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Ok, I would feel bad about just trying to plug my own work so I'm gonna make a thread about it :D

I've written a little poetry over the last few months, and have thrown it up on a little (unfinished) site for all to see...


Now, as I said, I'd feel bad dedicating a thread just to me, so why don't y'all post poems or links to poems you have written?

Look forward to seeing what you guys have written!

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No idea what this is supposed to be.. I think it's a poem. Anyway, I wrote this when I was 9 years old and I think I was just trying to sound dramatic because it doesn't really reflect my life as a 9 year old at all. Also I have no idea what I was counting... whatever it was there were 49 of them.


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ok i'm actually verry poeitic but not in the positive sence .....

this is from 3 years ago or so ....

bout a girl from school ...

it mixes future with past and speaks as current bout future , guess it dont make lotta sence but hey ....

(explicit lyrics jadajadajada .....)

title : damn dirty bitch

I hate you

you damn dity bitch

they shud cut your body up and put it in a fridge.

you're a ice queen

i know where you're going , i know were u've been

you never learned anything

all u ever needed to do was suck the teacher's dick

and even he knew you were just a prick.

even when u're frozen up u'll be f*cked by him and his kin.

you think and look like your thin

but your neck is just a thick as the teacher's dick would've been

you've always been the cool kid

now u're just old ,stretched out and stupid

you're old ,ugly , bad

the teacher was glad about the thousand blowjobs he had

now there's no more beauty, just fat

u'll have no more money, just a dirty old shirt in plaid

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o and here's the english translation of a poem i once wrote for a gf of mine ....

( dont ryme cos of translating , dont make much sence anymore either ...)

title : concentration

u're in my head

i try to concentrate

i constantly think of u

but i have to study

its like hunger for apple's

in a garden of pears

how i look forward to ...

see,feel,kiss your skin.

you look o so beautifull.

to hear u speak such a wonderfull sound.

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nother translated one . ( written while i was wating for my old love to arrive)

title : i feel

i feel beter

i feel great

she's like a prinses that lifts the curse

my life was hell

now she's my heaven

she's so beutifull

i was like a bird in a cage

she's so sweet ,

my cruel sweet love

when r u here

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I thought we grew tired of the whole Emo thing by now, but I guess I was wrong. :D

I never wrote poetry, but there's a rather delightful bit of song text I'd like to share with you all:

The Meaning Of Life

by Leng Tch'E

from the album Manmadepredator:

One night my mom was drinking in a bar

She told me to sit down and listen to her story

She's telling me my conception came when they were both tipsy.

That's why I was put on this earth?

Because you motherfuckers were both drunk?

But what she's really trying to say is that I'm just not wanted here.

No one welcomed me to this earth.

Nobody wants to have me here.

I feel like I'm all alone.

What the fuck did I do wrong?!?

Long time ago I had a depression.

My father's trying reverse psychology.

He's telling me I cost too much.

So I propose to him to jump off a cliff

And what he answers then is "No you don't have to go that far"

But what he's really trying to say is "Just don't blame me in your suicide note"

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