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  1. Excluding 99% of my life no... Funny story I set myself on fire once, It was rather entertaining and painful. I am really hoping the setting yourself on fire part is sarcasm. And, taking into account the first 27 characters (including spaces), I think you're the evil twin.
  2. I know how to solve this: Have you ever had thoughts of burning down absolutely everything?
  3. @GonZor Well... That is creepy. Same Favorite OS, book, and author. Are you my evil twin? Or am I the evil twin?
  4. Wee! Probably should have posted in this forum first. Oops Been watching hak.5 since episode 2x02 Name: Elmer Nationality: American Location: America Brief History: I am a script kiddy. I only know batch. :( Favourite game: Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin for now Favourite OS: Xubuntu Favourite console: Wii Accent: American Sex: Male Race: White European (ancestors were German, Irish, and Dutch) Height: 5'9" Favourite band: Relient K Favourite book: Hithhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Favourite author: Douglas Adams, Brian Jacques Favourite movie: I don't know. Maybe the Hunt for Red October? Favourite TV Show: The Office (US) Hobbies: Tech Occupation: School
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