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  1. Hi, I would like to clone my single hard drive from my system and put it onto a raid0 setup, how could I achieve this? I have had a look over 7x12 episode but there doesn't seem to be a way! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I had looked on google before I asked, and looked at a whole range of burning products but couldn't work out which were legit and could do what I wanted.. Thanks for the reply though!
  3. Going phising on the beach :) No really but who would take their laptop to the beach?
  4. Self execution can only really be made with autorun (now mostly patched) or an exploit as self execution is the main component in malware... :S A while back there was a .GIF exploit that would cause this to happen :)
  5. Any idea's how i can quickly burn 200 disks with the same files so it is more automated.. More like Disk in -> Files burn automatically -> disk out -> me put another disk in -> files burn..... Any help would be really great as I am working into the night for this.. Thanks, Will
  6. What is TBC? I'll have a look at EvE Online but I've never heard of it, and only choose WoW because I always heard people taking the piss out of it.
  7. Make it yourself, or if you can't be bothered get an alienware :)
  8. OK a quick question for you then, you buy the game then you have to pay per month? What is with that? What character should i be because frankly i have no idea and how is it addictive? So far all I have done is wander around in circles :S
  9. Does anyone here play world of warcraft? I supose that is a stupid question but even so, I've installed the free trial and started playing but I can't work out what the point of the game is, can someone help me? Like tell me what I am meant to be doing? Thanks, I am just a bit confused.. :S
  10. Well I was recently stumbling the web and came across http://preyproject.com/ In hindsight there are probably many of these solutions available, but even so a free, open source laptop tracking facility? It's written in Bash so has practically no dependancies and is therefore very light weight. Would you consider installing this to your computers? What other solutions are available out there for this? Thanks,
  11. http://www.theonion.com/video/ultrarealist...s-awaiti,14382/ What is really will be like :) BFBC2 FTW!!
  12. It won't make any real difference , whoever goes into power the same stuff happens. :S
  13. Yay :) Glad I didn't buy it like 2 weeks ago.. Because now it's free and that would make you feel very stupid :( Weep
  14. Haha, I didn't bother to read the ubuntu one, sorry about that :S That domain is gone now :) where did you get the url off? I thought I got rid of it off my sig or is it still hanging around somewhere
  15. I noticed it about a week ago when I was looking for cool ascii art for my sshserver!
  16. I found those but didnt really find them that helpful, thanks though
  17. Very late reply (sorry) but yes it was good and you could change a whole load of stuff on it.
  18. I would be interested in this. By actual list do you mean what is and isn't acceptable?
  19. Operating System is windows, can boot into backtrack if it is needed. It is my router so I know all the passwords to it. How can I make it run? Lovely instructions would be helpful as I already messed up a bit and reinstalled backtrack :S This could also make a good segment I supose..
  20. I had this issue before on my old laptop, I think when I uninstalled and reinstalled it started working again.. Not sure though, but your not the only person to get this problem!!
  21. Ah thanks for all that info, on a completely different question, how would you go about just knowing how much has been downloaded? This seems to be a solution ->> http://www.broadbandchoices.co.uk/article....ownload-monitor Thanks again :)
  22. Thanks for the fast reply, I thought that SSLstrip was only linux based though?
  23. Don't kill me people, but get the iPhone? It has a plethora of apps available to do everything with, which you don't have to pay for if you hack it. I had the n97 for about 2 weeks, then it broke, so I took it back to the shop and apparently it had overheated and was completely broken. The keyboard on it was pretty sweet thought while it lasted :)
  24. I recently set up my own SSH server, which was a wonderfully simple way to secure my internet. There are 3 or 4 people who I now share it with (roomates), and all they have to do is chip in a few pounds a month for their unrestricted internet. At the moment I do not log anything other than signin's and disconnects, and having asked them all they agreed that I can pretty much do what I want with regards to sniffing out passwords, and logging visited websites as long as they continue to have access to facebook :) So I initially thought about ettercap and wireshark, but didn't have a clue how they worked. Would they be ideal for this situation, or are there other program's I should look into for this? Thanks,
  25. will-wtf


    Well here is the setting I had to change was in internet connection sharing, and I just had to change it to share over lan. I was trying share over wifi which wouldn't work
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