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Your LAN


Are you wired or wirless?  

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    • Wireless
    • Wired
    • Both

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One Windows desktop

One Linux desktop


Two Windows Desktops

Two Windows Laptops

I voted wireless because I have more wireless than wired.

EDIT: Gah! A both option. That wasn't there before...

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All wired here.

ISP1 ----|

ISP2 ----|Linux Router(3 External IP's) ---|

                                                            | -------PC1

                                                            | -------PC2

                                                            | -------PC3

                                                            | ---------LAPTOP

                                                            | --SERVER

                                                            | -----------------------|

                                                                                            | -- PC4

                                                                                            | --TVBOX

Average cable length is about 50m.

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Founded 5 years ago a free wifi internet acces communitie in my little (Dutch) village

About 53 fam: are making use of this WiFi network to connect to the internet.

They pick up this WiFi signal with a WiFi client  and a (homemade) antenna and distrobution inside this client houses to al the computers the have is done with a wired connection.

The computers in my one house (computers and laptops for the kids the wife and the servers are partly connected with wire and wireless.

All 6 ISP connections to my house is done wired.



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Wee! Drawing! Here we go!

Meanwhile, Steve Jobs was a much beloved tyrant.

Fans: All hail Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs: Hail Citizens

He was warned by a soothsayer

Soothsayer: Beware the ides of March!

Jobs, however, ignored this warning

Jobs: What the hell are the ides of March?

Soothsayer: Well, that's the fifteenth of March!

Jobs: Why, that's today!

Fans: [stab Jobs]

Jobs: Et tu, Wozniak?

Balmer: Friends, Apple users, countrymen, lend me your rears! I come to bury Jobs, so let's bury him and get onto my life, "Balmer and Gates"

Gates [holding plastic snake]: Oh what is this, an ASP? An ASP I see before me! [snake bites]

Gates: OH I AM SLAIN! [vomits all over the Apple fans]

Here's the picture:


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I have both but I use WPA2 and a Radius servers to name a couple of things. I have a distrust for everyone, so if I can implement a security mechanism I will. I even switched to fiber over CAT5/6 as I’m aware of how easy it is to set surveillance up if someone’s just using straight copper. You may as well make it as hard as you can for people to spy on you.

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I thought about setting up fiber in the home, but the cables (specifically, the pre-attached connectors) are too large to pull through the pipes in this house, plus the switches are (well, were at least) so much more expensive. Might be worth another look, though an easier, surefire way to make your own fiber cables would b useful aswell. Up until now I feel copper's good enough for my needs.

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the price of fiber is rather cheap, its actualy cheaper than Copper media atm, though the issue is the termination, it cost about 20x more just to have the end terminated, its due to the fussion, and the certs needed to be able to do it profecionaly. The other issue with Fiber is, its really only used for backbone connections, and will not in the soon future ever be used for terminal connections.

The speed btwn the cable and the rate of which the NIC can handle are just to stupid copper is still to slow, so the conversions wont handle, though new Copper has been made :) and handles 10Gb easly, now all i need is a HDD able to run at that speed haha.

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            ^---8 PORT 100MEG DLink Switch

            |---Dad's Comp

            |---Modded Xbox

            ^---8 Port GIG DLink Switch

          |---MAIN PC

          |---EDITING BOX

          |---Gentoo Storage/File Server

          |---Modded Xbox


|---My Laptop

|---Mom Laptop

|---Mom Laptop 2

|---Dad Laptop

|---Dad Laptop 2

|---Hacked WRT54GL (Setup as Wireless Bridge)

^---Modded Xbox

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