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Found 11 results

  1. Hello all, With MAC's (and Linux) you have to know the device of course to serial into it. To make it quicker for me I wrote the below script to search the MAC for the bash bunny (If you have multiple modems this may not work for you) and prompt you to connect to it. Feel free to use and modify as desired. #!/bin/bash # # Title: Mac Serial Connect # Author: NightStalker # Version: 1.0 # # Finds the Bash Bunny in the /dev/cu.* location and # prompt you to connect to it. clear bunnyloc=`ls /dev/cu.* | grep usbmodem` echo "Bash bunny is located at: $bunnyloc" read -r -p "Would you like to connect to it? (Y/N): " connanswer echo $connanswer if [ "$connanswer" == "N" -o "$connanswer" == "n" ] then exit 0 elif [ "$connanswer" == "Y" -o "$connanswer" == "y" ] then screen $bunnyloc 115200 fi
  2. Does the Packet Squirrel has an onboard serial port ? I know that i can use an external usb-serial adaptor but for compact design is there an port on the pcb there can be used from the OS ? Thanks Tooms
  3. Hello: I have a BashBunny plugged into a Windows laptop and I want to connect to it via the serial port. Before posting this question I searched the forums on serial port and didn't get any related results back. In Device Manger, it shows up as COM3. This is my PuTTY config: Serial -- COM3 115200, 8, N, 1 When I launch the console, it just hangs there. When I bang on the Enter key, it just hangs there. Nothing happens... I never get a prompt. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  4. Hello just received my Packet Squirrel and was trying to use putty to set it up, but unfortunately I could not find a com port assigned from my device or task manager. Running windows 7 and thought it to be minor error, anyone know of another way to obtain the port number?
  5. Hey y'all, any suggestions on how to get device drivers to load on Windows 7 for the CDC Serial? I've tried re-scanning and keep getting the same result. I've verified that my Device Installation Settings are set to "Download Drivers from Windows Update if not found Locally".
  6. I'm starting to look into it, but I wanted to hear what everyone else thought, but what are the possibilities with using the serial attackmode? The first thing that comes to mind is just communicating with the bb regarding where the computer is in the payload, but there's gotta be more you can do with it! Lemme know your thoughts!
  7. Hello all, Just got my Bash Bunny today and I'm having trouble connecting via serial. I believe all my settings are correct and drivers are installed. Can anyone help? I'm using PUTTY with all the proper settings, and trying on both COM1 and COM3. Either way, I'm getting a blank window when I try to open the connection Here in my system info/settings: -Windows 7 64bit -CDC Driver is installed -Ports (COM & LPT) shows Communications Port (COM1) and Gadget Serial (COM3) -BashBunny is in Arming Mode, blinking blue -Bash Bunny is fresh out of the package, no modifications Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you. -M
  8. I have a bit of a newb question. I was wondering how I can increase the rows and columns in the CLI on the TTL serial interface on a Mark V Pineapple. I am trying to setup a Xbee/Bluetooth communication backup/main interface for access to the equipment. Thanks
  9. I got a pineapple months ago and I believe I bricked it. I pressed the reset button on the bottom of it, which I believe started the whole thing. Anyway I got a serial to usb adapter from the Hak Shop and started debricking it. I ran into a problem when I pressed enter after using the command "bootm 0x9f650000" It started rebooting again and again. I left it alone for a minute then just decided to connnect the serial adapter back up to it about ten minutes later just to watch what it was doing. I dont know what happened but it stopped and I could finish debricking it. I got the latest version of the pineapple installed which is version 3.0.0 and it seemed to be fine. removing the serial adapter if the pineapple was on or off didnt help it keeps booting then rebooting. I tried messing around with the 3 serial pins to see if maybe it had something to do with it but things just got weirder. I found out as long as the serial to usb device was connect to my computer and the ground connection was the only pin connected to the pineapple it would work just fine. However id like to button it up and use it away from my desk. I have thought about maybe connecting the ground pin to the negative or some other grounding part of the board to keep it running but I havent found anything in the forums about this yet. Any idea's guy?????
  10. Good evening. I've been tinkering with a mark IV Wifi Pineapple. I recently went to upgrade and the upgrade failed. I waited a half hour and couldn't do anything. I tried power cycling it and found that it was bricked. https://wifipineapple.com/?flashing I went to follow the instructions on the main wifipineapple.com site at the link above. That specific page didn't mention that you shouldn't connect VCC to VDD when trying to serial flash it. I made the connection. When I powered the device up, I had console. Then the device went entirely dead. Anyone with hardware experience know what to do? Is there a fuse or resistor in the path that can be replaced with some soldering or did I fry a chip? I'm hoping I can salvage this device.
  11. Hey Everybody, is there anyway to change the Serial Speed on the MK IV ? I tried stty, mgetty and setserial and none of them worked. (with /dev/ttyS01) Need to use the serial port over a wireless(433Mhz) link that runs at max 19200 Baud, so default speed 115200 is way to fast ;) Any Suggestions? Cheers Max
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