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  1. If you are looking for the source code to slurp.rb, here it is: # slurp.rb (by elmer) - a simple Ruby script to recursively copy files with certain extensions (as defined in slurp.yaml) to a certain directory (also defined in slurp.yaml) require 'fileutils' require 'yaml' if File.exist?('slurp.yaml') == false config = {'dest'=>'./slurp', 'ftype'=>['*.txt', '*.doc']} open('slurp.yaml','w+') {|f| YAML.dump(config, f)} end load=YAML::load_file('slurp.yaml') if File.exist?(load['dest']) == false Dir.mkdir(load['dest']) end load['ftype'].each do |w| FileUtils.cp(Dir.glob("**/#{w}"),load['dest']) end
  2. Hm. I should get to work on that. I wonder if File.exist?("D:\.") would work to see if a drive existed. Unfortunately I don't really want to reboot right now, so I guess we will never know. And also, I'm fairly sure that a Ruby version will be just as good as a Python version; they are practically the same language anyway.
  3. It will recursively copy the contents of the directory in which it is run. If you run it from C:\ it will copy from all of C:\, if you run it from D:\ it would copy from all of D:\, and so on and so forth.
  4. OK, I've done almost everything I can to make this a good slurping tool. If you would like anything else (besides a GUI, I don't want to put that much time into this) ask, and I'll see if I can do it. As of right now it will create a configuration file if none exists, create the destination folder if it does not exist, and copy recursively all files ending in the extensions you specify in the config file. I give to thee slurp.rb - a simple Ruby script to recursively copy files with certain extensions (as defined in slurp.yaml) to a certain directory (also defined in slurp.yaml). It is 14 lines long, including one line of explanation at the beginning of the file. The only problem is that I can't find a working compiler for Ruby. You can find a syntax-highlighted version here. As I can't find a working Ruby compiler, it only works on systems with Ruby installed. If anybody knows of a Ruby compiler other than exerb and RubyScript2Exe, please let me know so I can check it out. Once I find a working Ruby compiler I can make this into an exe that will be able to run on any Windows machine.
  5. I just wrote up a 2 line Ruby program in 30 seconds that will copy all .txt files in its current folder to a directory you specify. If you want I can extend it to where you can specify what file types you want. Once that is done I could add a GUI I guess. That's not a bad idea, actually. It should make for a great test app. The 2 lines I referred to are the following: require 'fileutils' FileUtils.cp(Dir.glob("*.txt"),"/home/elmer/txt") e:Alright, now it's been expanded to 9 lines. You can now define your destination and what file types you would like copied. If the destination directory does not exist, it will create it. I guess the GUI is up next? require 'fileutils' dest="/home/elmer/slurp" if File.exist?(dest) == true else Dir.mkdir(dest) end ["*.txt", "*.mp3"].each do |w| FileUtils.cp(Dir.glob(w),dest) end e2:I actually think this would be better as a text-only app. I'll compile it as an EXE that can be configured using a .yaml file, but I can't find a ruby compiler that works. exerb comes out with an unusable EXE and RubyScript2Exe doesn't work.
  6. The description "Leapos Pocket Knife Configurator" is not very thorough. Could you please explain more fully what it is? Is it a GUI? What language is it written in?
  7. Sadly, his post isn't exactly useful to me, but if X3N posts up his source, that may help. If I can see how he goes about doing some things that would help me. Also, I could try to copy his design so we have a unified GUI design. Then, if anybody else wants to make a GUI, perhaps in PyGTK, they would not have to come up with a design, merely code. So far, after 1hr of tutorial reading, this is the best I can do:
  8. Well, I've decided I'm going to start learning how to use RubyGTK, and what better project to add to than this one? I'll be reading up on it and trying to make a GUI of menu.bat for those who want it.
  9. elmer


    They'll probably just say that the Sep 05 09 episode is the start of Season 5. At least, that's what I would do.
  10. File Savr is doing a little promotion, allowing you to upload things to their server for free until the 15th, so I'm capitalizing on the time by uploading the USB Pocket Knife to their site. Here's a link. It should be valid until File Savr goes out of business. And the best part is plain text compresses VERY well, from 47.8MB to 4.1 MB. e:Typo >.<
  11. elmer

    Hak5 HL spray.

    I didn't really like the black background, and the sprays in CS:S are so low-res that you can't read the "Trust Your Technolust" part, so I made my own: Download it here.
  12. I may end up coding up a simple Ruby app to run everything, but we will see.
  13. I will be playing a few games, such as Call of Duty 4 and Orange Box I will (of course) be surfing the net I will be using an office suite I will be running XP Pro That's pretty much it, though. I believe these components will suit me well, as they can (I think) do what I want them to do and are in my budget range. * elmer goes to tekzilla * elmer is waiting 15 minutes for the download EDIT: Dang. AVI file is broken. EDIT 2: Just watched the small quicktime. His was nice, but I like mine better.
  14. @abusetheforce: While I am trying to keep costs down, I just found a 300GB for $5 more than the 250GB I found. It's located here. I think I am going to get that instead. Also, all of my data, including laptop, external HD, thumb drives, etc. is only about 200-250GB. @VaKo: I don't plan on overclocking. At all. I really don't want to accidentally break anything, that'd be bad.
  15. Really? OK, I'll look into that. This would require a motherboard change. Expect an edit soon. EDIT: How do Pentium D's and Core 2 Duo's compare to the 64X2's? It seems that the Intel route would actually be more expensive.
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