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  1. @DiscreetEliteAu Hi Mariah.

  2. @FitbitSupport @crumpet this was over 2 years ago. They might listen to feedback but they then ignore it.

  3. So far I understand that: Using Black mode, then adding an SSID or MAC to the list, means everything else will be attacked but not the listed SSIDs/MACs. (If that's correct, I'll put aside how confusing it is... black is meant to be bad, but in this case blacklisted means not being attacked? Or being Black mode means you're adding to a White list? The language is far from clear.) My questions are... Is what I said above correct? Can I list an SSID then a MAC, and both will be listed together? If I add one SSID, then later add another, does it overwrite the first or add to it? Can I add multiple SSIDs at once, and if so what's the format? (eg semicolon? Semicolon-whitespace? "SSID1;SSID2")
  4. Since the recent update, my Mark V won't connect as a client either. Worked fine, updated everything, rebooted, and now it won't connect. It also appears Karma clients can't connect now either (they can see the networks created, just not connect to them). :( EDIT: I had to use the Wifi Manager infusion to get it to connect as a client.
  5. +1 I'd also like clients to be able to connect to them.
  6. I see all the infusions just updated... if only you could "update all" instead of going through them one by one... by the time you go back to the menu, then back in... it takes ages!
  7. (Seems so obvious in retrospect... doesn't work, uninstall and reinstall.) It worked! Thank you!
  8. RT @punky_moz: BWAHAHAHAHA “@Serrels: Best email evar. http://t.co/HaeHZefZSy (via @lukehopewell)”

  9. With a MkV, you can jam with one radio (wlan1) and Karma with the other right? (Assuming you're not using wlan1 to be a client of some other network) I assume I need to whitelist the mac of the one I'm using to karma (wlan0) even though it's in the same box? I put this comment here because there is no such thread under MkV.
  10. Ah if only. I already tried that, and it doesn't actually install it. Same error results. I only tried internal, mind you, as I intend use my USB for 3G.
  11. I'm enjoying playing with my Mark V, and I infused it with Occupineapple, only to get the error mdk3 not installed I tried installing it using SSH with some instructions I found on the wonderful world of google, but the message came up that it was already installed... which seemed odd given the error message. root@Pineapple:~# opkg install mdk3 Package mdk3 (v6-1) installed in sd is up to date. Is Occupineapple not working on the V? Or it just by noobie-freshness causing issues?
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