if you get a red light from your if statements, run the code that is inside of the if to see why its not working as intended. IE if the if is if [ blah ] ;then LED red else LED green fi run blah and see what the output is. My guess is that you will see missing files in the first if statement, My output shows as such when running the find command: /root/udisk/payloads/library/tools_installer/tools_to_install if you moved al
  4. And if that doesn't work, it has been described in this forum that you can always install the tools manually. Its best to attempt to figure out why something is failing as you will then understand how the device and code works to better use it in the future. Please go back to the first page and attempt some of the talked about practices that worked for others... or you can wait for the updates.
  5. @Rub1xCub3 example hashes https://hashcat.net/wiki/doku.php?id=example_hashes, what the hash is https://hashcat.net/forum/thread-2939.html,,, I would google some more around to gain more knowledge. Then test with a known password that you have in a password list to test with John the Ripper or hashCat.
  6. I would check some of the settings in this report from 4armed to see if there are any differences between the two accounts. https://www.4armed.com/blog/llmnr-nbtns-poisoning-using-responder/
  7. From my testing with the LanTurtle, opening a fresh Chrome, I had less success with IE, should send the packets that Responder is looking for. If that does not work waking a computer from sleep or searching for random file shares should also send out the NBT-NS requests, and then the attack should work.
  8. That doesn't sound right... if you look inside of tools_to_install is there another tools_to_install? The code looks for the folder then copies all the items inside of that folder. If you cat /tmp/tools_installer.log after it fails what is the output? If you are seeing tools_to_install it sounds like you might have put the wrong parent folder in the payload... and so it sees the parent folder and then says the only folder is tools_to_install. Copy all the items from inside of tools_installer folder to the switch you want and run it.
  9. This should be resolved with the new code merge @soniczed please use the new release, and report issues if you have any.
  10. Anytime, if you are attempting to run the code manually I would follow some of the steps outlined in previous comments. mount, run though each line and verify your assumptions when running the if statements. If you think its empty just run the code inside the [ ] to see if its is true or not. I did not have the same issue as wrewdison, but to his/her point we could also replace the -A with -a and it would still check for files but evade checking for anything .* ...again many possibilities.
  11. Just letting you know that you might run into issues later on... because any file could now exist in /pentest/ and you will attempt to install. Both ways will work the Hak5 code does allow for some error checking as it makes sure that the files you expect to move actually moved. Not saying your wrong just be careful. Ps maybe it would be easier to read this way? if [ ! $(ls -A $TOOLSDIR) ]; then install stuff else stop files still remain fi all three ways will work.
  12. Did you happen to also test this automated install with your new install.sh? What I mean is did you test the installation outside of serial and just let the bunny hop to the finish line alone without help ;). Good catch BTW, forgot to check for odd line endings.
  13. would like to increase the count to 4 reports of this happening. Followed the following procedure: Copied all files from tools_installer into payloads/switch1 and ejected the bunny switched to position 1 and plugged in LED remains solid red After mounting (mount -o sync /dev/nandf /root/udisk/) and attempting to run install.sh alone, bunny reports "./install.sh: line 46: syntax error: unexpected end of file"... and looking at the code I can't find any errors. I copied and pasted each line from github to attempt to identify failure point, no luck, it completed successfully
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