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  1. Hello Everyone, I have updated to the new firmware and i have a problem. After the update to the new firmware i connect to the "pinapple5_" WiFi, and i finish the setup (password, SSID ). I like to get my internet form the ethernet port, so i go to -> network -> wired. There i select the option client mode, and the network has to be restarted. if i connect to the WiFi again i can't get into the Pineapple interface. If i go to another computer in my wired network, i also can't seem to connect to it. Am i doing anything wrong ? Regards, Nextria
  2. Sorry to hijack your topic, but i do have a problem with the new firmware. I have updated to the new firmware, after i connect my tablet to the wifi "pineaple5_" to setup the password and SSID this works like always. After that i plug in my LAN cable, and go to the network settings, and "wired". i select client mode, and DHCP, after that the network must restart. But now i can not connect to the interface on the wifi, and i cant connect to it form my other computers in the same network. Am i doing anything wrong ?I hope someone can help me. Regards, Robbert
  3. Nobody got a idea how to fix this ? It really sucks I can't even try out the new 2.0 features now.
  4. Hello everyone, I have a problem with my pineapple. Since the new firmware i am trying to use a couple of Wireless usb devices to get my Internet on the pineapple. When ever i plug-in a wireless device into my pineapple (Alfa AWUS036NH, AWUS036N or TP-Link TL-WN722N) i can set it up no problem. i look up the IP address in my router and connect to the pineapple on my computer. But after half a hour i can't connect to the pineapple anymore, also if i connect to the pineapple wifi i don't have Internet. If i restart the pineapple it does not see the device that is plugged in to the usb port. I tried removing it rebooting and connecting it again, but that does not work. I have to do a factory reset in the pineapple to get it working again, but than it only works for a half hour again. Does anyone have this problem to, or can help me fix this ? Regards, Robbert
  5. Hey Sebkinne, Just send a email. I hope we can get to some agreement. I really like the pineapple, it worked great for couple of weeks. regards Nextria
  6. Still haven't heard anything about a replacement. I read more and more of the same problem! Is this a bad batch ? Can it be checked with the serial number? I really want to have a answer before I buy anything else from the haK5 shop.
  7. Hey Darren, Its almost a week now an I haven't got a e-mail from Sara yet. Don't want to sound impatient..
  8. Little update apparently I mailed to the wrong e-mail address. This was my mistake. I received a e-mail back with a link to the return policy page. And if I could send my pineapple back. This sucks because I live in holland. If I need to send it back it would cost 30-50 euro. I find this a lot of money. Especially since it only 2 months old. Last Friday I sent a e-mail to technical support. But I haven't received any response back. Regards, Robbert
  9. I really hate to be the one telling this here. But after a week I still haven't got a replay for my bricked pineapple. Last week after working for 2 months it stopped (just green and amber lights) I tried factory reset and the unbrick guide with no success. I mailed the shop last Friday but still got no answer.
  10. hey, Well i tried the unbricking instructions (https://wifipineapple.com/?flashing) but when i switch's the last dip-switch down and boot it still gives me green and amber light. Nothing changes. if i connect a LAN cable to it i just keeps saying that there is no cable connected. i think its really bricked :(. what should i do ?
  11. When I put the SD card into my computer it asked if I wanted to format it. After that I downloaded the 1.0.4 firmware and put the upgrade.bin and the md5 file in the root of the SD card. I haven't tried flashing yet. I find it strange it worked great for a long time. And I didnt install anything on it.
  12. Hello, i have had my pineapple a couple of month now, but as of today i get a solid green and amber. I put the firmware the update.bin on the sd card again after formating it but it doesn't do anything not even a blink! Is it really bricked ? or can i try the recovery flash ? I don't understand what went wrong it worked great for almost 2 months regards nextria
  13. Hello, I have my pineapple for a couple of weeks now, and its working great. Only i have a question. When i got it i installed the firmware as stated in the manual, After it rebooted and everything worked, I formated the SD-Card true the interface. on the resource tile it shows it has swap but it is not being used: total used free shared buffersMem: 61804 47532 14272 0 6524-/+ buffers: 41008 20796Swap: 1002256 0 1002256 this is my Fstab: config global automount option from_fstab 1 option anon_mount 1 config global autoswap option from_fstab 1 option anon_swap 0 config mount option target /sd option device /dev/sdcard/sd1 option fstype auto option options rw,sync option enabled 1 option enabled_fsck 0 config swap option device /dev/sdcard/sd2 option enabled 1 and Current Disk Usage: Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted onrootfs 4.1M 1.3M 2.8M 31% //dev/root 11.0M 11.0M 0 100% /romtmpfs 30.2M 140.0K 30.0M 0% /tmptmpfs 512.0K 0 512.0K 0% /dev/dev/mtdblock3 4.1M 1.3M 2.8M 31% /overlayoverlayfs:/overlay 4.1M 1.3M 2.8M 31% //dev/sdcard/sd1 817.7M 27.7M 749.0M 4% /sd am i overlooking something? Nextria
  14. I've been following this topic a while now, and have the same question. I asked it in another topic but never got a real answer. But i have been thinking. the Ethernet port get a static IP address of , this is the problem because my modem wants to give it something like (in my case) Would it work to only change the static IP address and gateway option in the /etc/config/network like this: config interface lan option ifname eth0 option type bridge option proto static option ipaddr option netmask option gateway option dns This way it wants to get a IP address in the right range, and i can bind an reserve it in my modem. I don't know if this will work or not a thought i ask it here first! regards Nextria
  15. `Hey Sebkinne, can you please tell me what i have to edit ? I'm somewhat new to this, nextria
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