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I love FPS games with a fiction story line that let you kinda evolve, if you like to be fast, increase agility, etc.

The time of games that are bound to real world events is coming to an end soon enough, I have the feeling that the interest in fiction and fantasy will increase, as we can see reality the whole time in the news and outside of our rooms.

I think combining genres is the best way to go nowadays, games that are just defining themselfs in one genre that already existed for years won't really make a difference, the winners are games that are combining genres in an intelligent way, or create their own genres.

As for RPG's, I get caught in some of them pretty badly, I played through some of the longer ones without stop.

Final Fantasy 7-10, Grandia 1 and 2, Zelda Ocarina of Time, Majoras Mask and Minish Cap, Secret Of Mana 1 & 2, Secret Of Evermore, Terranigma, Metal Gear Solid 1-3, Crysis Warhead <- those where the nonstop games for me. (I played through many others, nonstop, but they are to short to be mentioned :P)

Just look at Crysis... the possibility for RPG elements is so extremly big that it almost makes me feel like something is missing in there.

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It 100% depends on my mood. If I want to relax, explore, grow a character, then I'll definitely go with an RPG or MMO like Requiem Bloodymare (very bloody MMO :D look it up, just came out) Oblivion, Morrowind, or Diablo 2

If I'm in a tactical mood and my friends are available I hope on BF2 (Large scale FPS) or something of the sort. There aren't enough shooters on the PC out there like BF2 that are populated.

If I'm angry, or stressed, or anxious, I need to hope on an FPS. I prefer F.E.A.R. (Perseus Mandate or Combat) because of the feel when you kill someone; CS is great and all, but there's nothing like the blood decals, lighting, tasteful gibbing (not the crap like Quake), and AMAZING particle effects from bullets hitting drywall or grenades picking up so much dust mid-combat that you can't see.

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