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Occupineapple Module

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the re flashing does not help using the 32 GB usb i tried installing the module and left on the pineapple for an hour or so and it did not install but when i gave it a reboot the module was installed not sure what the solution to it was, After deleting the module and trying to install it , it installed with no problems now

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Hey guys,

I could do with a little help running Occupineapple. I'm trying to get a list of networks setup that clients can actually connect to and use. I have everything working up to the point of the client connecting. Occupineapple is running, it has a list of SSIDs with the Pineapple's BSSID at the start of each line and the clients can see all the networks. When any device tries to connect to a network the connection fails almost immediately.

Darren pointed out that all the networks need to be on the same channel so I specified a channel in the config tab but no progress.

Have I missed something simple?



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The infusion's goal is not to let users connect to those fake SSIDs but to have fun by flooding some weird SSIDs name ;)

What you need to use is Karma.

I understand that's not it's main aim but I got the impression from Darren that it could be done, it just isn't working for me.

I could use karma to force them on but I'm thinking of just having a few SSIDs for people to find and connect to but using only the one AP.


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You can use them in combination for extra awesomeness.

Yeah I've had them both running together and Karma is working just fine. None of the Occupineapple networks can be connected to though. I would just like to have 4-5 networks in Occupineapple that a user can connect to and use at their choice.


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