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    the idea is for the Bash Bunny to take less time to run the payloads. When the payloads are created they are created to take Seconds, even the QuickCredits one which gets you admin credentials of a locked PC takes 7seconds so there is no need to disguise the bunny from what it already is. It was a good thought though, most of the payloads take seconds to run and they are done.
  2. i noticed that by running the payload as payload and not named payload.txt it runs the payload and installs the tools because my install.sh turned into install.sh.INSTALLED after i ran the initial payload as payload not payload.txt
  3. well I mainly use kali Linux on my computer although I do have separate windows computer after the bunny being read only in Linux I decided to attempt using the bunny in windows the kind person on here told me to see if I could still connect to serial on windows and I was able to and all the files were till in the bash bunny directory and I was able to rename my bashbunny bashbunny in windows even though its in all caps lol. then what I did once all that was there I downloaded the bashbunny master folder that Darren posted in the QuickCreds post in the forums the [PAYLOAD]Quickcreds one once
  4. ok update to my problem i can plug my bunny into a windows computer and transfer files as i please cut and paste into the bunny and i can even run payloads now the quick creds one works and all payloads work so far. The New problem is the bunny is only Read Only on my linux computer how do i resolve this problem?
  5. i forgot to add in there that im still getting a Dirty Bit even though i have chosen to correct it it never goes away
  6. ok so i plugged my bunny into a windows computer and pulled up the serial root Bunny console and was able to log in to it and i typed those commands you said and they all have the rwxr-xr-x but they have a d in front of it so it says drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 4096 Dec 31 16:00 . then under that it says drwx------ 6 root root 4096 Dec 31 16:03 .. then under that it says drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Mar 11 2017 System Volume Information that popped up after i typed the mount-o sync /dev/nandf /root/udisk and the ls-la /root/udisk yet the bash bunny serial console still has all of the files in it whe
  7. also does it flash green or blue because mine went from red to flashing blue
  8. i did that and when i plugged it back into my computer it says 2.1 GB Volume and it is still Read only and it has no files at all on it it wont even let me put the old files back on it either but i'll try that again all i did in my linux box was click the reformat box and to keep all old files so i hope i didn't completely forever whipe it. because it wont even let me rename it and it says its read only so i hope it works this time
  9. so i was trying to work on getting the quickcreds payload to work it kept stopping at the white blinking stating dependencies not met yet i had a tools installed.txt so i dont get why my dependencies werent met i was able to get other payloads to work then out of nowhere my bash bunny kept turning to read only and it kept saying something about dirty bit and i would correct it but same problem i couldn't copy anything to the bunny so as a last resort i formatted it now its rendered useless please help how do i fix this
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