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  1. Hello all... found my old mark v in a box and trying to get it going again. did a factory reset on it with dip switches. I see it as an available network with default wifi name. I can select it as a usable wifi when it is connected directly to my comcast router. lights are: green solid others are blinking as red, blue, orange, blue, red I have all dips in up position. Can someone provide guidance to tell me what those light pattern means? I am not able to yet get to 'Open a browser and try to navigate to the IP address for the WiFi Pineapple, ' I believe default usernames and password is "root" and "pineapplesareyummy". But need to arrive to that screen first. Thanks for any assistance.
  2. i found the website Thanks mreidiv! http://www.shodanhq.com/ now I just need to find the interview! THANK YOU! (and yes! I did shout that) ;)
  3. Thanks Cooper! As awesome as this is, it's not the one that I am looking for. I have searched the hak5 channel, I am just not sure how to search exactly what it is that I am looking for.
  4. I am really looking for the interview. There was a lot of great information in there that I am wanting to hear again! I wish I could find it. I think the website had a 0 (zero) in the name or url. I also looked on vimeo.
  5. I have searched the channel. I have been looking for this video for a few months now (on and off). I remember Darren was at a conference and interviewed someone by the door. I checked youtube, but maybe it was someplace else. don't remember :/ edit - I remember the guy was talking in the interview to Darren about how he nmapped the internet, he came across a dam in Europe that was exposed. He attempted to contact them to let them know about the lack of security, and they kind of blew him off. There is a website he had put together where one could search.
  6. Here is something i came across when installing on my mbp. https://forums.kali.org/showthread.php?20158-fresh-install-of-old-kali-1-0-download&p=30910&viewfull=1#post30910
  7. I remember watching an interview Darren did with someone who nmapped the Internet. Does anyone have a link? There is an entire website he created about this, and i cant remember now.
  8. Sorry... Got busy and just pushed post. I have done that, even re opening browser, ./wp5.sh again, and go to mk5 in ice weasel. And it then fails to load Ill do this all again tomorrow from office and document correctly instead of from memory.
  9. Seb, I agree. I dont want to do dip switch either, however, when i login to mk5 on the 1.2.0 firmware, and go to upgrade to 1.3.0, it downloads the file and acts as though it is upgrading firmware. I did this several times. The last time i did it this way, i left it going overnight until i got back the next morning. Figuring that it was done, i did a reboot on mk5. Ill try again and report back maƱana.
  10. i'll go and search 1.3.0 threads about that issue... thanks edit ~ where are the posts look at the other threads on 1.3.0 upgrade issues where are the 1.3.0 upgrade issue threads? i don't see them
  11. i'm not doing this on apple, i'm doing this on kali I am doing this by setting dip switches up, up, up, up, down; going to; uploading file I downloaded firmware 1.3.0 from https://wifipineapple.com/?downloads ; the 1.3.0 file will not go. i get an error every time. but the 1.2.0 file works perfect every time.
  12. lemme know if I should start a new thread or not... I downloaded firmware 1.3.0 from https://wifipineapple.com/?downloads i went to install it and it was unsuccessful [upgrade failed.] HOWEVER, i went to reflash it with the 1.2.0 and it was successful. but i would like to do the 1.3.0 upgrade... any ideas as to why I can't get the 1.3.0 to flash?
  13. fyi ~ https://wifipineapple.com/?flashing is still only referencing 1.2.0
  14. it's working on kali machine. i am wondering if this particular iMac is having some type of 'issue' as even when every other device connects to AP kali, this specific device will not browse internet when connected to kali AP, however all the other iMacs, iPads, iPhones, etc... all connect. i must have done something to this one that it doesn't do anything in relation to mk5. weird
  15. ok Merlin, in the link you provided, look at the screenshots. It shows ./wp5.sh being ran successfully. Seb, ill run it in kali...
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