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Shakespeare was a noob,

not to mention also a boob.

P.S. I hate Shakespeare. He just added lots of "thou"s "thy"s "o"s and "art"s. And I've heard he couldn't even spell his own last name.

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A noob in what way? What do you mean by boob - a fool or a breast? If the former then do you have any evidence to suggest such? If the latter, that's just silly.

You hate Shakespeare? Or you hate his writings? Is that because you find them hard to read?

He just added '"thou"s "thy"s "o"s and "art"s' to what though? The rest of his highly original and complex writing? Not to mention the fact he contributed thousands of new words and countless phrases to the English language.

Don't know about not being able to spell his own name, where did you hear that? It seems unlikely considering his mastery of the language in his writing.

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I just don't like his writing at all. It's annoyingly... what's the best word(or words) to describe it... overkill fancy posh make-up-your-own-crap. Plus he created all this stuff that's in quite a lot of classes at school(which everyone I know absolutely hated/hates to do). As for the name spelling... I can't remember where I heard it(it was a long time ago). I'm pretty sure it was a trusted source though. It said something about him having 7 different signatures(all spelling his name differently)... perhaps he was actually using aliases or something...

In a nutshell: I dislike his 'fancy' writing rather a lot.

Edit: And since he made up his own word(although I guess that's actually ok) I've made up my own(actually I somehow created it during an english class last term). "Hobb". Maybe if you ask nicely I'll explain what it means.

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So you are saying you dislike creative language in creative writing then?

Most of the words he introduced to the language were adapted from other languages (such as latin) or from already exisitng words, so they have some etymology, he didn't just make them up without regard to the rest of the language.

Edit: Also differing spellings of his name may be due to the nature of spelling back then, that is basically things were just spelled however you liked as long as is was spelled right phonetically.

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Edit: Also differing spellings of his name may be due to the nature of spelling back then, that is basically things were just spelled however you liked as long as is was spelled right phonetically.

I see.

Well lets just say that I don't really care for Shakespeare's writings... and leave it at that.

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Figured I would follow suit and post something. I've got a bunch more but I'm sure none of you want to read about women breaking hearts so here's another:

Title: This is morning

I rise to silence the alarm

From this moment I’m lost – nothing’s in focus.

Slowly the window comes to view

Through the shade, a world known far to well

My feet to the ground

Body's burning for caffeine

Stomach turning of last night’s alcohol

Today’s another four-aspirin day

Making my way across the floor

Changing from tile to carpet to tile again

The night before plays through my head

Wishing it could change, wishing it would...

This is morning

The shower did nothing to wake me

Brushing my teeth as I stare

Staring into the mirror

Seeing what I wish would change

Seeing what I wish others could hear

This is my life.

Doesn't really rhyme but I wrote it while playing my acoustic so it sounded good then.

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I have about 10 notebooks full of poetry that i wrote from highschool and freshman and sophomore year of college. I got a bit burnt out on it. Here is a haiku that I wrote.

Life goes by quickly

take time to smell the flowers

winter is coming

I have it copyrighted and published so dont try to steal it. :P

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Employee's poetry (These are poems I wrote for my girlfriend):


All the money in the world can't buy me,

But your conception can change my outlook,

My normal self lies below the changing world,

No matter the picture I put out on the out side,

You see right through me as if I was a diamond,

This is one quality I will never forget,

The world can't stamp me out,

You make me see the other side of the world,

Not dirty and plagued,

But clean and pure,

Even just the thought of you is a metaphorical angel,

You are one who accepts me, for who I am,

I know how my outlook on life is but I want too know yours,

I crave for pure knowledge,

The only route for that is you,

Your beauty takes me to places never imagined,

Which I like to happen because it is the natural high that my mind craves.


My likings towards you has shaken me,

Never in my mind did I think someone would change me, This feeling is like the first thunder of a storm,

Surprising in everyway,

Yet mysterious because the rarity is un-foretold,

Your beauty unmatched,

In everyway,

You move people with your actions,

Your voice,


This confuses me in everyway,

Well this hopefully brightens your day,

A common person,

Thinking of life,

The world stays the same,

But my feelings be spilled,

For better or worse.


My mind, taken by your beauty,

My heart, taken by your mind,

My desire, taken by your heart,

My sight, taken by your desire,

My movement, taken by your sight,

My love, taken by your movements,

My joy, given by your love.


Our love is like a rose,

it grows,

it perishes,

too be reborn,

our love is the phoenix that keeps me going,

our love is the song that keeps me moving,

Our love is like the team that never dies,

Like a fire that never is doused,

like a tree thats leaves never fall away,

Were the loaded dice that keep rolling 7,

Youre my sun,

Youre my moon,

Youre my world,

So Ill never let go.


Im here when you need me,

I try to hold on too what you tell me;

I try to remember your favorites,

I try to entertain you,

I try to spoil you,

I try to keep you close to me,

But my mind goes off track,

It sees a beauty,

It sees a lover,

It sees a memory,

It sees a future,

It sees you.


If I could have one thing,

Just one thing,

It would be for you and me,

To spend eternity in bliss and satisfaction,

To keep each other happy,

Two souls making one,

Your god controlling us,

Your ways leading us,

Me tagging along on your journey through heaven,

Because that is my heaven,

Your glance,

Your smile,

Your beauty,

And your desires.


I might be a Fuck up,

But Im yours,

I might be mad,

But Im yours,

I might be a killer,

But Im yours,

I might be sick,

But Im yours,

I might be insane,

But Im yours,

I might be a basket case,

But Im yours,

You change how I look at things,

You change how I feel,

But everything changes a lot,

When I try too feel what you feel.


This love Im broken

This Im taking,

This will be my happiest memory,

Never thought Id make it,

My eyes are so very vacant,

This will be my happiest memory,

Never fucking took it,

Never tried to get it,

This will be my happiest memory,

You came too me all happy,

My brain could not take it,

I never understood this feeling,

Almost make me kneeling,

To beg at your feet,

For my happiest memory.

EDIT: I'm straight.

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So Hitler was a vegetarian... yet he ordered these "scientific experiments" on the jews?

P.S. Hitler was one sixteenth jewish. That meant that he was jewish enough to be sent to one of these concentration camps.

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