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  1. There have been a few papers written about weaknesses in the P-25 standard but I can not find any source code in reference to possible key recovery of encrypted payloads. Does anyone have any information on progress of key recovery when it comes to P25 encryption?
  2. I am looking for a small(no bigger then 12 inch) lightweight portable monitor that will run on batteries, preferably with VGA inputs but would take DVI, HDMI, etc. I am looking for something when working on the backside of server racks. Do any tablets on the market support video input for recording or display?
  3. Ain't no one got no time to renew no certs when you at a hacker con!
  4. I will be the first to admit I am not up on all the episodes... However what is the story with the hak shop selling spicy pepper powder? Will it make my Pineapple more L33t?
  5. Maybe you transferred the taste from something to your mouth? If you are really that sensitive to that small amount of RF radiation I would keep FAR away from all RF sources. Maybe look into shielding rooms in your house you spend the most time in. In any case I would see a doctor about your symptoms as soon as you can!
  6. Maybe I am confused(wouldn't be the first) If you are talking about one of these: http://www.alfa.com.tw/products_show.php?pc=67&ps=23 They use SMA style connectors not TNC style connectors. The link you posted to the hakshop SMA Male Jack to RP-SMA should work.
  7. What Alfa antenna are you referencing? I did a quick look at their page and all I saw was N-type and SMA? I don't know the configuration of antenna but here is a link to L-com one of these should work... http://search.l-com.com/search?keywords=sma+to+tnc
  8. These are not covert but are great quality, general use antennas for your lab or toy box... 12dbi Omni http://www.radiolabs.com/products/antennas/2.4gig/11dbomni.php 15dbi Omni http://www.radiolabs.com/products/antennas/2.4gig/high-gain-wifi-antenna.php Edit: I would still get an Alfa, if you need to do anything with wifi on the Macbook Pro. It is all around easier to get things working with the Agfa then try and do things with the chipset in the MBP.
  9. ÿÿþÿÿþüüà is good! þüàÿüüþÿÿ would be bad.. :D 8N1?
  10. I just pulled mine out for a maintenance charge last night. Toggle the switch on the battery to the "on" position and charge until the light on the charger goes green. I was reading somewhere that some chargers don't have the green light. They are red when charging and turn off when charged(don't know if this is true).
  11. I guess I should reword my question. Does anyone know of a cheap laptop that supports packet injection with the built-in wireless chipset.
  12. Anyone have any recommendation for a cheap laptop to run backtrack on? I am not looking for anything super powerful. Something if it got lost/stolen wouldn't break the bank but still has decent support for ethernet/wifi and doesn't weight 20 pounds.
  13. I 100% disagree. If you work for a security firm and possibly have proprietary and/or confidential information on any device and you voluntarily turn that information over to the police or leave it in a state that easily allows them to access it THAT would be grounds for immediate termination and possible civil judgements against the company and yourself. If the police feel the need to see any information they can get a warrant. Also the mindset that you have nothing to hide if you are not doing anything illegal is flawed on so many levels. This thread should probably be moved out of the MkV section.
  14. I should probably just shut up in this thread but... Again I don't see anyone here really being hateful about your original post. We are just asking questions and making general statements. Also I was trying to be funny with my first reply. I am sorry if I offended you.
  15. I WILL SHOW YOU HATE!!! Your holes are drilled crooked and your photo is blurry!!!1!! However, in all seriousness I don't see anyone showing any hate here. You are just the first person I that I know of that has reported a rebooting issue caused by overheating.
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