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  1. I only just read the PM asking me if I have the old patched EXE I made, I don't but I think it would have been an old version anyway. I slightly modified digip's version to stop it making the taskbar invisible and set the window to 1024x768 rather than the size of the entire screen. I haven't figured out how to make the window resizeable or moveable yet though and I'm going to bed now. http://herecomethelizards.co.uk/LockDownHexd5_t13.exe
  2. Because those are the people I talk to most often of the people who said they were going, and therefore I am more interested in meeting them in real life. By your logic it seems like there would be no point in a meetup at all because just meeting some random people on the street would be equivalent.
  3. I do actually have a ticket and my plane lands at 11:35: The thing is I'm a bit disappointed at how few people are apparently coming, especially since a large part of going was because I wanted to meet Moonlit and Dids, neither of whom are now coming so I'm not sure about coming now, and my flight is (mostly) refundable. I'm undecided as whether it's worth the cost for only a 4 person meet up.
  4. Punishment should be proportional to harm done, which it rarely is in cases like this. Also BBC news is remarkably unbiased compared to the news in a lot of other countries (just look at the absurdity of US news, which is basically just another form of entertainment TV rather than informational).
  5. That's because Famicoman was responsible for holding back the hordes of spammers in the past, but stopped doing it some months ago.
  6. So what movie before Ghost in the Shell had a similar ending? Also cliché is a noun, not an adjective, no matter how many Americans insist on getting it wrong.
  7. Sadly due to our pathetic government we allow our own citizens to be extradited to the US without even a prima facie case (i.e. the US doesn't have to show any evidence at all to extradite) even though the same is not true the other way. Countries like France and Germany don't even allow their own citizens to be extradited under any circumstances, never mind without evidence.
  8. Just booked my ticket, arriving at 11:35 on Thursday.
  9. Seems like the entire forum has been rolled back to an earlier version of the database.
  10. That won't work properly on shared hosting as I've said, because you can have hundreds of sites sharing the same IP with the Host header telling the server one the user wants, but that won't be displayed by netstat.
  11. That won't work because that will only give you the IP/hostname of the server and not the actual website URL. Any websites on shared servers using name-based virtual hosts wouldn't show up properly. Also it's quite slow which would impede its use even if that weren't a problem. Sparda's answer is probably the most robust and secure. The only other way I would think about doing it is with a browser plugin or extension, but this is more easy to circumvent because you can just use another browser or even just disable the extension.
  12. I love film noir and I loved Max Payne, and I'd love to see a revival of the film noir genre, but I'm fairly certain this will suck. It's directed by John Moore who made the remakes of The Omen and The Flight of the Phoenix, both of which were much worse than the originals, and Behind Enemy Lines which was slightly better but still not even close to good. Hitman was shit too, and if you like it you have a terrible taste in films. Edit: What people (especially Hollywood) needs to realise is what makes a good game is not that same as what makes a good movie. That said I think there is a good movie in Max Payne, but we will never see it because it would need a good screenwriter and a good director. Looking at the imdb credits of the writer Beau Thorne he has never written anything before, Max Payne is his only credit.
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