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  1. The new game's being previewed in an upcoming episode of PS2 magazine, set between episodes III and IV, just as Darthie baby is hunting down all of the remaining Jedi, it features Stormtroopers, and a new physics engine that lets enemies react realistically to your uber-force powers (Get thrown through walls, cling to the side of cliffs/boulders), and one visual that is quite cool is a lone jedi destroying an Imperial Star Destroyer using the force.
  2. Dude, when did they say it was cool? All I can recall is a lot of "Script Kiddie" being hurled around at the mere mention of Metasploit, and Nmap... but then again, I have been ver' ver' drunk between then and now..
  3. Technologique

    USB Cooking

    Heh, Crash Test Dummies being decapitated makes me laugh.
  4. Nonono, that really, really old game, where you play like.. a dude on a camel... It might not've been called Joust..
  5. Streetfighter II, Turbo Edition on the SNES. Hands down winner of the "game to play when you need to pwn someone" ... Or Joust. ... Actually... I challenge anyone here to a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.
  6. Umm... okay, cool, but you've not really stated any problem for us to help you with... I assume something's going wrong, or else you wouldn't've asked for help, but without more information, not much can be said dude...
  7. Yeah, I'll freely admit, I've never, /ever/ looked into programming before, but after reading the hetland link, I'm looking into python as an introduction into programming. Pretty cool stuff..
  8. That could work! The DHOA server ;)
  9. I must admit, that whilst it's not the most popular choice out there, my Vaio's never steered me wrong. .. . Well, apart from when trying to play Oblivion.
  10. What... the Hell.. did you break?
  11. Technically the bones in a human baby are more supple, and resistant to breaking than the bones in a full grown adult, which is why babies can constantly fall over without damaging themselves. Not that this has anything to do with some dumb asshole sticking a baby in a tumble dryer... He should know that they're only for cats.
  12. Yeah, wearing an ESD wristband could help when building.. as well as an ESD mat. 'cause there's nothing worse than being £30 out of pocket because of static electricity... bloody sisters wanting to install bloody videocards in their bloody computers.
  13. I kinda got... overloaded at work for a few months, leaving me trailing in my interest in technolust. However, I'm gonna be going back to college for a year to get a couple of IT qualifications for a possible Uni Programming course, and after listening to Sploitcast again, I've been feeling the need to get back in the scene.
  14. And just to let y'all know, I'm back. Annnd I love House. Edit - and I forgot that the forums don't do html..
  15. What goes from Blue to Red at the flick of the switch? Duelus in a Blender.
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