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  1. However im not getting the "poisontap.cookies.log" Have you made this work for you?
  2. I had the same blinking, and dependencies are not installed. When dependencies is installed it will rename install.sh to install.sh.INSTALLED. To run install.sh connect it to your PC and share internet connection. I did it on Linux, i just ran bb.sh when i plugged in the bashbunny. Im sure you can share connections, ssh to the bashbunny and then run the install.sh.
  3. Alright, i got it to work. My Windows 10 machine was childish and not in a good mood.
  4. So far i have no luck with this. It connects and has a solid blue light. Tried on Windows 10 and Debian. Looks like it does not show up as a network connection on my Windows 10. Maybe Its just acting silly with me. I ll keep trying tho. Made the dependency install. The Readme does not say much. I do have all the files in the "switch" folder im using. I have not yet been discovering the code and files, so it might be something silly like me doing this.
  5. Ok. now it does not get any creds at all. Don't know what happend. It does not look like a stable way of getting creds.
  6. Du you have the Responder "Enabled" in the module list? Im only getting the hash if thats enabled.
  7. I can only get this to save the file in the /tmp/ folder. But then it will be deletet the next reboot. Any clue ? Else it works fine.
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