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woo poem corner! mine are all dark and deppressing though, except a few, then their just naughty so ill post the more of the darker ones, so here ya guys go!

Your watching,

Your thinking,

Of me,

I know you are,

Don’t lie.

Your lieing,

I know you are,

Tell them the truth.

Tell them about my wrists,

You saw them,

You kissed them.

You kissed the wounds,

To make them better,

Now make me better,

Tell them.

You won’t,

You won’t tell them,

Your saving me,

You don’t want me gone.

You know I don’t want to be told on,

You I want to stand by your side,

To never let go.

I’m here,

I’m not letting go,

Stop screaming,

I’ll take care of you.

Your caring for me,


It’s supposed to be the other way around,

Your crying,

Let me up,

Let go of my wrist.

They aren’t deep I swear,

I promise,

Let go,

Stop kissing my wrist,

The aren’t cleaned yet.

You know why I didn’t,

You understand why,

I didn’t clean them,

You staring at me,

Don’t search my eyes,

There’s nothing but lies.

Don’t search me,

Out of my pockets,

The blade is gone.

Your leaving,

I know you are,

Stop please,

I need you,

I’m sorry,

I didn’t mean it,

Help me please.

I’ll take your help this time,

I promise I will,

I won’t push you away,

Or set your liments off,

Please I need you.

I need you bad,

Look at me,

See my eyes,

See my tears,

See my fears.

My fears,

You leaving,

Your not coming back.

I’m gone forever now,

I’m sorry

I didn’t think you’d come back,

I’m dead now.

I’m watching-you,

I’m thinking-of you,

From wear I am,

I’m watching a silent tear,

Run down your face,

As one runs down mine,



I want you back,

I’m sorry I upset you,

I didn’t mean too,

I didn’t think you’d be back.

If I’d known you’d come back,

I wouldn’t have ended it,

I would have stayed,

I can’t live without you,

I love you so much,

I guess you know that now,

Except that its too late,



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P.S. Hitler was one sixteenth jewish. That meant that he

was jewish enough to be sent to one of these concentration camps.

Well there isn't really much evidence of any of Hitler's ancestors being Jewish. That idea was primarily spread by the Soviets and opponents of the Nazi party. He didn't know who one of his grandfathers was so it is possible, although there isn't any evidence that he (his grandfather) was Jewish.

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so i dont want the poetry corner thread to die so im gunna post a poem written by my friend

It almost hurts

Not to have

My body pressed

Up next to yours

A muffled moan

Escapes my lips

With just a kiss from you

And I’m melting into the floor

My nerves are on edge

And every time,

You leave me wanting more

It’s never enough

It’s liquid and it’s fire and it’s ice

Running through my veins

And it drives me crazy

Leaving me staring at the ceiling

In content frustration

I want to kiss you until

My lips are bruised and chapped

Maybe then, I’d some how be satisfied

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