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  1. Hey, I'am able to see the device on my network and ping it. I have added the device.config in the root of the micro sd and for some reason my device can't be detected on the cloud. I have installed the software on my windows 2016 server. I have added my configuration in case I made a mistake somewhere.
  2. I dont have any any warning icons listed under "other devices."
  3. So I followed these instructions and I wasn't able to remote into the bunnybash at all. I shared my wifi to the bunny and set the ip address as The device just shows disconnected and was never able to obtain an ip address.
  4. I tried hitting enter put I still get a blank page with no response. I tried following the firmware recovery without any success. switch 3 boots up to USB device goes green then blinks blue. I tired switch 2 and it seems to run the default payload as it turns purple. Is there anything else that I can try?
  5. Putty just goes to a black screen and doesn't display anything. Is there a way to put the device into recovery mode?
  6. Hello. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue, since this is the first time I have used it. I checked device manager and Bashbunny is set to COM4 and Bits per second is set to 115200, data bits: 8, parity bit: No, Stop bit: 1 like it says in the readme file. I set it up the same in Putty and run it as admin. It just loads to a black screen and nothing happens. I'm I missing something or did I get a defective device? Thanks
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