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Found 19 results

  1. The WiFi-Pineapple PineAP does not work. It captures SSID's and brodcasts them, about 30% of the time..... And even when some does come up on my phone, i cant connect to them, as the error msg "Cant authenticate connection" comes up. I have tried forgetting them, and connecting again but it does not help. No PineAP access points show up on my PC, or my friends PC. I am quite familiar with the Wifi-PA NANO, and have to admit i am quite dissapointed with the mark VII. The installing at the start was very "rocky" (having to restart alot of times, having to flash a new firmware, etc) but it worked i guess.... Same with ICS through windows machine, i had to do about 3h of googling how to get it to work. The fix was a command that added the gateway manually with a "route" command in the Pineapple webshell. Cant remember the exact command.... Any help will be appreciated :=)
  2. I got really excited when it first arrived in the mail so I opened the box charged the Anker watched the tutorial and I thought "Lets do this." I start to download the binary file and set up the pineapple. I started to set everything up everything worked and then it says browse for the binary file. I selected the file and then I clicked the button to start it then the pineapple didn't do anything with the file so I thought might as well unplug it then I realize I forgot to put a micro SD card in it. Now it doesn't work not the web page or the internet it is supposed to give off (and yes the antennas are screwed in.) What do I do?
  3. Either Im dump or the dumpest !! I've succesfully upgrade to firmware 1.5. Install all the required tools loke responder from here https://github.com/qdba/MyBashBunny/blob/master/tools/responder_2.3.3.6-2.deb and put the deb file into the tolls folder unplugged safaly the BB I did like this for all third party tools ! I saw the LANGUAGGE.conf file and put it on "es" or "it" sometimes, is that enough to make all payloads work ??? or should I put DUCKY_LANG es as well after the attack mode ???? Anyways NONE of the Payloads Works either on win 7 8 10 , Linux Debian or Kali !!! Can somebody tell me what I do wrong please !!??? The only think i get is the creation of the folder in the Loot folder but always empty apart from one that is DumpCred I think but the most important file is empty !! I thanks everyone who could help me !! I spent hours trying to understand and simce like Im doing it right but still no results its frustraiting !! Tommy
  4. so, to send some files I want to send over discord, automatically using the rubber ducky, I need to press CMD SHIFT U. Problem is whenever I try and use the online compiler(https://ducktoolkit.com/encoder/) it won't work with all 3 buttons at once... it said to report it, so here's the report
  5. I got my bash bunny for Christmas and everything was working well with the payloads, and the bunny in general. The same day I couldn't get payloads to work on switch 1 and 2 (arming mode works, storage and serial). When I try the payloads on the switch's 1 & 2, it starts booting (led green), then the led goes a very dim blue for a fraction of a second, and then no light for about 4 seconds and then it start to blink green, I imagine it's stuck in a boot loop. I already tried this: and this: So is there a way of completely reinstall the os and firmware, redo the partitions (in short a complete reset, not recovery) ? or is my bash bunny broken, or defective? I have acces to a linux machine and a mac.
  6. Hello. I have installed all languages and all of seb's tools. Not a single credentials payload has worked for me. Wificreds, browser creds, mr robot, etc.... I have had, out of every category i've tried, one payload work. Am i doing something wrong? All files are in switch1/switch2 that need to be. Thanks for all responses.
  7. As stated in my title, I can only speak about the Pineapple nano. There seems to be some kind of inherent problem with it. When everything is up and totally running and it is all singing and dancing. You have captured your stations on recon and have placed the chosen ssid and mac addresses in the filter and also fully enbabled the PineApp with all neccesary ticks etc. You then go to deauth the chosen ssid and it comes back with "Please start PineAp and try again"! I have dutifully restarted the PineAp several times, in fact lost count on how many times I attempted this and then went back to the PineAp and refreshed and found that the following had unticked themselves: Capture SSID's to Pool : Beacon Response : Broadcast SSID Pool. These are probably the most important as they get the whole capture thing going for deauth. The first 3 selections dont get disturbed, its the last 3 as listed above. This basically makes the Pineapple Nano useless as you can't do anything with it if it wont deauth the clients that it sees! Have other Pine nano users experienced this (maybe tetra too ) if so please reply. It may be useful to the Hak5 crew to know about this so they can patch a fix in their next update to the nano. With the best will & intentions, cheers Mike
  8. I bought Rubber Ducky unfortunately with faulty DFU button. Now I’m trying to get replacement but no any response from hak5 shop for last two weeks. I wrote to Darren, Sara and to primary hak5 shop email but no replies in last two weeks, also no replacement to faulty Rubber Ducky. Guys is it shop is closed for holiday???
  9. Hello anyone out there I just recently bought the Hak5 essentials get and couldn't wait to use it, when using the pineapple I ran into a major problem. I'm new to the Pineapple and have only owned it for a day and a half now and only used it twice. On the first night everything was working but I was struggling to get PineAP working, have connected clients (also how do I get connected clients) and getting any modules to work. But now I cant even get my Nano to connect to the internet these are my settings for windows 10 and load bulletins or download modules, also I can browse the different pages but nothing works without internet access. Finally I'd prefer to use windows as it just easier than having to use kali (kali on vmware) https://gyazo.com/5e1fcf750764cbe51055750afb231cb6 https://gyazo.com/466bd366614e0d85494c377fb74ef5fb https://gyazo.com/9dbd2a5105b5e1b6c3caf6f0f5540cc8 Please help as I have read the hak5 forums and cant seem to fix my problem I am probably forgetting something obvious but cant see it. I was really excited to get my hand on a pineapple but now I'm just sad that i cant get it to work. Thanks in advance. Edit: I have tried Kali Windows 10 and different wireless interfaces for both Kali and Windows (using the Alfa usb wifi adapter connected to wifi for pine wifi connection) in trying these different methods I found a pattern for some reason a setup would work the first time I tried but second time I used the same configuration and it would work. So by this I found that both on Kali and Windows 10 for me my first time I used a configuration it works amazing fine but any other time it just doesn't work even with the same setting and configuration. Pls help as I was looking forward to using my first line and it simply doesn't work. Jsync
  10. I was planning to do a presentation about The Hidden Dangers of Public Wi-FI So I bought the nano and set everything so I can proof the point BUT Unless you come up with something practical, it was just a waste of time and money. - Browsers alert about issues with SSLstrip, so… no credentials from any social media website or email sites - No data from phone apps, since most of then use SSL. And nobody use the browser to use facebook from the phone Besides of getting the mac address, what other information can you get from the clients connected to the nano? using what module? Something practical, something that makes the user aware that join to unknown wifi routers could be dangerous…. just providing the mac address is worthless for the regular user, they just don’t care BTW 99% of the time the clients doesn’t have internet i reset the nano 10000 times, change with a different usb wlan, etc etc
  11. Hi there, Im new with pineapple, i receive mine 3 days ago. I follow the instructions to first run and update without any problem. I install sslstrip 2.1 from pine bar (It is the main function , which led me to buy the pine) with no problem, connect my pine to my home wifi through client mode, and connect another computer to the access point created by pineapple. This ap work fine, with internet connection. When i start sslstrip, i think it starts as it should be, it appears the info about the log file as been created (or something like this), but when i go to the computer connected to the AP from pine, it opens https and http normally, and sslstrip log still empty and nothing happen. (not normal i think). I search the forum, and found posts about HSTS, that sslstrip not work with it, but the problem i have, does not seem related to it because it open all pages normally. How to solve this? While i search about sslstrip and sslstrip i found some posts about Delorean, but little information about it and how to use it. I installed it, and connect to ssh through PuTTY on windows (my first time with ssh),and try to run - delorean -h , but it appears that there is no delorean. How to start and use delorean? I need a solution to get post data from https, how to achieve this with pineapple those days? Delorean with sslstrip together do the job? If i need to post here some data from pineapple who needs to get from ssh, pls tell me what i need to write in ssh to get the necessary information. Thanks.
  12. Hey, I really need some help! MY WiFi Pineapple does not do noting you or anyone does from Krama to sslstrip. I really need some help and trying everything to make it work but nothing works. I do the step by step videos and what not but It keep not working right. Nothing shows in the sslstrip when i run it and try facebook... Karma seemd not to work for me i have to manually get on the WiFi pineapple. It just might be me missing a step somehow but i don't think i am. If anyone can help by saying what it might be it might just save me from going crazy.
  13. Hi, I have just recently bought the USB rubber ducky and everything was going perfect until I couldn't find the report file. I have been using the payload generator at ducktoolkit.com and everything that I entered in the text fields while creating the payload was correct it still wont create a report file. I have tried saving the report to the target machine, emailing the report to a gmail account and saving the files to a USB but still no report file. I really want to try fix this so if anybody has any ideas let me know! Thanks.
  14. Hello, I recently relieved my Wifi Pineapple mark V and connected it it worked and started to install and boot up. my power went out while doing so and now I cant access my pineapple at all on the browser even though I was able to before. I reset it with the dip switches and now it show that its ready to install the updates on the pineapple but I cant access it through the browser. I have a mark V and a 2012 macbook pro (running mavricks)/ pc windows 8.1 Please help! Thank you
  15. Hi, I just got this rubber ducky. I have watched all the videos and read about a dozen topics and I don't see a single video showing someone dragging and dropping a payload onto the usb and booting it. Not one. But that's exactly what Darren says you can do to get this up and running. I used the generator, put together something- nothing. So, I decided to do a custom script, simple code: DELAY 3000 GUI R DELAY 200 STRING notepad ENTER DELAY 200 STRING Hello World!!! ENTER This should be simple enough? Doesn't require directories or anything. Still nothing. The only thing I haven't done is drop this in using Linux. But why the heck would I have to boot up linux just to drop this inject file on the drive?? What am I missing. Ugh. So frustrated. I've tried it on 2 machines now as well. This should be straight forward. Use generator, create code, drag on sd card. Well- okay, maybe my drive is too large? Is that possible? I moved the binary inject file to a 16GB card? Don't see why that would hurt though. If I'm copying target computer files I want space? And even if I get this up and running, I still have another question. In the generator.. it says "usb name: (ducky)" _______ ? If we're suppose to name it ducky to go along with various pre-written code.. why would it ask the question? And, is the answer just written in normal format or is it like, "/ducky", does lower-case matter, etc? Because at first when I did a more complicated script I thought this was going to be the problem. Heeeelp! Thanks, Morgan
  16. Just got my device today. Popped card in first, turned on, waited, plugged in ethernet, tried to hit URL, no page loads, pings fine. Solid Green, blinking yellow. Doesn't get past that. Tried to unplug unit and try again after a few hours. still no results. Anyone else experience the same?
  17. Well, I have tried everything the booklet has shown me reflashed micro card put files on it. Reset the default settings. uploaded the upgrade files. and nothing................... :( WWWWWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Is the number on the back of the box is not the one to call for support? So depressed my birthday present doesn't work.
  18. Hi, I just received my WiFi Pineapple Mark V today. I successfully updated the firmware. I was about to plug the ethernet cable into the Mark V and then I started hearing clicking noises coming from the power adapter, and when I looked at the Mark V there is no lights on the Mark V and unplugging/replugging in the power adapter into the Mark V did nothing. Then the power adapter stopped making the noises and power came back to the Mark V, and after a few minutes it starts happening again? Sounds strange; Anyone else had similar issues? Should I stop using the power adapter incase it fries my Mark V? Any UK Mark V owners replaced the bundle power adapter with a UK only power adapter? The included battery pack, doesn't have a UK plug, can I use the bundle UK plug from the mains adapter? I guess I am lucky it didn't happen while I was updating the firmware :) Regards,
  19. Hello! I just did a factory reset of my pineapple and i enabled wlan1. I went to the "network" and then went to the "Client mode" tab. I chose my internet and type in my password. Even when i have waited like 2 minutes or close the tab and then go back to it, it still says im "not connected" at the bottom. And it says on w1an1: N/A which means im not connected. But the weird thing is, when i click on "Internet IP" it shows me an IP and when I go to the Pineapple bar i can load the modules. And im connecting to my pineapple via my macbook --> (which is not connected to the internet! And does not have sharing enabled!) <-- so the pineapple can NOT get its internet over my laptop.. So it is connected to the internet in some way but on w1an1 it says N/A and if i go back to the "client mode" tab it says "not connected" at the bottom and it asks me to choose a ssid, IF i do this again the same thing as above will happen so that doesn't help.. And also when i look in the Wifi menu I cant see my pineapple, on any device (phone, laptop). What is happening!?! This is my iwconfig: Yes, "4a350c" is my network, im not sure why "encryption key" is off, maybe it should, but my wifi has a password (and yes i did enter it in the pineapple). And here is my ifconfig: My wlan0 says its connected to "ethernet" but my macbook doesnt have internet... and that it has a internet address 0_o my head hurts.. PLEASE help me! Thanks you guys!
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