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  1. Hello Hak5 community! So lately i've gotten almost everything in my Mark V pineapple to work, except Karma and DNS spoof. Now I know there is a problem for people who has done a factory reset (like me) with karma and that the hak5 team is working hard on it. But DNS spoof is supposed to work. Now it has worked twice for me but it's really odd. So it worked then I tried to edit the spoof host file in windows and it stopped working. And no, the problem is not the ^M's in the spoof host file. My spoof host file looks fine when i nano into it. And it's also not that I haven't flushed my DNS since I chose completely random sites. Now the weird thing is that one time (after i had changed the file in windows) it started working, totally randomly I didnt change my config or anything. Then I turned it off when i was going to sleep, next day when i turned it on DNS spoof didn't work again. Strange...
  2. My pineapple now works in client mode (and with wlan1) ! In IRC you told me a command then i rebooted and it fixed the problem DNS spoof and Karma is still not working tough :/
  3. Hello! I just did a factory reset of my pineapple and i enabled wlan1. I went to the "network" and then went to the "Client mode" tab. I chose my internet and type in my password. Even when i have waited like 2 minutes or close the tab and then go back to it, it still says im "not connected" at the bottom. And it says on w1an1: N/A which means im not connected. But the weird thing is, when i click on "Internet IP" it shows me an IP and when I go to the Pineapple bar i can load the modules. And im connecting to my pineapple via my macbook --> (which is not connected to the internet! And does not have sharing enabled!) <-- so the pineapple can NOT get its internet over my laptop.. So it is connected to the internet in some way but on w1an1 it says N/A and if i go back to the "client mode" tab it says "not connected" at the bottom and it asks me to choose a ssid, IF i do this again the same thing as above will happen so that doesn't help.. And also when i look in the Wifi menu I cant see my pineapple, on any device (phone, laptop). What is happening!?! This is my iwconfig: Yes, "4a350c" is my network, im not sure why "encryption key" is off, maybe it should, but my wifi has a password (and yes i did enter it in the pineapple). And here is my ifconfig: My wlan0 says its connected to "ethernet" but my macbook doesnt have internet... and that it has a internet address 0_o my head hurts.. PLEASE help me! Thanks you guys!
  4. Wooohh! It worked, thanks a lot. And i love your ascii pineapple :3
  5. Hello MarkV users! I got my pineapple today and after having some problems with karma and the internet i did a factory reset. So when I entered the password I had choose before fast because i wanted to get my pineapple going. So then when it asked me to log in i typed my password in. It said invalid i was like ok i maybe typed it too fast.. and noticed it doesn't work. So i try all my passwords, I try it with caps lock (incase i accidentally had it on) tried it with different combinations but it doesn't work. What is the easiest way to reset my pineapple? I think some people in the IRC got annoyed with me :D I was going to follow: https://wifipineapple.com/?flashing but then i need to get a microsd to usb adapter to be able to put the files on the micro sd ship :/ I was woundering is there any easier way?
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