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Occupineapple Module

Whistle Master

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Hi !

I wanted to share with the community my new module: Occupineapple :) (Sounds familiar, isn't it :P) This is indeed based on Darren’s idea (Darren, if you pass through, I'm interested to have your feedback / thoughts ;) )

- based on mdk3
- autostart

- Configuration (speed, channel)
- Choose SSID list to broadcast (if no list is specified, random SSIDs are broadcasted)
- SSID lists editor

- List can be with (*.mlist extension) or without MAC addresses (*.list extension)



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It was tested on 2.7.0. What issue did you experience ?

EDIT: I tested it on a fresh 2.7.4 version and it works too.

EDIT2: Odd. Since my update to 2.7.4, mdk3 is not working anymore. Logs are correctly output on the console, but don't see any SSIDs :huh:

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Well I have installed your awesome module to usb. I stopped wireless on the status page, enabled it in occupineapple, then started mon interface. I am unable to deauth, beacon flood, or broadcast any SSIDs. The WLAN LED will blink rapidly but I do not see any SSIDs.

Its a great module I can't wait to get it working!

BTW does this need to be ran from a 3rd party wlan radio such as the AWUS036H?

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Greetings WM,

Did you test the Autostart feature?

It doesn't run smoothly for me :mellow:

The start_mdk3.sh runs fine when the module is freshly downloaded, but as soon as occupineapple_actions.php does it's magic on start_mdk3.sh, then it doesn't work as supposed anymore.

Is it possible that the trouble resides in the double MYMONITOR=mon0 variable (line 9 and line 50) in start_mdk3.sh, after occupineapple_actions.php loaded?

Commenting line 9 in start_mdk3.sh makes the autostart work, but it causes incremental monitor interfaces to be created (mon1, mon2) everytime when I click Stop Monitor from the webgui.

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Autostart is not working for me. Monitor mode turns on, but mdk3 is not automatically starting. It runs fine manually, so it might be an issue with auto start.

I finally got it working. I had to uninstall mdk3 via the opkg manager from USB and re-install it on my internal storage. This may be because the module was installed on the internal space while the mdk3 package was on the USB. Anyway, I'm just glad it works now.

Well, it's actually not working like how I would want it to. Before a reboot, I set the list to one that I created by myself. When it finishes the reboot, the SSIDs showing up aren't from the list I created, but rather from no list at all. They are all randomly generated. When I go to the settings, I see that no list at all is set. The module should recognize the previous list that was selected or in use, or it should have an option for what list to use during autostart. Thanks.

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Hi, thanks for the code. (Nice)

I have a request:

+ Add the option to choose between aes and tkip or open wifi (unsecured).

+ Add the option to select G mode.

I did that by modifying this file "start_mdk3.sh"

the last line i added "-t -g" so, it looks like:

mdk3 ${MYMONITOR} b ${SPEED} ${CHANNEL} ${MYLIST} -t -g >> ${LOG} &

It will be nice if you integrate this in your php section.

Also it will be nice if someone else modify the mdk3 source code and add "Nmode" and Full WPA2.

Thanks :)

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