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  1. OK, I may as well stick with booting into backtrack to use sslstrip. I think that there may be a market for a hardware box that is used exclusively for sslstrip like the pineapple or the Reaver box. This could be a good opportunity for Darrem Kitchen or someone else to develop and market to the pentesting community!!! Thanks and if anyone has any other suggestions i would appreciate it.
  2. "Now what your trying to do is intercept traffic that isn't going though the pineapple but instead is already on a wireless network. In order to do that you need to redirect the traffic on the network to go thought the pineapple. You can redirect the traffic by SSHing into your pineapple and using ARPSpoof or Ettercap" Yes this is exactly what I want to do, do you or anyone else have a tutorial on how to do this?
  3. Sorry upfront, had to make this more clear! Is it possible to use the wifi pineapple to connect to my own home network and run sslstrip, sounds like a simple thing to do but i have not been able to do it. I connected the pineapple wirelessly to my network and ran sslstrip but nothing seems to happen, am i missing a step or is it just not possible to do?
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