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  1. That did the trick! I didn't notice the driver inf file on the storage device. Thanks.
  2. Yep, your right ... I must have got my screenshots mixed up ... I walked through the steps again ... same results, except the VID/PID now shows the results you described: So all the screenshots in my previous post are valid, including the Device Driver screenshot, except for the Hardware IDs screenshot which is corrected above. I thought I'd try updating the device driver manually by clicking on the update driver button, but got similar results:
  3. Ok, updated the payload.txt in switch1 as follows: Detached the device and changed the switch from arming mode to switch1 then plugged it back in ... got the following error: Then opened the device manager and took this shot: Here is another panel from device manager ... I've clicked on "Driver Details":
  4. Multiple Windows 7 64-bit systems ... all with similar results. BashBunny is in Arming Mode for all these tests and plugged into a USB2 port.
  5. Hey y'all, any suggestions on how to get device drivers to load on Windows 7 for the CDC Serial? I've tried re-scanning and keep getting the same result. I've verified that my Device Installation Settings are set to "Download Drivers from Windows Update if not found Locally".
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