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  1. mR.xx The network that it is installed on must port forward.
  2. The switchblade is out of development,if you looked for even half a second and not just posted asking for all the links you would have seen, right below this thread on the list, the pocket knife thread. This is the most current one, it is in development by the users here. DMilton mostly and and me. In closing... SEARCH BEFORE YOU POST. If you don't you made a decision to waste everyones time, which is valuable might I add. Sorry if this is harsh but there are alot of posts like yours, lazy skiddies wanting to be "hackers".
  3. Edit the .bat file in the payload to copy the directory of his desktop its pretty simple.
  4. I don't quite understand the question if you want more one on one help simply add me on MSN Messenger.
  5. T.T You have to port forward. http://portforward.com Check the common ports.
  6. Funny I was in the hospitle as well for the past 1.5 weeks xD.
  7. Why not make a compilation of all the packages upload and post the link? Whoopse failed to read the whole thread XD.
  8. It might be possible with Wine or somthing, I know almost nothing about linux but it sounds plausable.
  9. Go ahead and test it m1k but you would have to get it to find the CD partition first.
  10. mafgar as to your thumb drive question at the bottom, no you need a drive with U3 installed on it. All U3 devices have slightly different innards then a regular thumb drive. Go to your local walmart and pick up a: Sandisk U3 Micro Cruzer. 10-60$ Depending on size, youll only need a 1gb.
  11. Je parle français donc je vais faire cette traduction.
  12. Another unfortunate thing is that it contained all my passwords and the various computers I work with as well.
  13. What I've been up to, to date. I've lost my U3 drive so I can no longer test it myself if you wish to test it PM me on the forum or MSN IM me at alex@normalms.com. I have made some minor tweaks and added 3 new options so far.
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