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  1. Basically a battery pack is connected and can be left running that way for a few days (with a 10,000mah type). I haven't actually deployed it but essentailly it can be preconfigured to do selected tasks before hand without having to do anything at the drop zone. SSLStrip was getting caught in reload loops when I bought it last month where the same login page would repeat, though the credentails were being captured. Now it seems to be down entirely for most sites. DNSspoof might still work for whatever you want to do with SSL/HTTPS, if you're good at writing code to mirror the sites you want tying to target.
  2. It seems like no one else is having this problem. Sslstrip is not redicting to the site after credentails are entered, it simply reloads the login page. Is there a dependancy infusion that's needed?
  3. Have you checked the logs to see if it's collecting anything, if so I may be having the same issue? Are you able to reach a login screen but after entering the credentails it only reloads the same page?
  4. I gave the factory reset a go with no results. The Hak5 forums is the only site tried so far that allows access after entering the login credentails. I'll try strip-n-inject after brushing up on HTML coding.
  5. You can use these !@#$%^&* maybe. I've used two of them.
  6. Switch factory reset: Switch 1 - UP Switch 2 - DOWN Switch 3 - DOWN Switch 4 - UP Switch 5 - UP http://wiki.wifipineapple.com/index.php/Factory_Reset
  7. Is there a way to fix the refresh loop? Some tweeks seem to be going on with the infusion now. For a few min. it was flashing "Filter: Undefined". That stopped but now the "Loading.." is flashing and it won't capture any info.
  8. Is it? Because it just reloads rather than allowing X through. By 'switching off' I meant turning off sslstip so that it would stop both the reload loop and capture. I was assuming that sslstrip was made to not redirect so the plan was to write a custom script in dnsspoof.
  9. A quick fix for the sslstrip is to turn on the 1 sec refresh and switch off the infusion as soon as anything comes in. Not a ideal solution at all compared to writing custom script for dnsspoof but it does allow user x through to the other side.
  10. This could probably be solved in the Wifi Manager infusion. Look for the AP you want to connect to and then change the default pineapple_1111 ssid.
  11. Assuming you meant the dnsspoof, could you elaborate a bit? I'm not seing a redirect.
  12. The question itself needed tweeking. What's needed is the dnsspoof infusion + a wide knowlege of scripting languages to create the forwarding page. Such as: PHP; HTML; Javascript; CSS; etc. Off to the codeacadamy!
  13. Solved. I'd delete this thread if it were possible.
  14. Apologies for the newbie question: What's the solution for allowing the user to be directed to their desired site once sslstrip has captured credentails? Currently it's just reloading the log in screen rather than allowing login.
  15. The antennas is one that connect to the starndard Alfa H/NH/NHA models. That link looks right. The Pineapple has the SMA female and the Alfa needs to connect to a TMC male (Is that correct or I have got it backward?) so this must be the one: http://www.l-com.com/coaxial-coaxial-adapter-sma-female-tnc-male
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